Ai BOt and Scuba diving
Hi Again, Thanks for the response. Why am I doing this? Well not been done very successfully before. The idea of an AI bot holding a conversation about scuba diving is what I am...

Need help on AI project
Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a Bot for scuba diving. What I need if for you to go and chat with the bot. By chatting with it will learn from the question you ask. Please st...

Cheapest commercial diver training
In answer to Tricky's earlier post, I know the cheapest option for a commercial ticket is in South Africa. Other info here: ...

Christian StClaire - anybody remembers StClaire Diving Products??
uk.rec.scuba Christian StClaire - anybody remembers StClaire Diving Products?? Hello everybody, my name is Christian StClaire former owner of StClaire Diving Products, Nitrox Tech...

ice breakers, a sorry
I won't be there as my flights have been changed but, I will be over early Feb, anyone want to try for Stoney soon after.

Otter drysuit
Hello Im buying a new Otter Britannic drysuit soon, and therefore Im looking for some advice on the details: 1) Im having it sown to measure, but should I be getting the ...

Dive profiles from tsunami
I have seen several reports in the papers of divers who were underwater when the tsunami passed, who then surfaced to find their resorts obliterated. It would be interesting from a scient...

Diving Domincan Republic
Anyone here dived in the Punta Cana region of DR. I am there in January and am looking for a reputable dive company to use. I am a novice diver so am intrested in a company that will look ...

suunto dive manager help needed
Hi all! hope everyone had a fine holiday. Can anyone tell me in very simple steps how i can transfer data from a dive manager from one computer to another? I keep my stuff on my work pc...

Commercial Diver Training
Can anybody point me in the direction of a cheap commercial diver training school. Fort William is OK, but a bit on the costly side, considering the training you'll get. Any ideas folks?...

For Sale - Orca Phoenix Air Integrated Dive Computer
The Orca Phoenix computer is no longer made but would make an ideal dive computer for someone either new to diving or not intending to dive anything other than air in the next couple of ye...

Dry suit
Hi, I need a new dry suit. I need to choose between: - Northern Diver Cortex - Bare NexGen Any experience would be appreciate. Thanks Chris

Update Phuket Thiland and Fantasea Divers - Ocean Rover Cruises
Fantasea Divers - Ocean Rover Cruises was not affected by the earthquake off-shore Sumatra and the subsequent tidal waves in Phuket. Ocean Rover is currently in Myanmar's Mergui Archipela...

Phuket emergency contacts
The following links were passed to me by a friend for those who may need to enquire about kith and kin in Phuket. I hope the sites will not be swamped by voyeuristic ghouls who thrive on oth...

Advice on housing a video camera for snorkelling
I know this is a scuba Ng but its the closest I could find ... I'm going to do a lot of snorkelling in the Caribbean in a couple of months and I'm dubious about these "plastic" bag typ...

Palm zire dive software wanted
Well my son bought me a palm zire for xmas thought it would enable me to keep a check off everyones club telephone numbers and details, But have been wondering if there is any diving relat...

Maldives and the earthquake
I've got rellies out there at the mo - if anyone finds any news about the state of the islands can you let me know. Cheers CAS --

100 divers missing in Phuket
Sky new reporting that 100 divers are missing off phuket following the devestating tidal waves more news here

Whales take a hit
BBC News article on Whales and DCI And there was me thinking Whales were the worlds greatest (Sorry Nigel it's not you)...

Plymouth Shuttles
Anyone know any? Need to try and find a couple of spaces for a weekend in January, anyone got any suggestions? Thanks John

Diving out of Lymington
Starting to plan a club weekend out of Lymington for next year. If anyone has anyone recently dived out of Lymington (or an adjacent launch site) are there any dives you would care to ...

SLAC Divers - Scapa 15-21 Oct 2005 - Places
Annual Standard Life Dive Club Scapa Trip If anyone is interested, we have booked 12 places on the Storm Drift, day boat diving, staying in the Ferry Inn, ferry from Aberdeen (ca...

Abbs / Eyemouth on boxing day, anyone?
Anybody planning on going in at St Abbs / Eyemouth on Boxing day (weather permitting) that wouldn't mind a tag along? I've been let down by my buddy :-(( DL +200 odd dives. Cheer...

Inspiration oxygen cylinder testing frequencies
Hi all, How often do you have your 100% O2 inspiration cylinder tested? My understanding was every 2 years under the old BS 5430 for internal visual and 4 years for hydro...

Gozo Oct 2005
Trying to arrange an overseas club dive to Gozo in Oct 2005 .Would be grateful of as much advice re kit ,temps , dive outfits & peoples past experience re diving at this time of year & div...

M/V Cyclone Liveaboard
I havent got time right now to do a report, (Xmas shopping etc.), but having returned from a fabulous week, I just wanted to let you all know. Boat - great, The Dogs '. A slight criti...

Booking a Red Sea liveaboard? Be careful!
Quick warning for anyone planning on going to the Red Sea. Having just come back from a bit of a dodgy week, there is far more difference between boats than we ever thought. We had a crapp...

dive log book software import text data
for those of you that might be interested in trying out a new dive log book software package that includes heaps of information about your dives including pictures, text export and import, ...

Thailand or Borneo?
Have narrowed our next trip down to Thailand or Malaysia. Have been recommended to go to Khao Lak in Thailand and to stay at the Le Meridien Resort. I understand the diving...

Faulty kit or faulty website info? Portland Oceaneering backplate nuts.
I would like to know what others who have bought BACKPLATE NUTS from Portland Oceaneering have found. My situation is that the website and answers to e-mail differ and I have foun...

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