Scuba-en Cuba Camper, diving tour Cuba
Has anyone had experience of the Scuba-en Cuba camper/diving tour that they offer? I like the idea of setting my own itinerary, doing some sight seeing as well as diving. I am pl...

Scuba-en-Cuba Camper, Diving tour, Cuba
Has anyone had experience of the Scuba-en Cuba camper/diving tour that they offer? I like the idea of setting my own itinerary, doing some sight seeing as well as diving. I am pl...

Scuba-en-Cuba, Camper and Diving Tour Cuba
Has anyone had experience of the Scuba-en Cuba camper/diving tour that they offer? I like the idea of setting my own itinerary, doing some sight seeing as well as diving. I am pl...

Costa Dorada
Hi, I'm off to the Costa Dorada and was wondering if anyone knew of any dive centres around the Salou and Cambrils area. Am out there for 11 days so hopefully want to build up my logbo...

Tubantia Property Law?
(sorry for cross-posting. The subject matter is OT for both groups.) AFAIK in the UK there used to be a legal text commonly referred to as the "Tubantia Property Law". I suppose this l...

and now for somthing completley different 10
Imagine the scene. There's a wreck off the North West coast of Mull. It's a lovely first, second, third or even fourth dive. Jeff was diving it for his first t...

Ah the good rays !!!


Mares Syncro 840?
Can someone tell me what this bcd is like for a relative beginner (OWD certified)? I've goggled it but haven't come up with much that helps. The longest 'description' I found was in Russian ...

Re: HSE advises against the use of Octopus rigs.
I should think they do advise against using an octopus in an emergency. An independent air supply is clearly preferable. Also if you double the breathing rate - plus extra for panic ...

HSE advises against the use of Octopus rigs.
"Although octopus rigs are used by most divers, the HSE stressed that they are best avoided altogether when considering emergency arrangements. " Divernet article, here: http...

and now for somthing completley different9
Imagine the scene. Barry loved his ciggies. He loved them so much you could say that he was addicted to them. When he was a fit young all singing, all dancing ...

OT: speed camera protest - Keith

National Geographic Diving Ireland
There was a post here recently enquiring on diving around Ireland. Here's a link I hope some people may find helpful informative and an incentive for those of you who haven't yet made it ov...

FS: Buddy SMBCi self-inflating SMB...
Got a AP Valves Buddy SMBCi self-sealing SMB for sale complete with A-clamp fitting 0.2l inflator bottle. SMB is about 2 years old but has seen very little use. Retail on these is about 8...

For Sale :Another Analyser (Link to Ebay Item)
Sold my O2 analyser, now Rob's is up for grabs Please do note....the cell MUST be replaced before use, and no, it doesn't take part used RB cells.

Brass Collar around cylinder necks.
Afternoon all. I have an old (OK very old) cylinder with a tapered valve, which has a brass collar around the neck of the cylinder, onto which the cylinder data is stamped. ...

Hid yahoo groups
Hello there ! Would anybody have the link to get to the yahoo hid lamp group? thanks in advance ! Alan

The Future of UKRS? Mk II
Well - huge thanks to Gordon etc., he's actually got a prototype news portal running from a web site. What we do with it (assuming that it tests out OK) is another matter, but this post is...

50W Halogen or HID (greenforce, Halcyon, MAL, Hartenberger)
Hi, I need to buy a light for diving in mainly low vis conditions and are hesitating between different options. - Greenforce Flexi2 with 35 W Halogen and umbilical (400 Eur...

For Sale: Canon Underwater Housing for Canon Digital Ixus V2 or V3
Hi, I have the above housing for sale. It is in as-new condition having seen the water just once on a trip to the Red Sea. it comes in the original box with all straps, o-ring...

Diver has thumb bitten of by Moray
off Thailand according to todays Sun.,,2-2005182996,00.html

Back from Bikini
and noticed a couple of familiar names from here in the guestbook :) Nige -- "What part of shut the fcuk up don't you understand??" Norway 2004

Need Help with Ni Tek Logic - Dive Rite
Hello divers : Looks to me I do have problem with downloading stored data on the dive computer in to PC. I'm using Dive Rite DOCKING STATION for NITEK/NITEK 3/NITEK HE and m...

Diving Articles
I am looking for diving articles/stories about your experiences, tips, wish lists, etc for our Diving Holidays site. Real stories and articles that would be of interest to other divers...

200 scapa flow place 7th to 14th May
Our club has up to 3 places spare on our Scapa trip. The liveaboard ( ) we have booked has 12 places and we have 9 takers so far - we are happy to go with 10 t...

Everglades Photos
I don't know if this will work, but since so many are so impatient, I thought I'd try uploading my photos myself to someplace they might be accessible. Somebody please try this site and l...

Everglades Pictures
My sincere thanks to Pete S. for providing a forum for me to share my Everglades photos. I hope you guys (ladies included) enjoy them as much as I enjoy sharing them. Florida i...

10 points for the techies
Our dive club spent a Saturday morning with the local coastguard. Watched the vid, did the tour and then moved onto the Q & A session: Us - "So which is the most visible colour when ...

ADVERT: One 10l and two 6l cylinders for sale on ebay.
10l cylinder, ebay item 7148832536 currently 30 6l cylinder, ebay item 7148831596 currently 30 6l cylinder, ebay item 7148832315 currently no bids All with recent hydro tests. ...

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