Tues 2nd to Thursday 4th?
Hi I'm hoping to get some diving in next week, anything sea or inland. I'm based in Selsey West Sussex so more or less anywhere on the south coast or/and Vobster et...

New Australian Attraction
A new dive attraction in Australia http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/05/asia_pac_death_of_a_warshi p/html/1.stm Chris Q

Buddy Wings
Has anyone ever removed the small black plastic studs that hold pockets ect onto Buddy Bcds and wings? Is there a special way to do it? or should I just send the whole thing to AL Valves....

Good service from AP valves
I've had one of AP-valve's (excellent) DSMBs for a while - the one with the little cylinder - however the valve got knackered, and well-knackered at that: the knob just went round and roundl...

SpearFisherman's Buoy- Questionare:
We are currently busy with a university project to look into the possibility of improveing the current spear fishing buoys... Please could you at your leasure go to www.strongford...

OT ROT - Duty of care?
My other car is having some cosmetic bodywork done under insurance (big insurance company and their preferred nationwide reapir agents). Just had a phone call to say that whilst the ca...

Choice of redundant air supply
I am new to diving and have just qualified as a ocean diver. I would like to have a redundant air supply instead of just an octopus. Opinions please on which to choose and for what re...

Any Dive Trips this Weekend?
Hi, I'm looking for a dive trip this weekend. I'd planned to go on a trip with my local club but unfortunately they've had to cancel it at the last minute as not enough people si...

Anyone have experience with Gilan traveller lamp?
Hi, I'm looking to buy a new tank lamp and am considering the Gilan Traveller 12.5w HID lamp (the one without hand lamp option). The price of 600 euros seems pretty good for a 3...

Northern Diver weight harness
Until recently, I was the satisfied owner of a Northern Diver weight harness. Until, that is, I foolishly volunteered to be the casualty in a rescue scenario. The rescuers decided...

Where to dive in GOZO
Off to Gozo in 3 weeks - anybody got any 'not to be missed' sites to dive. I'll be with Atlantis Dive Centre. The ones I been looking up are: Santa Maria caves Comino Ca...

Octapus attack
I can't decide whether this is real or not, octapus seems a bit 'limp' during the attack. http://www.filecabi.net/v/file/octopus-lover/wmv

Nice photo exhibition: Letchworth Herts
Ciao e tutti! I stumbled across a very nice exhibition of scuba photography in Letchworth (Herts) today. It is in the small arcade near the "Tuscan Arts" shop. Photo's are...

Charter Boats in Looe, Cornwall
The usual boats are full: Morning Glory is chartered and I've taken the last five places on Looe Diver 1. Does anybody know of any other boats in the harbour that can be ch...

Travel to sharm
Hi, Due out in Sharm two weeks time. Travel Company and F/Office are not presently issuing any directive re travel or not to travel. Anyone got any advice. Richard

info about AI exam please?
Hi, can someone help with some info please concerning the AI exam? I know there is an open book standards exam to do at the end and a pass of 75% but can this be retaken if needed? Also some...

Where to buy Parker valve kits online in the UK?
Any idea where one can buy a maintenance kit online for a Parker Needle Valve, 2F-V4LN-SS? The code of the kit should be KIT-V4LN-SS. rgds monty

Excellent service from OMS
After many years of sterling service, my OMS primary reel gave up when the delrin reel split. I mailed OMS in the States and they responded immediately requesting my address. Toda...

new underwater photo website www.nw4you.com
http://www.nw4you.com A beautiful underwater picture website

The regulator
The antique for your collection http://allegro.pl/show_item.php?item=58525498 Polish regulator from 1960. 100% genuine.

Diving city Sharm el Sheikh has been bombed :(
God morning. Very bad news. Just after midnat the Egyptian diving city of Sharm el SHeikh was bombed = by car bombs, many has died :( http://www.cnn.com/200...

OT - worrying things on't news
It would appear from tonight's news (ch4 - 7pm) our colonial cousins are a little bit worried about the shooting of a muslim guy who's been followed by special branch for a few days, chall...

Diving in Sharm
Thanks to everyone who passed on details re Dive Centres in Sharm. Whats the situation when taking dive equipmet to Sharm, Can you still take regs and other equipment up to the 5kg limit in...

Documentary on death of cave diver David Shaw
Many of you may recall the news story on the death of cave diver David Shaw at the Boesmansgat cave site in South Africa in January of this year. About a week after the incident a...

FA: Otter Skin, Large/Tall
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7170447967 Ends Sunday night Sorry for the intrusion/thanks for looking. Paul.

Vyper vs. Quantum
I am looking to purchase a new dive compute. I seem to have the choice down to Suunto Vyper or the Apeks Quantum. Please can anyone that has used one or both of these advise me on which th...

Just in case
Anyone found a Beaver weight pocket like this http://www.cambridgediveandwatersports.com/store/images/large/Weight%20Harness%20Pockets.jpg on the far mulberry on Sunday. My buddy lost hers ...

Disappearing Al80 At Stoney Today [repost]
[Copied from YD, BSAC and others - don't email me about it!] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- *********150 reward (no questions...

FARNES - 2nd-5th September 2005
Dear All, Billericay Sub Aqua Club have organised a 4 day diving trip to the Farne Islands Friday 2nd to Monday 5th September and we have several spaces still available.

Dive sites in Sharm el Sheikh for Google Earth
Hi there I have made a list for Google Earth with the dive sites in Sharm el=20 Sheikh, Egypt. You can download the file here: http://www.xray-mag.com/GoogleEarth/RedSe...

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