New uk reef/scuba website
Come and join a very friendly new website with dedicated forums for scuba discussion and buying/selling equipment. is a new idea for the thriving community of ...

James Bond Wreck Dive Video
My Vulcan Bomber (Thunderball) and Tears of Allah Wreck (Never Say Never Again) dive video is up on Google. Go to, click on playable video, and search for James Bo...

SoCal Lobster Dive - First Week of Season!
We need to get a few more bodies on this boat! We have 5 now so there are 11 seats left for big dive fun: OCTOBER (2), 3, 4 & 5th Limited Boat - 16 Divers Max on 22 seat boat.

SoCal Lobster Dive - First Week of Season!
We need to get a few more bodies on this boat! We have 5 now so there are 11 seats left for big dive fun: OCTOBER (2), 3, 4 & 5th Limited Boat - 16 Divers Max on 22 seat boat.

Off there next Thursday for a fortnight. Any experience, comments good or bad about the dive centre that I believe is in Laganas? tia Derek

Buying a single fin
All After a nightmare PADI course (has led to a complaint with PADI) my tutor managed to lose one of my fins for me ... and I have only used them once! Does anyone kn...

Brighton this weekend
I still have places for this weekend on Girlgrey. Start time is 1000. Give me a call on 07973 700262. Dan...

dive locations within the UK?
Does anyone know of a website that has a database of inland dive locations within the UK?

What is this?
Does anybody know what kind of fish is this? The photo was taken in Chalkidiki, Greece at -12m.

UKRS 2006 Trips
All, Given Jason's post and other discussion, who fancies doing what diving with the UKRS crew next year? Jason already has boat bookings for next year out of Weymouth, I'm...

So did anyone actually dive this bank holiday weekend?
'cos I did! For various reasons (some health related) I've not actually been diving this year until today, and what a fantastic day I picked to get back into the water again! ...

Ear Problem - would you go on a booked Liveaboard
Hi, We are booked on a Liveaboard, (Asmaa, from Marsa Alam - St. Johns), on Thursday, and my other half is having problems equalizing. Looks like congestion in the E. Tubes, and...

LogVyper: Linux Vyper software or: How I spent my summer holiday
I am happy to announce LogVyper V 1.0 This Linux software reads out Suunto dive computers of the Vyper family, tak...

easy diving for photography
We enjoyed diving in Bonaire last Christmas as we could dive on our own and take time over photos, rather than having to keep with the group on a guided dive. We're both sports divers...

Perforated eardrum & risk of repeat
Dear All, I was unfortunate enough to perforate my eardrum recently. Quite an interesting experience as there wasn't much pain at the time and I didn't force clearing, and it happ...

diving lanzarote - play blanca
hi all could someone please recommend a dive outfit in lanzarote - in or around playa blanca as i am going there on a late deal in 2 weeks. thanks in advance

Rum, Sodomy and The Lash
C4, 9pm tonight Eddie

Watch out in Wales
Yet another thing to beware of! Chris Q

diving tenerife
hi all can anyone point me in the right direction for a good outfit in playa de las americas ?? cheers

Quantum / Vytec
I've been forced to replace my computer. I bought a Nexus quite a while ago, because at the time they seemed pretty cheap compared with other Nitrox computers that were on offer in the <...

DIN or not to DIN
Just returned from a week diving ... the DiveMaster there was advising that I get my regs 1st stage converted to DIN .... advised it's a simple part change for about =A340. (2 sets of Titan ...

diving in playa de las americas
anyone know anything about aqua marina in tenerife or can they recommend anywhere else to dive with im going there in 3 weeks thanks in advance

DIN or not to DIN
Just returned form a week diving ... the DiveMaster there was advsining that I get my regs 1st stage converted to DIN .... advised it's a simple part change for about =A340. (2 sets of Titan...

Adult Nappies / Diapers for diving
How many people actually use adult nappies on long dives? I use them regular and decided to advertise them for sale, I found out about using them when a guy i did a dive with in Cuba c...

Lee? Are you OK?
Lee, Just noticed that Hurricane Katrina has gone pretty much straight over the top of you. My thoughts are with you just now in what must be a bit of a scary time. ...

Farnes Incident
Reading with shock and alarm of the recent incident in the Farnes regading the diver and prop. Do we have any more details as to the circumstances?

For Auction (Ebay): Yoke to Din conversion kit
For converting yoke first stage to din

Maintenance of silicone dive masks?
When I discovered that yet another rubber dive mask and succumbed to dry rot, I got a new silicone mask. Its definitely more comfortable for long periods of wear, and I've heard that ...

Turkey Bodrum/Gumbet tips.
Hello all, I'm off to Turkey next month. I'll be staying in Gumbet next to Bodrum. Any recommendations for dive operators/clubs and sites in the area?. Preferably C.M.A.S. A...

Aladin Air-X Failure
Once again equipment failure question. Background: On the weekend of the 19th -21st of August I did five dives, these were the first dives in a month. The first four were tr...

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