Scubapro S600/R380/Mark 20 Coldwater performance
I have been offered the above rig second hand. Can anyone give me some information of their experiences with servicing and most importantly for me, a predominantly cold water UK diver, the ...

A close encounter with death
As conscientious divers it's our responsibility to share our most harrowing experience so others can learn from our mistakes. It's also important to provide sufficient background information...

Recommendations for prescription mask
Does anyone have any advice on where best I can look to buy a new, prescription mask? A few needs: - am now based in London but ordering over internet may well be preferable

Photo of Diving in Sharm on
Hello to all, I want to signal the section to my site dedicated to the Diving, I started my diving adventure i...

Blind CCR Depth Record Attempt
World Blind CCR Depth Record Attempt Attempt in June 06 by the first blind diver to use an Inspiration rebreather. Cheers, Mark T.

F.S IANTD T shirt
I'm selling this shirt on ebay. I thought I'd mention it here because a couple of regular users of this newsgroup have shown an interest in the past. Item number 7198265780 If a...

viz Scapa flow
Who knows what the Scapa flow viz is? Perhaps more specific...viz on the big seven, James barry and blockships? Thanks, Ron

UK Channel 5 Series - Great Ocean Adventures
Hi there I missed the first few parts of this series, does anyone know where you can get it from? I've searched high and low without joy Thanks in advance ...

Proplanner problem
Help, I cannot get PP to run on my pc. PC is running Windows XP (SP2). Everytime I try to run it I get an error telling me that Windowssystem32autoexec.nt not suitabl...

IceBreakers 2006
With just over a month to go, I thought I'd best plug IceBreakers again. For the uninitiated, it is a weekend at Stoney Cove on the first weekend after New year (so the 7th and 8th of...

Underwater MP3
Does anyone know of a company in UK selling the underwater mp3 players in the 60m rated housings please? Used to be at but the site is no longer there and ...

Just booked a week in Hurghada for Feb half term at the Regina Style Hotel diving with Divers Lodge. Been to Sharm many times but first visit to Hurghada. Any info would be welcome, par...

biology page marinates
The club subagrec in updated its biology page marinates......

Insure camera?
Is it possible to insure a camera against risk uw? ie theft/loss/flooding? Any recommendation?

Tanya Streeter diving with whales
On BBC soon now I hear. BBC2? Ed

Scott Waterman - Quest Diving Charters
Does anyone have an email address for Scott Waterman of Quest Diving Charters - I've got a phone number, but wanted to email him - TIA Graham PS - If you have go...

olympus mju 600
looking to buy a "first" uw camera that will be used 50 weeks a year on land. I note that the mju 600 has been voted in the " Diving Gear Top 25 " in Diver? Has anyon...

Ali or steel stage tanks question - perhaps a bit boring, but I'm confused.
I'm a bit flumoxed on the Ali versus steel question for stage tanks, perhaps someone can help, thought perhaps at the risk of stiring up a big debate. The DIRistas (from whom I've learned a ...

Small motorhome for sale (diver suitable)
My missus & I are selling our small motorhome. I know it may seem a little odd posting this on a scuba NG, but the reason is that we bought this 'van for its this particularly diver-s...

It takes a mo to load on broadband. Tighter than a cave diver fitting through a hole. Ken

What Amazon doesn't want you to know.
Gentle uk.rec.scuba reader, First, my apology for cross-posting to this NG. Be assured that this is a one-off. It will never happen again. My sole purpose is to draw your a...

Sharm - VISA question
Come across some conflicting information on-line .... some sources state you must have a visa to enter Egypt ... and it is a right scrum trying to get one at airport (and prices varies daily...

Yorkshire Conference
Yorkshire Conference Don't forget this weekend is the Back to Basics Conference in York for more details for a mere 6.60 starting at 09.30 at Askham Bry...

St Abbs. Warm, sunny, calm, clear seas?
Hi. I'm based in Cardiff but have to go up to Edinburgh this w/e to see relatives. Wondering what the conditions are like at St Abbs at the moment. Here it's been pissing with rain f...

Wew Suunto VYPER for sale
Boxed, unused Suunto VYPER for sale bag yourself an early XMAS present.

Weymouth Nov 26/27
I still have 7 spaces on the UKRS trip to dive in Weymouth on November 26/27. 80 per person for 4 dives and 2 nights B&B, plus packed lunch. See here for details. http://w...

undersuit for wetsuit? Base layer?
I seem to recall a undersuit (base layer) that could be used under either a wetsuit or undersuit (drysuit) for added warmth. Am I imagining such a thing? can anyone point me in the ri...

Steam ship wreck in Loch Tay. Any Info?
We are planning to dive Loch Tay looking for "Queen Victoria's Barge" and a steam ship wreck "which belonged to the Breadalbanes" according to the little info we can find on the web. <...

Torch Advice
I am aware of the capabilities & advantages of LED torches ... I know these are not going to be comparable to a mega sized Kowalski, but thought I would get a pocket sized LED torch. <...

Stolen Gear (not mine - spotted on DiverNet)
Spotted this on DiverNet and felt it waranted more exposure... CAS ============================================================= For the second time in two months Meadfoot B...

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