Weymouth this weekend! 1 Space available
Hi, due to an excessive (and I mean excessive) workload, one of the guys has had to drop out of the Weymouth trip this weekend. If anyone wants the space, let me know.. ...

Hi, I've only looked at this group for the first time today. I've been snorkelling in Greece and Italy. I love watching the fish and seeing the colours of the rocks and things tha...

Cornwall diving
Hi, Anyone have any good recommendations for diving in Cornwall as I'm going there next week? Tried getting hold of Cornish Diving in Falmouth but no response to date. ...

Dive Insurance?
Going to sharm in Nov, newly qualified OW diver. Who do you reccomend for Insurance? Any places specialising in Divers? Also got a non-diving spouse. Ta

Weymouth trip report
For those interested I have put up a report of the weekend's trip to Weymouth, it can be found at: www.clearviz.co.uk/WeymouthAug2004.html Steve -- Posted v...

new cylinders and how heavy
I am only thinking about new cylinders. two 12 litters but which ones are the lightest buy lighter cylinders does this mean they will fail test quicker. I will try to get proper fills b...

Red sea - Good diving AND "local" feel?
Hi all, I'm off to the Red Sea for the first time with my wife for 1 or 2 weeks in late September. Ideally we'd like somewhere with good diving (doh!) and which hasn't been too to...

RE: photo shop in sharm
I posted a message a few weeks ago asking if there was anywhere in Sharm that would put the contents of a memory card onto a cdr. I arrived home yesterday from Sharm and thought I woul...

Greenforce Tristar 15 lamp
Hi all, I'm thinking about the new Greenforce Tristar 15 lamp head: http://www.green-force.com/lighthead/Tristar15.php?lang=en Before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusions -...

'Dive into History'
Links to the BBC Radio 4 program 'Dive into History' First section about the Thislegorm - not listened to the next yet.... Dive into History - Part 1 http://www.bbc.co.uk/ra...

Which dive magazine?
Hi, I'm a Brit, but fled to warmer waters long ago to live the dream (dive centre in tropical waters). I've got a paltry amount of money to spend on advertising, and want to targe...

UKRS Finland
We're back provisional report http://www.nigelhewitt.co.uk/stuff/Finland/index.html nigelH

2005 Dives
Hi all, Quick general query on UKRS dives. I know there's stuff normally running both May bank holidays. Does anyone have bookings in place yet? I'm thinkin...

Vytec or apeks quantum
Currently have the vyper- did think about going to VR2 but cannot justify it. Now looking at either vytec or quantum- diving to 40m on nitrox and single deco gas- either 50 or 80%...

UK conditions: Surface
Hi folks, I am doing a lecture and need some shots of poor surface condtions and the use of the DSMB for divers who failed to make it back to the shot. I liked to spice up teh ...

Cylinders - UK to Canada
Does anyone here know anything about taking UK cylinders over to Canada? I'm living in Vancouver right now and I'm trying to find out if it's possible to get my twin 12 232s filled if I br...

Re: Buddy breathing.
On Wed, 18 Aug 2004 09:57:40 +0100, Pete Melbourne <[email protected]> wrote: >You would however agree that buddy breathing when you have a perfectly >serviceable AAS...

Poseidon regs servicing
Hello, I want to get my Poseidon regs serviced soon and would like to know if anyone can recommend any dive shops etc who are good value. I don't mind sending the regs by po...

Suunto Stinger problem with Nitrox
Hi Guys I recently dived a 40M wreck with a mix of 31%. I carefully set my stinger to 31% and got my buddy to verify the setting. As usual jumped in and except for cursory checks ...


Gareth Ansell please read
Gareth Please email me your home contact details, I suspect those in your email are for work - I'd like to arrange to dive. Cheers Graham pls reply to my new email address or...

HP tactile gauges wanted.
The Bassca Aquarius was an inverted twinset sold by Divex some 6 years ago. This set had a tactile plunger style pressure gauge as an option. The higher the pressure in the cylinder the fur...

Knives on planes
In this political-correctness-gone-mad / state-induced-fear-to-control-the-masses age in which we live, are we still allowed to own, pack, fly with, use dive knives? I would have thought

Underwater Camera Outfit For Sale
Sorry to be a pain but if interested you can visit the ebay auction by clicking the following link: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=3836569959&ssPageN am...

Apeks regulators abroad
Anyone know if Apeks regulators have different brand / model names abroad? Like for instance is the ATX50 known in the US as, I don't know, "ATX-Super" or "Swordfish Pro" or some other pecul...

rib tubes
Slighty off the diving subject I have to admit but have any rib owners or dive clubs any advice on the following problem. Our dive club has what we believe is a Carson 6mtr RIB, however it i...

Twinning adaptors
I'm looking for a solution for travelling and setting up independant twins. I already have buddy twinning blocks and have used them for several years on and off, but I'm now looking for a ...

Weezle Woes
Hi ! Anyone here have problems with their Weezle undersuits and cuff dump valves? I am not looking for another run of the great debate of cuff vs shoulder dumps - but anyone with ...

test please do not reply

Dive computers
OK, 2 questions in one. Which computer? Need Air/Nitrox modes Not bothered about premium for wristwatch style (stinger/aqualand) Computer hookup would be nice, probably...

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