Spaces 26-30 July Penzance
Mon-Fri 26-30 July for experienced divers only, the aim is to dive wrecks in the range of 40-55m, from Pamela P skippered by Fred Buckingham an experience local deep wreck diver. 167 per we...

backplate bolt holes dimensions?
Hi all, just a quick post.. I need to drill a couple of extra holes in my 3mm s/s bp. Does anyone have access to a BP at the moment who can check what the diameter of the h...

Semidry suit recommendation
Hi all, I've been using a rental Oceanic Shadow Titanium 5mm 3 piece semidry up until now and I'm looking to buy one of my own. The Oceanic has been brilliant, but is rather expen...

Antibacterial soap / wash for wetsuit
I've noticed that if I use my wetsuit over several consecutive days ( as is common on a liveaboard ), that I frequently get skin infections ( boils ) and / or swollen glands. I'm ...

Cap Corse - Korsica
Near the characteristic fishing port of Centuri, 300 metres from the beach, Residence Anna is composed by cottages on two floors divided in two flats, wides and confortables for 4 persons......

Camera for sale - WARNING...
Just a warning for anyone who tries to sell stuff privately - either through here or elsewhere... If you get an email that looks like: > Thanks for the response. ...

minimum amount of ditchable weight?
hi folks. my first (and current) bcd is a backplate/wing setup. i'm a relative novice and so still dive with a single tank and use a cheapy dive-rite sta (made out of some sort of polyureth...

Swanage boats - any with lifts?
Being a total mug, I've been tasked with finding a Swanage-based boat with a diver lift. Anyone know of any? I seem to remember seeing one last time I was down there - anyone got the conta...

Re: Dry Suits for Sale....
CAS wrote: > > You NEED a dry suite > > Is that, like, a Scuba-sofa? That's taking valet-diving to the limits... > > CAS Will it fit ...

Re: new wet-suit owner just checking
Derek Turner wrote: > <really stupid newbie question alert> > > Recently did my OW and have now bought my own wet-suit. It came with a > nice bag to roll it ...

My Favourite Extreme Ironing Photo So Far...
I was browsing for good dive sites in NSW and stumbled across this photo. Typical of the bloody Aussies to have to go one better...

new wet-suit owner just checking
<really stupid newbie question alert> Recently did my OW and have now bought my own wet-suit. It came with a nice bag to roll it up in for travelling. Question: is it OK to store...

Deco theory info?
Can anyone recommend a good decompression theory book plese? Any good websites on the subject would help also. Getting an Inspiration shortly and would like a more in-depth view of deco th...

Diving in Croatia
If you are intersted in diving in Croatia please visit our web site; we are also searching for diving partner clubs.

can some one give me some advice ???
helloo..... Hi i'm making my sub and i'm lookig for some advice... I don't have so many experience with the scrudder system to refrech air so i'm looking for some one ...

For Sale: MMII Ex, Strobe & case
Going digital, so looking to sell my trusty old MMII Ex... Details at: Gordon

Dry Suits for Sale....
Diving in that COLD UK ocean? Well don't be cold anymore while under the water....You NEED a dry suite to keep you toasty warm... Check out my auction on Ebay... Dont miss ...

OT : What's a "Beckham"?
The term "a Beckham" is used to describe something that is completely over the top. K

Dive torches (The LED kind)
Due to me being a complete **** and forgetting to fit the O ring I've flooded and ruined my lovely UKD4R torch. (At least it was only my torch and not my regs, which might have been more

Diving in Dom Rep
Greetings all, Just booked a fortnight's family holiday next month in Dom Rep at the Coral Marien by Hilton on Costa Dorada. Anyone ever been to this hotel? According to th...

Last chance
This is your last chance. If nobody wants back copies of Diver and Underwater World dating back to 1979 then its to the skip with em. taz.

Black Sea - Bulgaria
Hi All Anyone have experience of diving the Black Sea from Bulgaria. I'm due to go there end of August but the nearest dive centre I can find is in Varna about 50km North of wher...

Guildenburgh Hire Rates
Hi, I've tried Googling but got no answers-anyone know approximately how much it'd cost to hire a cylinder, BC, regs and weight from Guildy for a day's diving? (Specifically this Sunday) <...

great site - shark diving and other scuba

Video Cam Hire in Sharm?
Does anybody know where I might be able to hire a video camera and housing in Sharm for a couple of days? Preferably DVCam / Mini DV - Sony PD150 / 110 / VX2000 with Amphibico / G...

Which wing ? and a bit on twins ( long)
I'm sure this is a bit of a "here we go again" question, but if you don't ask ..... **** Start of preamble **** I'm only just beyond novice level, but for the 30 to 40 m div...

dive leader
I wonder if anyone can point me to the power point presentation for dive leader. or any of the BSAC training aids. Im new to BESAC so new I haven't even got a membership number, but ha...

New BBC marine weather site
Just found this, could be useful. The bouy observations are interesting, 3m waves in the channel at the moment!

Diving in Cuba
I,m considering a trip to Cuba later in the year, has anybody done any diving there or could recommend any good diving outfits, are PADI out there?

Pool fins - difference between scuba fins and snorkeling fins?
Having dived for a number of years can anyone tell me what the difference is between scuba fins and snorkeling fins? are they not interchangable? I have my own fins (Avanti Quattro) bu...

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