FS: Bowstone Weight Harness...
Having a clear out of dive gear and came across a Bowstone Weight Harness... http://www.bowstonediving.com/store/itemDetails.asp?id=15-0-66 "A fully adjustable harness belt with ...

BBQ & dive in
A date for the diary........... http://www.busterlung.co.uk/spearfishing.htm You're all welcome. See you there! AG --

Indian Ocean / East African Marine Life Photobook ...
I know it's a bit demanding, but I've been looking for a glossy photo-book which includes Indian Ocean marine life - I've tried the big London bookshops (Foyles, Blackwells, Watersto...

For Sale: Canon Digital Ixus V3 and Underwater Housing
Hi, I have the above items for sale. The camera is the Canon Digital Ixus V3; a 3 megapixel small, simple to operate camera. It's in excellent condition and comes with the fol...

Good Archaelogical News from Tsunami
Seems that the Tsunami has done some good according to the BBC.. for Archaelogists anyway.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4302115.stm

FS Inspiration
Inspiration for sale. 3.5 years old. 2900 Unit to be fully serviced via the factory as part of sale. 01243 528546 Pete S. www.d...

make money
From: [email protected] Subject: DO YOU WANT TO OBTAIN MANY DOLLARS? Date: 10 feb. 2005 14:13:40 -0800 YOU WANT TO OBTAIN MANY DOLLARS ? I've been trying ...

Last chance
Ending today on ebay. The dogs danglies in fins. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7135686984&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT .

Sri Lanka Airways
Has anyone ever flown with this airline ? There is nothing on Callum's site about baggage allowance, there's nothing on the tickets and I'm in dispute with Thomas Cook. I'm not...

Sri Lanka Airways
Has anyone ever flown with this airline ? There is nothing on Callum's site about baggage allowance and I'm in dispute with Thomas Cook. I'm not going to Sri Lanka, (I think) but the...

LIDS Tickets - nearly free to a good home
I've just been informed by The Guardian that I've won two tickets to the London International Dive Show at Excel in the Docklands over the weekend of March 5th/6th, but have found that I'm...

Diving in Malta
Ladies & Gents, My family and I are off to Malta in the summer on holiday. As we've only ever dived in the UK we thought we'd try diving in warm water for ...

[email protected]
Hi Stuart, As discussed pls send me: Speed control bits Lifter ramp plate thing ( lifts insert pusher up and out the way on return stroke). Please send to <...

HID umbilical dive lights- want one?
I am just about to import a load of HID dive lights, almost identical to the Halcyon range, They are all focussable and come with NiMh battery packs. Head wattage either 10W or 21W and the b...

lanzarote Costa Teguise dive Centres
Anyone with reccomendations for a Dive Centre in Costa Teguise. Staying for 7 days in May. Also do i require a Doctors medical to Dive in Lanzarote? Regards

DIVE CROATIA, ISLAND VIS - wrecks, caves, archaeological, reefs...
Daer divers, We are DODORO diving center from island of Vis, Croatia. Water around island is declared protected (like National parks regulation) for unguided dives and it is one ...

FS: Scubatec 232-bar M25x2 valve (O2 clean)
Received a valve from DIR-Zone today that is surplus to requirements so I'm moving it on. It's a Scubatec M25x2 cylinder valve (232 bar DIN) and will fit any M25-2 cylinder. It was supplie...

FS 215cm Jetstream hose
For sale 215cm Jetstream hose. It's on e-bay item number 7137099289 or you can mail me direct and make me an offer. Cheers Ade -- http://ww...

FS:3xCylinders, 15ltr,12ltr & 3ltr Pony 200 the lot.
3 Cylinders for sale Faber 15 ltr, 12ltr & 3ltr Pony. See:http://www.betmat.karoo.net/diving_pics.html 200 the lot. Tel Richard on 07779 616777 mailto:richard.el...

Diving in Cyprus
Ok, not an advert, well, it is, but as I have no commercial links, what the hell!. Just back from Cyprus, Diving with "Dive-in", based out of the Four Seasons in Limmassol. What a...

Red Sea Diving
Just got back from a weeks diving in Dahab, Egypt. Did my advanced course and it was the first time I had dived in a few years, great to get back into it. Did 14 dives in 6 days. ...

FA: PADI Video's
Dry Suit Diving Video http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7136350558&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT Peak Performance Video http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...

El Gouna
Interesting to see El Gouna on the BBC Holiday programme this evening. The programme didn't give a lot away as it was mostly about PADI Open Water Diver courses. I will be ther...

Tenerife Diving
I am going to Tenerife soon and hope to do a couple of dives there. Although I have done hundreds of dives around the uk, Norway, Ireland, Northern France etc I have never done any warm wa...

Baja California & Monterey Diving
Has anyone done any diving around Los Cabos / Cabo San Lucas Mexico in March? Also at the start of April around Monterey and San Francisco? Looks like I will be there a little out o...

Diving around Glasgow and Belfast
Hello! During May and June I will be around the area of Glasgow, Faslane and Belfast. Are there any suggestions for some good dive sites, stores and boats? Carst...

Diving around Portsmouth
Hello! During June I will be around the area of Portsmouth. Are there any suggestions for some good dive sites, stores and boats? Carsten

Mauritius Pictures
Hi All, The Diving in Mauritius was exceptional this year. Almost every dive was 9/10 and even a couple of 10/10's! I have posted a few shots of one of my two favorite site...

Montego Bay
As usual, I have to go to the USA in May. Last year I thought of nipping somewhere for a few days diving (flying my wife out to meet me) but we found it cheaper for me to come back to the ...

Red Sea: What to take?
Well, this is probably different from the usual 'what to take?' question which results in items like: wet suit, BCD, snorkel, regs, mask, fins etc.. I visit diver mates in Jamaica, an...

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