Sea and Sea MX-10 DID NOT honor warranty on manufacturing defect
I am pleased to bring my case against Sea and Sea to a happy closure, and publicly thank Matt Endo for his role as the go-between between myself and Yamaguchi-san, President of Sea & Sea, a...

Galicia - Teignmouth Photos?
Has anyone got any photo's etc. of the Galicia before she sank off Teignmouth please? Building a new, totally non-profit site for divers, made by divers for South Devon and am currently...

Staying in Sharm
Going to Sharm for the first time in just over a week and would like any suggestions on good places to eat and drink in the evenings, ie good value etc. Many Thanks Col...

anyone use a cuff dump?
Looking to get the other half a drysuit (a newbie) She trained on autodump, but I have been offered a suit with cuff dump at a good price. personally I would have prefered a...

Scubapro European HQ
Just a quick question, if some kind soul could help me out. I am looking for the location of the Scubapro/UWATEC European Headquaters as I have had some problems with a UWATEC computer and w...

Dive Clubs in Fife
Well, it looks like we have got our new pad just outside Kinghorn on the Fife coast (right on the sea, stunning views across the Forth to Edinburgh) and a quick browse of the s...

What is the differences between auto dump and manual dump valves and which is better
Hi All, I've just started taking up scuba diving and would like to know what the is differences between auto dump and manual dump valves on drysuits and which is better as I seen ...

not diving just normal spam
I seem to be getting loads of spam at the moment. the main body is just a picture of some woman....... you can guess but it only contains a hyper link "http://dmmr%2Esite%2Evoila ...

FS. twinning gear.
FS, 2 MDE isolating manifolds with OMS slob knobs & OMS bands 150/set. 1 Poseidon jetsream VGC 120 SDS latching kit, 1 backplate & 2 twinset mounts.100 450 buys the lot Contac...

boat storage
If you need secure storage, CCTV, In North wales try

Good Hotel WTD.
Please send details here: (UK Hotels Database)

UKRS Plymouth Info
Hi I am on this weekends UKRS trip to Plymouth. I have ever dived out of Plymouth before and if possible would like a bit of info. I did just go to the deep blue diving website so i co...

Airlines - how much can you carry?
I'm in the process of sending the following email to a large number of airlines (ie. all the ones I can find contact details of with IATA) The email was sent to the people I guessed wo...

Advice needed on drysuit purchase
Hi All, I'm just about to complete my PADI open water diving course and have been buying some gear, snorkel, fins and mask. I came across someone who has both an Oceanic Flex 2000...

FS: Apeks DST, backplates
Some more bits and pieces for sale: --------------------------------- Due to a cancellation, the last spare H-Plate: I ...

OT: I've got a job :-)
The topic says it all really! Many thanks to all on here who offered advice, contacts and pointers. Danny The box said windows 98 or better, so I installed Linux ...

Beginner needing some advice
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a club to join and train with in the Darlington area, but the can't find a valid link to a web site, does anyone have any contact details or just what...

Beginner needing some advice
Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a club to join and train with in the Darlington area, but the can't find a valid link to a web site, does anyone have any contact details or just what...

Diver friendly airlines
Off the back of the other two threads running. Is it worth combining a list of all the 'helpful' and not so airlines here? So... GOOD: Air Malta 15Kg f...

Underwater mojo/"dancing"
Heard of a salty tall tale of randy divers today doing the 'luuurrrve' thing beneath the waves? Anybody heard of folk taking donning Aqualung and getting their mojo on U/W? ...

Globespan baggage allowance (not)!
As promised in the American Airlines thread, I have managed to contact Globespan whose website quotes additional baggage rates for... "Bicycles - 15 (?25) per item per flight Bic...

Question about Oxygen Cleaning
Having just put a twinset in for oxygen cleaning, my local dive shop pointed out that the manifold was slightly bent. They therefore had to send it off to a third party to assess whether the...

best time of year to dive on each of the following red sea locations?
Hello, Regarding the hot months of June to September which of the following Red Sea - Egypt areas is better to dive? Sharm, Dahab, Marsallam, Hurghada ? Which one...

Am I sad? ;-)
Got my new twinset last week and christened it this weekend on the M2. Got home on Sunday and noticed a couple of nasty scratches so I went to Halfords today, bought a can of car spray paint...

Underwater photography
Hi, Are there any users of the Olympus PT-015 housing in this group? I want to buy a wide angle lens and am after any constructive suggestions on what to buy Tha...

Air Malta Baggage Allowance
Here's a copy of the email I have received from Air Malta when I enquired about baggage allowances. At least some airlines understand Date: 26/04/2004 12:46 From: Tel...

dan usa and dan europe membership fees differ so much, why ?
Hello, Did I read wrong on the respective web sites of dan usa and dan europe ? or there is a huge difference in price between DAN USA (29 $ ) and DAN Europe (68 euro) membership ...

Items for sale
I have the following items for sale. 1. Gates Pro CBX450 blue & black drysuit suit. Cordura material, Fit male height 5' 7" to 5' 10", front entry zip, warm-neck collar & cuffs, two ...

Swiss Inn, Dahab??
Anyone been to the Swiss Inn at Dahab? Half board being offered! Recommended??? Thinking of booking through Explorers. Bedouin Moon does not seem suitable for non diving wif...

school comparison
sorry to bother you chaps but I'm considering taking the PADI openwater course locally and there are two centres I have narrowed it down to Aquanorth and Deep Blue ...

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