Kenya & Malaria
Advise needed for diving at watamu. Anyone recommend which tablet worked best for you and any side effects. I know mefloquine is NOT recommended and that I need a prescription from my doc. <...

Photoshopping U/W Pics
Since it seems to be digital photography week... Does anyone have any tips, or is there an idiots guide anywhere to tweaking underwater pics in photoshop (or similar)to correct colour ...

OT ..Help on decision for Win 2k pro or XP pro + SP2"
I wonder if I could ask for a bit of advice before Giant Striding into a situation I might regret. I run Windows 2K Pro but I am thinking of installing Win XP Pro + SP2 would this be a ...

Scapa space..2nd to 8th October
Last minute space has become available...on the Sunrise..liveaboard, diving Battleships & Crusiers. The space has been payed for..213...and the asking price is negotiable.. ...

New Vobster Quay Map - Download it here!!!
Righty tighty, the new Vobster Quay map is now complete and available for download for those who might be interested. It's 99% there and certainly a lot more accurate than the old map so e...

....near the characteristic fishing port of Centuri, 300 m. from the beach, a residence composed by cottages on two floors divided in two flats of 50 sq metres each.... they are wide and con...

Nikonos V lenses and stuff Last chance - couple of damn fine quality lenses for nikonos V.Mega bargain for someone. <...

Looe Divers on 23rd October?
Having lurked here for some two years now and only recently started posting I was wondering if anybody from this ng was going to the end of season party at Looe Divers? If so I can st...

Scuba tank explosion kills one, injures three in Florida dive shop -- Laz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A foolproof method for sculpting an Elephant: First, get...

More old fashioned camera stuff - Nikonos V
Hi Does anyone know where I can get a Nikonos V camera serviced? preferably in the North West / Manchester area. Any nationwide recommendations are welcome too. Thanks...

More digi camera stuff.
There seems to be an awful lot of digital camera questions going around the group ATM, and I apologise for adding another. I'm thinking of getting one and a housing, and spotted a deal...

Sharm - Hilton Sharks Divecentre?
Going to the Hilton Sharks Bay in early November, I have read in the brochures that there is a dive centre on site. Is it any good or should I be looking elsewhere? I am a newly qualified OW...

Sinking housing - maths problem and advice sought !!
Anyone out there able to help me? I've been using a SeaPro housing for my video camera but have found that it is quite difficult to hold steady as it is quite seriously negatively ...

Sharm/Hurgarda: Average costs
Based on others experiences what are the average costs for eating out/drinking etc if you travel to Egypt on B&B basis? Obviously it will vary, but as a guide what were others spendin...

Finally, only 2 weeks late, is a report and some pictures of diving this beautiful island I went to at the beginning of the month. Just click the front page Sardinian Flag on www.chrystiann...

Troll of the year award 2004
Ladies and Gentlemen, This years award goes to a man (?) who has single handedly created possibly the greatest epic in the history of newsgroups. He has had to withstand hard fac...

New Zealand
I am visiting New Zealand for the first 3 weeks in December and am intending to do some diving - Poor Knights / Mikhail Lermontov / Rainbow Warrior etc. Has anybody recommendation...

Free spaces : Selsey 5 October
Hi all, My buddy and I are looking to book Dive Eclipse out of Selsey on Tuesday 5 October to do the NAB tower (around 12ish) and Mulberry harbour (night dive 1830ish). There's 3 ...

Nitek 3
Can anybody tell me where I can get an original strap for the Nitek 3 dive computer thanks ian

D-SLR vs Top end compact
What is the difference in flexibility/image quality between a bottom of the range digital SLR and a top of the range compact/prosumer model? I'm in the market for a new land camera, a...

Divers Websites and Pictures
I've got a website where I've been putting my diveshots. Has anyone else got their diving photos online to look at?. Post urls!!!. Here is mine :

Suunto D9?
Hi! has anyone seen the new Suunto D9 dive computer.... it looks the most fantastic computer all titanium and cool features!! ...

Nude Scuba
from time to time we have posts about the pros and cons ... dont know what the fuss is about ... if the temps ok .... I do it ! Fi

FA: Weezle Extreme (Medium Long) - Last Day

Hi, Has anyone anywhere made a list of the requirements for each grade. I know the board publishes them.. but like Grade 1: pupils must be able to play one octave from blah to blah...? ...

Olympus C-60?
Hi Guys, Well after the usual insurance rigmarole Dive Master have offered to replace my wet Olympus C-4000 with a Olympus C-60 and new housing. Or give me 300 in cash. Not muc...

One for Digs... CAS --

Kirsty MacColl Documentary Tonight
BBC4 tonight (Friday 24th). Biopic at 21:00 then an investigation into the "accident" that killed her at 22:00. Personally, I won't be going to Mexico on principle at least until they...

Now I understand ...
why people think a wrapped hose will strangle you For story on ...

Northern Tenerife
Anyone know are there any diving facilties in Northern Tenerife, realise there's plenty down South. I'm having a break on the NW coast wondered if theres any diving?

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