Home Brew Flash
Some may recall discussions here about a home-made flash for underwater use using Otterboxes. After some trials with various configurations I have come up with my final design. Final that ...

Stoney Cove and buddy
Can you usually find somebody to dive with at Stoney Cove WeekDay ? Im going to go there on Thursday but have no partner... How is it look like there ?

Just a test due to change of news server.

No Dugong but a plane at -111m in the Alpes
Hello, Pictures of a Focke Wulf in a Lake of the Alpes Mountains at - 111 m. www.watalibi.com Safe dives Stéphane Havard

Dugongs in the red sea
Hi, I'm back from Marsa Nakari, close to Marsa Alam, One of the proposed dives was the dugong dive, in Marsa Abu Dabab. It's said to be the only spot in Egypt where there a...

Service of dumpvalve on BC/Wing
Hi, Do someone in here know how to dismantle the dumpvalve on a wing? The string on my valve has broken, and I'm unable to dump the air out of my wing. I've unscrewed it...

Arisaig opinions
Has anyone dived this area( Sound of Arisag NW Scotland from hardboat or Rib? Any opinions on the diving in the area, sites dived opinions etc appreciated. Thanks ...

Into the Blue
Went to see 'Into the Blue' last night, have to admit to really enjoying the film. Would like to dive the Bahamas - but not to sure about breathing direct from a cylinder with no ...

nabq area - Shore dives or boat from shark bay?
Anyone stayed in a hotel in Nabq? I know it is the opposite end from the Jetty (Travco) Is there a reef along the cost (such as in Sharm). I note that one of the hotels I have l...

Suggestions for April holiday?
Guys I am trying to come up with some suggestions for a diving trip in april (for two people), preferance for somewhere reasonably warm. Strong emphasis on wreck diving, not...

Anybody taking UW pics with C-8080
After lots of advice everywhere I bought myself a new Olympus C-8080 camera, and it looks like i am going to buy an Ikelite housing for it. All the primers & guides advise that it is a...

RYA Level 2 conversion to BSAC
Hi, can anyone tell me if my RYA Level 2 power boat qual ification is able to be converted to a BSAC skill development qualification? Thanks Neil

Sharm el Sheikh at Christmas.
Hi Guys. Thanks for the previous input. But I am having terrible trouble deciding on a hotel for our Christmas Diving Holiday. As you may have read before. We a family ...

SS Storaa - Protection of Military Remains Act
Anyone know much about the Protection of Military Remains Act? Is it that which stops diving on the two British wrecks in Scapa? This seems to suggest that merchant ships sunk in wart...

Spare dive show tickets
I know its short notice but I've two spare dive show tickets for the NEC this weekend. My wife and I bought 4 tickets, two us and two for a club member who cannot now attend for...

Archaeology Underwater: NAS Guide to Principles and Practice
Would anybody have a copy of Archaeology Underwater: NAS Guide to Principles and Practice they are prepared to sell or know anywhere I could pick a copy up, as it is currently unavailable ...

I've been searching for a useful map of Sharm for some time, and I have found a reasonable one. A common problem is being given the name of an hotel on offer, and not knowing exactly where...

BSAC Instructor Foundation Course
My new "best course of all time" is the BSAC Instructor Foundation Course! I have just about recovered from the weekend, having flown home from working away on the Friday night, legge...

Trip spaces - Sound of Mull - 19th & 20th Nov '05
Apologies for the intrusion, I'm not a regular poster here. However... Our club (Inverclyde ScotSAC) have booked the "Jane R" for the weekend of the 19th and 20th November diving...

Has anyone dived Alanya in Turkey as I am flying out soon. Is there much to see? Any comments would be much appreciated.

Anyone dived in Djibouti?
I am planning a Dive trip to Djibouti next year. Sounds fantasic but has anyone dived there with whale sharks?

Dry gloves on Ebay
Si tech dry gloves listed on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7190915891&ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:UK:31 Steve

Sort of on topic- diving tattoes
I've always thought of having a tattoo, but never got round to it on the grounds I'd get bored of 'X' within a short time, and I'd save it for a special occaison. Well, the kids came ...

Breda: Torch Lost
I know that it's an off chance, but if anyone's diving the Breda, and should happen to spot my Green Force torch, and be able to recover it, I will happily supply bottles of single malt to g...

Weymouth trip
Just a reminder that we have the last UKRS trip of 2005 in a couple of weeks time and there are still 7 places. Details at http://www.clearviz.co.uk/winterbreak.html Steve ...

I've finally done it......
As of 1st October 2005 I am no longer a single man, sorry girls :-( For a couple of photo's (thanks Nigel) see http://www.nigelhewitt.co.uk/stuff/2005-10-01/ Been back from ...

Existance of Giants?
Guys check out these links - http://giantology.typepad.com/giantology/2005/10/underwater_gian.html http://giantology.net/videos/tsunami_giant.mov Let me know what you ...

Red Sea: Nov. Marsa or Sharm?
Looking at a week on the red sea for end nov. Been to Sharm before (usually stay outside Shark bay etc), but tempted by Marsa Alam (Coraya Bay area). Any one been to both? How do they...

What is this?
I am unable to ID this, can anyone help? http://www.divethedeepscuba.com.au/giant.html Looks like rocks, or could be a big skeleton???

Off to Pico to do some diving next Sunday for eight days. Tell you about it when I get back. Eddie

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