FS: Apeks DS4 + TX40 stage regulator (O2 clean)
Due to a very recent upgrade, I have an Apeks DS4 + TX40 stage regulator for sale. The TX40 is about 6 months old whilst the DS4 (which is 300-bar DIN) is brand spanking new and never dive...

Hundreds of dolphins off coast
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_west/3940097.stm Doh working this weekend. -- MarkW nospam to scuba to reply

Custom printed dive slates - source of?
Anyone know of a company that produces custom dive slates in quantity (say, 100+) from artwork supplied by the customer (ie. me)? Ideally they need to be standard PADI-size with the usual ...

Uk Diving Classified - gone to sh*t?!!!
Popped an item up for sale on the UK Diving Classified website about two days ago and have had EIGHT different people trying to pull the fraudulent cheque scam. For those of you who are un...

Just wondered if anyone knows of any day boats operating in the Liverpool/Merseyside area - I normally dive North Wales, but occasionally going from closer to home would be easier. There is ...

OT Web Pages
For those of you linking to my website I've started a major renovation project (still on going). Some of the heavily hit items (like my articles on the gas laws, US tank sizes and the UKRS F...

Tesco - Your Local Dive Store!
I was doing the shopping the other day in my local Tesco's and I came across a summer special labelled 'Tesco Diving Equipment' (or similar). It was an "Adult Snorkelling Kit", I couldn't re...

Lobster Liberation Front
http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,,1272339,00.html Chris Quinn

Mixed Gas Computers: which one?
Would appreciate the wisdom of the collective on this one, any advice things to avoid etc? Im in the market for a new computer. I dont dive trix-mix and have no intention of doing...

Looking for a spare part for a ScubaPro mask
Hello ! For years now Im using a mask manufactured by ScubaPro called "Trivette". Its a mask with a purge valve and with one big front glass and one smaller glass at each side. ...

Brief report on holiday dives in Elba
I spent a very good fortnight's holiday in Elba recently and would strongly recommend it. I'm qualified as a Sports Diver for less than a year and this was my first diving abroad. We staye...

Mixon Hole
The viz on the Mixon Hole (Sussex Coast) was at least 10m + today. Awesome :-) Keith L & I joined 3 from BSAC Southsea on Dave Applin's rib and you could see the bottom at 7m from the rib b...

Non-neo hood
Hi, I've been posting some articles about my neoprene allergy in the past to this forum. I have a different question this time. I now use a Otter drysuit without any trace of neop...

Visual or Hydro
Can anyone help me out. Ive got a cylinder that was due a visual in Feb this year (i.e now overdue) The last test was a hydro under the "old" regs. As the regs have ch...

Underwater Housing for Fujifilm S5000 digital camera,
Does anybody know if there is a underwater housing available for the Fujifilm S5000 Digital camear ?.

Hi there - off to fuerteventrura in a weeks time - booked some dive with abyss divers has anyone any experiences of them? which dive sites there do you reccomend cheers gaz <...

Photo shops in Sharm-el-Sheikh
I'm looking for a 67mm underwater filter for my camera (case) and can't find one at a decent price in the UK. Anyone know of any really good photo shops in Sharm which might have ...

Space Available - Sound Of Mull 7-14th August
A space has become available on a trip to the Sound of Mull - 6 days' diving off MV Peregrine - http://www.lochaline-boats.co.uk/ - and twin-bunk accommodation in Lochaline Dive Centre -

Hi, I'm just getting into scuba diving and about to do my Open Water Course. What I need advice on it what equipment to buy first, I'm on a tight budget of around 700....

Paging KeithL
Keith, Your E-Mail is bouncing. Looks like from your .co.uk end not the UKrecscuba.org.uk bit However notes being it's usual helpful self is not givin...

PADI Advanced OW course material
My wife and I are hoping to do our advanced OW in Sharm in 3 weeks, we did our OW there this June. I realise that I need the "Advanced adventures in diving" for the course but do ...

Diani Beach in Kenya
Hi all, Considering going to Kenya later in the year on Safari/Beach holiday and wondered if anyone has any experiences, either good or bad, about the diving in this area.....

old aladin sport
any got any idear how they are opened up to change battery they seem to have no screws David

Anyone been to Lily Beach - Maldives
Went in local travel agents just to see what was avaliable and the girl recommended Lily Beach (apparantly a couple had just returned and reommended it) Has anyone here been? If s...

re: Diving in Central france
Does anyone know if there is any diving in or around Eguzon lake in France? > > If there is can you get air refills and kit hire locally? > > The tourist informati...

Florida Keys
Anyone been diving there ? Last time I went to Miami was 20 years ago. I'm going early next year for 7 days then flying to Bonaire for another 2 weeks. It gets you away from KLM and Amsterd...

O Ring Size
Hello All Do we have any engineering guru's on the group who know the correct size for regulator din fitting o rings (The external to cylinder). A quick search on google returns ...

re: Diving in central France
Bonjour Messieurs ! Padi dive centers are well spread over France now, so you should be able to dive over here even if you don't own a CMAS card. Anyway, not far away south ...

Dived the Sidon over the weekend. Finishing the dive at the top of the fin (or is the correct term "the sail"?) There were (predictably) number of sticky-up bits. However, I'm not...

Possible Paranoia - Earthdive
I was happily working away when the caption "Help save our seas, divers urged" came across my BBC News Ticker. Intrigued, I followed the links on the site and came to the Earthdive sit...

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