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The Scuba Guide has struck a special deal with Yahoo! - they are now supplying *only UK-based advertisements* for visitors from the UK. That means when you are looking for deals and r...

on Ebay at the moment

Carrying your kit abroad
After my recent overseas dive jaunt, I thought that rather than try & squeeze my kit into a suitcase or risk a soft side dive bag .... What would be ideal is something like one of the hard p...

shark bait
please sign the petition be warned the photo in the link is a bit graphic i like sharks and dogs !

Canadian divers
Hi im trying to get in touch with Canadian divers please email me at [email protected]

Suggestions for short break
Having just booked up my Sharm trip for next April ... looking for somewhere to go for a short break in Nov/Dec. 3-4 days allowing for a no fly last day. The last 2 locations came...

FS: Apeks DS4 + ATX50 regulators...
Due to a recent upgrade, I have two sets of Apeks regulators for sale. They're about 18 months old and were serviced about six months ago but - like all diving-related kit - I strongly rec...

Dangers of deep diving?
Japanese scientists have pulled off a major coup by getting the first snaps of a live giant squid - 900 metres beneath the surface of the North Pacific. http://www.theregister.c...

Mid November: Portland or Plymouth?
I'm looking into a trip for my club in mid November. We're looking at Portland and Plymouth. Absolute max depth 30m, ideally 20m or less (but we'd do e.g. the Persier) What are ...

Has anyone every been diving in Portugal - on the algarve I guess? Going for a long weekend and not planning to pack my mask but would love to if I knew I may be able to dive. <...

OTish Palm, Pocket PC Thingy for Dive Planning.
Morning all. Apparently the Christmas season is upon us (mumble bah humbug etc) and I am being asked what I would like. Quite fancy some kind of hand held computer thingy wh...

fish identification help please?
Hi I'm trying to identify a fish I saw at St Abbs last weekend, at Pettico Wick, to be exact. Any takers?? It was in a hole so all I could see were it's head and pelvic fins. Size...

Surf reports
Not seen anyone else mention this, but I've found the following site which gives information on the predicted size of the swell. And it's looking great for...

Dartmouth, Falcon
Hi Anybody used the dive boat Falcon, out of Dartmouth please? Website looks good, but personal experience is better. Cheers Graham

Crocodile Attack
Another one to add to the list of creatures that want to get you when you venture off dry land!!!!!!!!!

M.V. Fridjofen
Hi I'm trying to book onto this boat, M.V. Fridjofen, out of Ullapool Damian Breckon : [email protected] General Enquiries : [email protected]

Broken Rib
No, not the boat ;-) Due to a tarmac surfing incident following being unseated from my motorcycle I've currently got a broken rib [T4/T5]. I realise I can't dive at present, I can...

Wet suit recommendation for Hurghada in January?
Hi Guys, I'm off to Hurghada, Egypt in January and was wondering what thickness wetsuit to get. I'm currently looking at the 7mm Ralf Tech R-Tech 7MF, tried it on in my local di...

Digital Camera again
Hi looking to buy a Camera and housing. Is there a FAQ on this subject, e.g. ideas on what to look for when buying Anyone know of any websites that would give a beginn...

Regulator servicing - with a USP
Hi all I know you will all have your favourite reg agent, however please consider this. Leith Skinner, ex of Solent Divers and Triton Scuba in Portsmouth has set up by ...

Red Sea in November.
Off to Sharm in November. Last time i was there was about 5yrs ago in July. Q: will i need to take a tourch with me for day to day diving. Seem to rember the only time i used one last time ...

Cant get the Divernet forums??
Hi, I havent been able to get the Divernet forums for a few days. Is anyone else having the same problem? I remember a couple of posts on the forums about similar difficult...

Apollo AV1: Faulty reed switch/trigger?
Hi, I have a new AV1, (Less than 6 months old) and have a few mates with units about 4 years old. None of us have had issues with the reed switch. We are aware of this mod...

FS: cylinders
Hi All, Just a quick ad. 2x12L 8" dumpies, white, not quite matching pair. A bit tatty. 65GBP 1x15L 8" white, non metric ( can't remember what the thread is called ), old and tatty...

Oh For F***s Sake... While I sympathise with the couple who were stranded (must have been more than a little scary being lost at sea, especially bein...

reg service
Quick question please about servicing, I took three regs to the mainland with me to get them serviced. I got the Apex serviced and a good service at that. However when I asked about ...

Oban Diver Charters -- with lift?
Hi All Can anyone recomend any charters in or around Oban that have a lift? cheers Nick

Spaces, Brighton Sun 25th Sept
Dear All Atlantis SAC currently have spaces on the following trip: Date: Sun Sept 25th Location: Brighton Boat: Nauticat Site: Vasco or unidentif...

Spaces Sat 24th Sept - Dive the Landfranc
Hi all. I have chartered Michelle Mary for Saturday 24th September 2005 (the weekend before our club's Newquay trip). Leaving from Littlehampton, the plan is to dive th...

Canon Powershot 520 & WP-DC60 Case
Canon Powershot 520 & WP-DC60 Case Diver magazine give this combination as Equipment Diver choice in the October mag. Sharp and colourful results. Value 7/10. Performance 8/10. ...

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