Reverse Profile? Can it be done?
Getting ichy to get back into the water again, so Stoney is the obvious choice for a first dive of the year. Even tho its only been 4 months since I was last in the water a nice easy <...

working when training over sea
hey guy i would like a bit of help .. i would like to have a gap year and go work in the sun over summer next year im a padi advanced and would like to train to dive master or instructor

Aquabond mixing-proportions
hello i have managed to borrow some Beaver Aquabond (thanks, Iain!) to fix a couple of pockets and a p-valve (all othree) to my drysuit (a typhoon membrane). 1. does ...

Coltri compressors
Hi We (Warwick Uni club) are getting closer in our mission to getting a new compressor to replace our 25 year old Bauer. Still works, but we want something a bit faster, and more impor...

Bladder repair for Scubapro wing
Hi group, can anyone help with a (I hope simple) problem? I have a Scubapro wing, which has become damaged with 2 small holes in the bladder. I have tried to repair wi...

New Orleans (and nearby)
I'm a fairly "junior" diver not having much of my own kit (fins/gloves/boots/snorkel/mask). I did my PADI OW and AOW a couple of months ago and am quite keen to get back in the water. ...

Replacement Batteryy for UK C8 R
One of the bulbs in my UK C8R has gone and I'm searching the internet for a replacement. The first question I have is how can I tell whether it is the 13.2 Watt or the 20 Watt one which has...

UKRS Teignmouth July 31st/August 1st
It's looking like this trip isn't going to happen unless I get some more bodies on the boat. At the moment, there are only 7 of us. The plan is to dive wrecks in the 40m region. There are pl...

UKRS Plymouth 1/2/3 May
In a blinding blonde moment I carefully unbacked up my mail archives and lost all the email addresses for this trip. Fortunately I have the names on the web page but that's all. I...

Greenforce LED torches
Hi, I am looking at getting some form of umbilical dive torch and have been looking at Greenforce's range. They now provide LED type heads for their torches which give great ( 30...

Citizen Aqualand Dive Watch Question...
I have a Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand dive watch. On the face of the dial, between the 1 and 2 o'clock numbers, there is a small red panel with the word "call" on it. Does anyone know what t...

Weezle Extreme Boots
Since changing over from wellies on my old membrane suit to the DUI rock boot system my feet have been freezing!! Has anyone used Weezle Extreme Boots with the DUI rock boot system or ...

Have Gulf Stream Scuba spammed anyone else, or am I just lucky? Jason -- for Aussie diving reports including Stradbroke Island, Terrigal...

Aladin DataTrak Software
Has anyone managed to import dives into an existing log file using datatrak ?? I borrowed a computer and would like to add the dives to my original log-file. Any help grate...

Re: beta testing a discussion group
Hi I am beta testing a new community / discussion group for a mate who hopes to market it...but he has the slight problem of not being able to stress test it. Feel free to po...

M2 dive 35M second dive Baygitano 20M - 14th March leave Lyme Regis 9am contact Will 07779 127918 if interested cost Ģ30.

Aircraft wreck
Anybody want to guess what this is and has anyone seen it before? Steve

Attaching Buddy BCD to metal banded twin set
Hello, I was going to get a twin set, one of these made-up ones, with metal bands securing the cylinders. I have a Buddy BCD and initally I thought that I would use Buddy's twin s...

Training for Kids in Lanzarote
Hi Group, I am going on Holidays with my kids (9 & 11) on 14th March. Staying in Playa Blanca (Have Car) Does anyone know of training centres on Lanzarote that can int...

Space on UKRS #100
A space has just become available on this trip. Full details on Please contact me if interested. Chris <...

cylinder testing (again!)
I've got a steel cylinder that was made in April 2002. Is this cylinder still on the 2 year test cycle until it's first visual this April? Cheers Nick

We are looking for a diveguide ( Greece )
Hello We are looking for a diveguide (divemaster or more) who is able to sail a zodiac. Period : July - August 2004 Where : Xalkidiki (Greece) Language : English (necessary) <...

pony setup question
Hi, Just wanted to run this by you all to see if it's both safe and sensible. I've got an Apeks DST4 1st stage, and TX40 2nd stages for my basic setup. I'm going to buy a pony rig...

Hosea Island
Is it still open? Tried the link from the UKRS home page & get a cannot find server error Nige --

NDC Site map available?
Has anyone got a site map of the NDC? After reading the UKRS trip report, I am organising a chamber dive for my club but as we are all sea divers, fancied giving this puddle diving lar...

We are looking for a diveguide ( Greece )
Hello We are looking for a diveguide (divemaster or more) who is able to sail a zodiac. Period : July - August 2004 Where : Xalkidiki (Greece) Language : English (necessary) <...

Compressor purity test requirements - every 6 months?
In our search for a new compressor to replace our old (very very old actually) club one, we've been told, when asking about running costs, that we need to have it checked for air purity / qu...

Anybody dived the following around Minorca? S'Albufera d'Es Grau, Isla d'en Colom, Cap de Favāritx, Prat de Morella, Prat de Son Bou, Sa Vall If so, with which local dive bu...

FS: Vytec
Upgrading to a VR3, so Vytec must go ...

Vote of confidence (101 uses for an Undersuit)
hi all, Just a note for unusual applications of dive kit. I've just got back from a weeks skiing in Slovenia. I was using my Polar Bear as my main thermal protection w...

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