Seacsub AquaLab download interface
Just bought the above computer, then found the interface for pc download is 150! Anyone got one of these interfaces who can tell me whether it is worth the money, ie is the pc program ...

Amount of lead. 12ltr std to 12ltr dumpy?
How does the weight of a "standard" 12ltr compare to a faber "lightweight" 12ltr dumpy? Is any change in lead likely to be needed?

photo voting system
Hi, I'm currently testing a photo voting system on my website, any comments? Also if you can see any bugs in the cgi code please let me know!

Diving the Thames
I know it's a weird idea, but does anyone know what the regulations are for diving the Thames (non-tidal part). I am particularly interested in the section between Hampton Court and Hampto...

M25 tank valve replacement
First a bit of history, I guess... I recently acquired a pair of 15.1 liter 230 bar steel tanks that were made by Aqualung / Spiro... They have the M25-2 threads on them... Unfortunate...

I'm leaving.
OK guys, for those of you that didn't notice before, like Frank, Zak, etc etc, I'm leaving the UK. It's been nice here most of the time, and I'm sure I'll pop up on this list from...

Diving in Croatia - recomendations please
Hi, Has anyone got any Recomendations for diving in Cavtat (Near Dubrovnik). I will be there end of May for two weeks and wonder what sites are best to dive there. Also what wou...

FS: Dive Rite Super Wings
Bought mid last year with the intention of doing some deep diving both here and in the red sea (but circumstances have changed :( ), done 10 dives late last year in Scapa Flow. Condit...

Buying a second hand drysuit
I have an offer from someone on a second hand drysuit, and I have the chance to go and have a look before I buy. So I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to check the fi...

Mixing Gas
Hi I'm planning on writing a program that will take the hard work out of calculating gas mixing Some of the features I intend to build into the program would be allowing

WTB: Dive Rite Nitek He or Nitek3
Looking for Dive rite Nitek He or Nitek3 Please send me an e-mail: [email protected]

key stage two question on tv last night
which is heaver a glass of fizzy lemonade or a glass of flat lemonade answer tomorrow and I got it wrong. David

Regs in Hand Luggage
Is it purely an anti theft thing, or is there another god reason regs shouldn't be put in the hold? Nige -- "What part of shut the fcuk up don't you ...

New Red Sea Diving Regulations
FYI Everyone... Changes to Red Sea Regs. SUMMARY Livaboard: Show evidence of at lea...

Airlines & Scuba Baggage Allowances - website?
Hi, A few months ago there was a discussion on airline baggage allowances for scuba gear, e.g. Thomas Cook allow an extra 10Kg. Someone very kindly produced a website which...

Diving Valencia Spain
Hello does anyone know of a dive centre in Valencia in Spain? I would prefer a BSAC centre but I guess there are not many in that area. Thanks, Justin PS thank you to...

wanted:wetsuit lubricant - to ease entry/exit into wetsuit
Hi I am looking for something similar to this that is available to buy in the UK. The suitjuice looks ideal for what i want but cant ...

CCR Handsets
Has anybody out there had any problems with Insperation handsets not powering up - failing underwater?? -- Message posted via

SMB colour? - your opinion
I've heard various accounts of the correct colour SMB to use - Yellow for this, Orange for that. These views generally contradict each other and leave me perplexed. I would appre...

Not a happy Teddy Bear
Well, Just got the results of the state of my shoulder. No swimming, golf, heavy lifting, diving [1] or fun [2] for the next few months. There's a bit more damag...

South of France
I'm going to the Cote d'Azur in June. Can anyone recommend where to go diving? I saw one place at Port Grimaud on the net but I'm sure there's lots more. Robin. <...

Wanted - Spanish Jargon
Does anyone know of a web source for diving terms in Spanish. With English translations. I have pigeon spanish, which extends as far as "Where is my aunt's pigpen?", and "Two beers please", and ...

New photo site
Is online my new photographic web-site, with underwater photos made by me and my brother. By now there is no fishes, but only invertebrates and some reptiles. This is the link : www.pau...

Suunto Vyper Computer
Any one know where I can purchase a replacement wrist strap for a Suunto Vyper. I mailed Suunto bot not answering me. Cheers Barry

OMS wing and IQ - any views
Looking for a change (haven't bought a new gadget for a while) Any user views on OMS double bladder red wing and IQ backplate (or views on steel / alloy / IQ) Jury see...

New aqualung
what abouit this one then ? -- plus ooo_[:]o Alain

FS New Mares reg Bag

FS New Mares reg Bag

As a matter of interest, can anybody put a number on the rate gas escapes during a freeflow? Cheers Graham

Deep-sea species washed ashore post-tsunami.
Hi All, I have been sent some .jpgs of the unusual life forms that have washed ashore in Thailand post-tsunami. I don't know where to post them, should folk be interested. I can ...

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