Ebay: Back-issues of Diver (July '97 - September '01) and Dive (launch
Anyone want to take these off my hands? Pete

SB105 electronic scheme
Hi, I'm an electronic student at the University of Bordeaux 1, France. I'm looking for the electronic scheme of the Nikonos SB-105 to add a laser beam for strobe postionnning. If ...

Eyemouth with Aquastars
Hi all Diving out of Eyemouth with Aquastars on Saturday.has anyone used these people before, and also have any decent dive sites we could ask for. Yours in thanks Paul. <...

Found on DiverNet today.... ...if any of you can help...? Coastguard alert over empty boat Two lifeboat crews are urgently searching for boat passengers who they ...

Littlehampton Wrecks
Doing one days RIB diving out of Littlehampton this Sunday. Currently considering what to dive, and main candidates are the Basil, the Shirala, the Warhelmet or the Northcoates. ...

Twin 7s to 300 bar for sale
http://search.ebay.co.uk/twin-7s_W0QQsojsZ1QQfromZR40 Email me for any further details. Chrystianne -- www dot chrystianne dot com

Torch for sale
For Sale: Greenforce 100W HID with F2 battery pack and goodman handle (as new, 8 dives, boxed). Sensible offers to iiiimortal at yahoo dot co. uk. Matt.

Advice on Suunto Mosquito
I am a newly qualified OW diver looking to get my first computer. Looking at computers on the market I have been eyeing up the Suunto Mosquito. It has all the functions of the Vyper but in ...

Dinving with a knee injury
I'm curious as to if any of you out there have gone diving with a knee injury. I suffered a hairline fracture to my fibula (right below the knee) about a week ago and have a trip scheduled ...

Dry suit repairs
Guys, Anyone know a dive shop that will change a neck seel in less than a week within an hour's drive of Andover? My neck seel has started to go and I got a bit damp yeste...

Diving in Ghana
Is there any? Google doesn't seem to reveal any whatsoever. Yet the next decent Eclipse is best viewed March 29 next year in Ghana, wouldn't that be a cool trip - some diving with an e...

Diving in Hawaii
Hi folks - We're off to Hawaii (as part of a larger trip) where we'll be based on Oahu for a week. Any recommendations as to dive shops/dive sites would be greatly appreciated. <...

Ancient tide time
What times of day were HWs Portsmouth on 10 June 2000? If anyone has a facility for working it out, I'd appreciate the information. Ta. Neil

Torch spam
Anyone else here been spammed by someone called Tyreida regarding an underwater torch? Cliff.

otterbox & vivitar df120
ok, got all my bits and it's now assembled. not yet tested in water but that'll come soon enough! http://www.devilgas.com/uwstrobe/index.php for all the gory details. ...

Ken, Otterbox
My Otterbox 1000 came yesterday. What did you use to stabize and weight the DF120 contents? Thanks. Marshall

Haskel on ebay
Note, it's not mine, I just noticed it and dreamed.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=19303&item=7165123016&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW Danny

Desperate to dive Scapa Flow
Hello all, I am DESPERATE to dive Scapa Flow in September. Have tried SO MANY places with no luck. Can someone throw me a lifeline? Single diver, looking for day ...

Diving in Cuba?
We're considering a holiday in Cuba at the end of November - any advice as to the diving out there? I'm PADI Open Water qualified with a dozen post-qual dives. TIA Paul...

The Pagham 'Cuckoo'
Hi folks - Tommorrow (Wed) and Thurs a team from Southampton University will be carrying out an archaeological survey of this WWII site. This is in furtherance of one of the team...

pc software
hi is there any free pc software to log dives - just out of interest? John

New Beaver spring straps. opinions and sizing?
Hi, Im needing to get myself an extra fin strap for a week to Scapa. I have Mares avanti quattro (sp?) fins so a strap is about a tenner. I saw the new beaver spring straps ...

Vivitar DF120
arrived today. Waiting for Otterbox 1000 to arrive anytime. Leaving for Paradise Island Nassau on Sunday morning. DF 120 works with my Sony P100. I will keep you posted. ...

Diving in Croatia? Porec?
Hi I've just got chance of a cheap week in Porec, Croatia. Has anybody dive there? Thanks TonyR

Miami Recommendations
Hi all, I'll be in Miami on the weekend of 2nd July and looking to spend a day diving. Anybody any recommendations of good dive companies to contact? What will the wate...

Diving Gear Advice please
I need some expert advice please. My daughter (25) is starting diving lessons next month. I notice that Lidl have lots of equipment and wet suits from next Monday. Please can anyone tell me...

Another Missing Diver
See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/dorset/4106344.stm Condolances to friends and family. Danny

and now for somthing completeley different16
Imagine the scene. Oban is a three hundred and fifty mile drive away and organizing a party of divers with all their kit, boats and accommodation is no mean fe...

Photos: Diving in Croatia
Some photos from a recent trip to the island of Vis, Croatia: http://www.benpanter.co.uk/diving ---> Vis(1-6) The vis in Vis was generally about 20m, weather great three days ...

Varifocal Lenses
I wear varifocal lenses in my glasses, are such lenses available in a mask? Can anyone recommend where I can obtain such?

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