Questions for Dive Quiz
I'm organising a quiz for my dive club's monthly social. The club consists of mainly PADI recreational divers with a few instructors and teckkies. Any suggestions for quiz questions gr...

And in other news: -- ferret Best before: see end

Aquatech in Manchester
Any opinions either way on them? For try dives and PADI training? Thanks again....

Mask cleaning
Anyone any tips on restoring the clear silicone skirt of a mark which has turned yellowish? it is only been used about twice but has been left lying for a couple of years & discoloured.

Dive show - 1/2 price tickets - but be quick!
Dear Divers SPECIAL OFFER: 2 for 1 tickets to Go Diving 2004! Simply click on the link below and enter DCH when prompted to take advantage of this special offer. Alternative...

Buying a van for diving
Your comments and help are requested... Sick of trashing vehicles, I'm looking to get a van for lugging dive kit around. It strikes me there could be some weight issues. I'll be c...

Diving in Estoril
Anyone know anything about diving in Estoril? Is it likely to be too rough at Easter? I've never been to Portugal. Jason -- for trip rep...

Dgital Strobes
Hi, Can anyone help me find a UK supplier/dealer for digital camera strobes. Preferably with a web site addy. I have tried doing some searches but, I am not having much success. I ...

jaw/head pain while diving?
Have any of you experienced jaw pain while diving, or immediately afterwards, or been diagnosed with temporal mandibular dysfunction? It's also referred to as divers mouth syndrome. I'm doin...

Boat Handling with / without VHF?
I'm going to be doing a Boat Handling (BSAC / RYA) course towards the end of February, so that i'll have got some experience before using our club RIB in Oban over Easter. I was planning on...

Recommendations please for a holiday in the Greek Islands
Hi All. Newbie here. Recommendations please for a holiday in the Greek Islands. I intend to do a couple of Try Dives and Snorkelling. I have been to Corfu twice and loved it, but I...

Can anyone suggest the best way to achieve 'trim'. I tend to be feet heavy and when I attempt to float mid water horozontally, my feet will gradually sink. In the pool I don't u...

Buoyancy - 'proper' weight check
Is there a 'proper' way to make a buoyancy check? In a pool- no suit, full cylinder, no air in BC, I descend when I exhale. I'm told I should carry 2kg to balance the air used bu...

choosing new equipment for club
require advice on choosing new equipment for our club. looking to purchase BCD's, Full reg/Octo sets,Will be used with new divers in both Pool sessions and Sea water sessions. should be...

Excel Airways - pony bottles?
Off to the Red Sea on the 13th and I'm thinking of taking a 3 ltr side slung pony bottle out with me. Flying out with Excel. Anyone happen to know Excel's policy on cylinders? Obviously they...

Trip Report - M.V Orchid, Northern Red Sea
The trip: One weeks liveaboard 'safari' on M.V Orchid, out of Sharm. On board, 12 pax, including my crew and Mr and Mrs Splosh Junkie, of this parish. The boat: Comfortable and...

Wash goes the Weasel.
As Weasels seem to be a topic of the week, can anyone that has owned one for a long period of time give advice on cleaning washing. Does putting them on a low temp washing cycle in th...

Birthday Present for New Diver???
Hi, My other half has just started the NAUI open water course. She is doing the pool and theory in England, (Burnage), and is off to Dreams Beach resort at Sharm el Sheikh in Ma...

Another exploding whale!
Sperm whale gets revenge on the Japanese:

Digital Camera and Housing recommendations
I'm going on a diving holiday in March and would like to buy a digital camera and housing for the trip. My budget is probably about $500. Can anybody recommend a good combination?

Weezle - Extreme or Compact for Membrane use
Right. What should i go for? Extreme or Compact for use with a membrane drysuit? Suspect the Extreme - but at an equiv of 400gr thinsulate would it be too warm for summer uk...

OT: If your car gets stuck in a snowdrift, heres a way to get it out Pete diving 'at' melbourne 'dot' me 'dot' uk

New PADI 'Discover Enriched Air Nitrox' course launched...
Just received this from PADI and thought you guys might find it of interest... "As a result of revisions to the PADI Enriched Air Diver Course announced in October 2003, many of y...

Wing BCD Crunch Time
I'm upgrading from my first Scubapro BCD and need to make the right choice for the next few years. The Northern Diver Sea Eagle (£295) is in the right price range/features, but I have yet to...

Cargo Pockets, or Zipped?
I am looking at getting a new dry suit (about time I know!) and am currently hedging towards the otter britannic. Had a look at their web site and can't seem to find any information on wha...

The dark side
Just got back from a week on the MV Orchid on the stormy waters of the Red Sea (aka the North Sea - Sharm region). Bumped (bit hard not to in those waves) into Huw Porter and a few pals.

Kit advice pls
Hi! I currently use a Dacor RIG3 that I bought s/h when I started UK diving last year. I am happy with this apart from the fact that it is a little short on pocket space, but this is to...

More newbie questions, regs!
Howdy folks! OK, after opinions, i'm looking to pick up some solid, basic regs to start out with, nothing fancy, just air to my lungs to keep me finning. So, firstly, two se...

Tank markings... this old chestnut
My tanks are due for cleaning in the couple of months, and I was wondering whether itís worth having them marked for trimix now, as Iíll be completing my courses this year. If I h...

Divemaster Insurance
Iím considering taking out Divemaster Insurance to cover the huge amount of expensive kit that I seem to have collected over the last few years. My question is, has anyone actually cla...

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