AquaLung Titan Glacia Reg
How do those in the know rate this reg ? I was originally looking for a Calypso II, but this one came up on a deal. Rick

Din fitting available in Sharm?
Hi, off to Sharm in a few weeks and was wondering if most/some dive operators over there have Din fitting cylinders for my Poseidon Cyklon.I made this mistake in Florida last ye...

FS: Poseidon Jetstream Regulator...
A friend has asked me to sell his Poseidon Jetstream regulator. The reg comes with an A-clamp first stage and a Jetstream second stage - you can see a picture of it by clicking on the link...

1st Liveaboard - Cyclone - Red Sea 12/12
Hi, just booked my 1st liveaboard on Cyclone in The Red Sea via Tony Backhurst. The trip is called Get Wrecked. I only started diving in June, but have managed 22 dives, (1...

suunto vyper, laptop usb to serial adapter (part 2)
Has anyone had any luck getting a suunto computer and pc interface to connect with a laptop via a usb to serial adapter, i have tried the various suggestions given to my previous post all ...

I have got to make one
Sorry not in work today so spent hours on the net and found this.. MarkW nospam to scuba to reply <...

Kit Reviews on-line?
Can anybody point me to good sites for kit reviews, the best I have found so far is: But this does not feature a lot of the UK specific kit. I have ...

diving north west
looking for buddy to dive somewhere in the north west this saturday 4th december... any other time may be possible.. weekdays are best for me.... john.. ps. sport diver..70+dives.. ...

Apeks Quantum - odd view angle?
Hi, I've just received my Apeks Quantum computer (bought on the net), and found that I cannot look straight down on it when I want to read or make settings on it. The display is n...

Diving Knife Query
In light of the increasing vigilance on the part of Mr Blunkett's anti-terrorist organisations, how would a diving knife be seen if we were in a stopped and searched? Could we easily convinc...

hello from France ! Just a quick one concerning that Divedome, has the building started yet or is it still on the paper ? When is the openning planned for ? Thanks <...

suunto dive manager & usb
Hi all, Can anyone help me with the following problem, I have just purchased a sony vaio laptop which has no serial port, before i bought the laptop i checked on the net and found var...

Portland Harbour
Next time you're thinking of diving around Portland remember this image! This little tinker was caught in a fisherman's net inside Portland Harbour this morning. http://www.busterlung...

Super Aquazepp for sale
Super Aquazepp for sale. For more details:

1st CFV : Create unmoderated newsgroup uk.rec.gps
This has been posted on The official post to this ng fell foul of crossposting limits :-( You may send an empty email to [email protected] in ord...

Another JOKE Off Topic. JOKE. Not diving. OK?
An Australian ventriloquist visiting New Zealand walks into a small town and sees a local sitting on his porch patting his dog. Ventriloquist: "Hey, good looking dog, mate. Mind if I s...

Second Hand Suits
I'm currently trying to decide between a 120 northen diver (which I have to order tonight at that price) semi dry and a second hand 50 semi dry (which sounds like a good fit). Both are 7...

Family holiday in Estartit planned for July next year. My son and I completed my PADI OW this year in France and we should have completed the PADI Advanced before July. Hav...

Nikonos V Camera and accessories for sale on Ebay
Nikonos V & 35mm lens Sea&Sea 20mm lens ...

Buddy Commando Medium BC; For Sale on Ebay
Hi, I have listed a buddy commando, with no reserve, on Ebay. The auction ends Sunday night. You can reach it here:

Anybody at Chepstow this Saterday?
Well anybody? After some communication problems I might just be there and at a loose end. Not quite sure yet but at worse it would be nice to take tea with somebody I know. ...

Northern Divers drysuits
After 10 years of loyal service my RoHo drysuit starts to fall apart, so I finally can buy myself a new one (and SWMBO agrees). I'm thinking of buying a ND CNX2 or Cortex. Any th...

Anyone for DAN?
Lovely little post on Divernet - I liked - ...called DAN (as instructed to do on membership info). The eme...

Private boats & Spain
Has anybody taken their own boat to Spain? Specifically Estartit, I know diving the Islands may be difficult but there are other sites available up and down the coast and just use a ha...

Mares Concorde freediving fins
Has anyone used these long fins? There is no reference to the fins on the Mares website. I was told that these were made as a sample and not officially released, but none the less a few are ...

Pony bottle Q&A
After hitting dive no 180 in the red sea last month, (next trip in Dec so should hit the 200 mark, i'm so excited!!) I've decided that a second / redundant air source is next on the shopping...

Happy Thanksgiving
Over the many years, I've had more than my share of joy, more than my share of friends and more than my share of love . . . and I'm a diver. Just when I thought I had it all, along came J...

Situation vacant: Diving Technician/Research Assistant
Diving Technician/Research Assistant required to support diving operations in the field of marine biology further details: <>

For sale on e-bay
Limited edition IANTD T shirt (new). --

Lets lighten the mood a little:- A cabbie picks up a Nun. The Nun gets into the cab, and the cab driver won't stop staring at her. She asks him why he is staring. He replies:

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