El Gouna
Anyone going to El Gouna from Gatwick tomorrow? Myself and wife (non diver) will be there! Eddie

back from Bonaire
Hi, I'm just back from Bonaire; we chose a package from Blue Divers http://www.bluedivers.com/ It included a studio, car rental and no limit air air. The studios are simple, but co...

Grand Cayman
Any tips for George Town, Grand Cayman? I'm there for one day on a cruise with the wrinklies and hope to get a dive in. Possibly at Stingray City. "Divers Down" looks a likely operator...

Learning to Dive in Indonesia
Hi, I'm travelling around the world for a year, Indonesia, Gran canaria, Australia, New Zealand etc. Just wondering where the cheapest place would be to learn to dive and get a re...

Divers Heaven Fleet
Hi all, has anyone heard of these guys? Reason I ask is : 1. I've just received a mail saying I've won a cruise on one of their liveaboards 2. The list of winners on their site doesn't ...

Suit to wear in South China Sea
If anyone has ever been to dive the Prince of Wales or Repulse (or anywhere near that part of the South China Sea) then I would be grateful to know what type of suit you found necessary.

Spaces, Sunday 3rd April, Brighton, Nauticat
Hi all, I currently have 3 spaces for a shallow dive off of Nauticat this Sunday - probably be the Pentryct in 25m. Please call me if interested as I may not have a chance to chec...

Recommendation for travel insurance
Any suggestions for who to use to cover kit whilst away at the Med? Cheers

OK, 700+ pictures, happy husband snorkelling, me 10 dives, Mantas, (DVD to prove 11m or snorkelling is sufficient to see them), whale sharks, white tips, reef sharks, eagle rays, sting ray...

Backplate/wing rental in Cornwall?
Hi all, I'm going to be spending a week in Cornwall in early August, staying just outside Penzance. I plan to bring a 7mm wetsuit, mask and fins, and thought I might try some snorkeli...

Nudibranch egg ID
Hi, i found this spawn (http://nudibranchspawn.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/) at stallion rock dive site, loch fyne, last weekend. Dont know who left it, and cant find it on the w...

computer help ? strange message when IE fails
I keep getting a message box pop up telling me that IE wont work. some times I can reload a page and it ok other times I can not open a page at all the one below is one of them. I ass...

35mm Underwater Camera Outfit For Sale!

Strobe Otterbox Question for Ken
Hi Ken, So let me get this straight. You put the Sunpak Remote Lite II in the Otterbox You dive to 50 feet You hold your camera in one hand You hold the Sunpak Ott...

Swindon diving places and clubs ?
Hi, I am a Polish diver living and working in Swindon. I am looking for friendly people to introduce me into local diving places and clubs. I already know most of the clubs by nam...

The Greatest News Ever!
http://www.jcil.blogspot.com << The Greatest News Ever!

Diving course??? Where????
Hello. I have done scuba diving ever sence I was 12 till the age of 18 and still now days I fancy a dive every now and again so I was wondering where can I undertake a course of diving ...

scuba gear reviews
A few months ago, I posted here to let people know about a new website stuffed with valuable information for new scuba divers. At the time, I received many comments and suggestions from uk...

Diving in Kalkan, Turkey
Does anyone have any exerience o diving in Kalkan? I'm off there for a couple of weeks in July and would like to knwo your thoughts on which dive school to use. What's the diving ...

Scuba Tanks and Regs For Sale
I've got the following kit for sale: 1 x Aqua Lung 12 L 232 Bar Scuba Tank (not short style). Certified through April 2005. 1 x Faber 12 L 232 Bar Scuba Tank (not short sty...

FS: various, spring clearout
I have the following items for sale 2 x Poseidon Cyklon 5000 c/w metal 2nd stage 120 each 1 x Cyklon octopus yellow 50 2 x Jetsreams 100 each 2 x MDE isolating manifolds c...

Wanted Seac Sub Aqualab Computer Interface
No longer available anywhere I have tried, any got one they want to sell or spotted on lurking in the back of a sho display anywhere? Cheers

and now for somthing completley differen4
Imagine the scene. Mick was a seasoned old diver and was never seen without his trusty 3lb lump hammer. His personal preference was to dive with it tied to a lanyard that was

and now for somthing completley different3
Imagine the scene. A large dive boat with twelve divers in various states of kitting up. Fred is sat at the entrance hole to the water and refuses to move out of anyone's way, sta...

The Greatest News Ever!
http://www.jcil.blogspot.com << The Greatest News Ever!

Bored of your Inspiration?
Tired of trimix? Could this be the answer... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4538715627&fromMakeTrac k=true E-bay item number 4538715627.

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven?
http://www.want-to-be-sure.blogspot.com << Click On Link

Equipment weight for flying
Can anyone point me to a webpage given example weights for diving equipment so I can guage what I will have to pay in excess charges on a plane? Going to the Med next week, woul...

Otter Box for Cheap DV Housing
Since Otter Boxes are rated to 100 feet, couldn't one get a clear one, turn your digital video camera on, put it inside, and use it as a reliable, but inexpensive, underwater housing? ...

Buddy for Gildenburgh Water this w/e or next
Would anyone be interested in a dive at Gildy? I've not been they before, but its looks OK for a little pootle to start the season. I can do this Saturday or next weekend (2/3), is it ...

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