Velavaru in the Maldives
Hi Just go back from two weeks in Valavaru in the Maldives, Had a fantastic time, nice Island, good food and good diving. Pictures are here Gary <...

Australia -> UK transition advice
I've recently returned to the UK and my dive gear has cleared customs and is due to de delivered any day now. I was working in Australia where I learnt to dive and as I've never dived...

Here's a suprise
I got a "Happy Birthday" message from a company that used to insure me for diving. Isn't that nice...... Left hand, meet right hand. Do you know what you are doing? Pete S. ...

Diving centers for sale ISOLA D'ELBA
For any informations:

Mixing regs / pony regs
Hi peeps I'm looking at getting a pony (no comments on whether thats a good idea or not please!), but want the regs and things to be usable on a main tank or as a twinset in the future....

decompression stops - pyle stops
ive been looking for online information about stops and dcs but Ive found very few good links I read quite allot from Richard pyle, has anyone got a link or too I could look at just try...

DiveMaster Insurance
..the company, not the certification level! Does anybody have a URL and/or telephone number for the above? TIA Laz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <...

NEC dive show dates?
Hi all. Anyone have the dates for the Birmingham dive show at the NEC this year please? TIA, Mark.

Greenforce torch - advice on bulb
All, quick query.. - just got my new torch - an FII with umbilical and pro head.. the light head came with an Osram 35W Decostar 51 IRC bulb, which a) are not readily available l...

OT - anti spam software
I know there are a number of IT geeks on here (that's meant to be a compliment!) I am fed up with e-mail offering Viagra, on-line dating, penis enlargement and a host of other rub...

Chillcheater Transpire base layer
Has anyone used the Transpire base layer? If so, how do you rate it?

Want to dive the world?
Want to dive the world? Want to dive the best dive sites on the planet? The South Pacific, The Caribbean, The Red Sea? Would you like to truly make it your lifestyle for several ...

Mike Ball Spoil Sport guest dies diving Yongala wreck
Mike Ball Spoil Sport guest dies diving Yongala wreck

UK Visibility Reports
19/10/2003 "Rosehill" 8m Water 15C 19/10/2003 "Loch Fyne. Furnace Quarry" 4-5m Water Temp. 10deg's 18/10/2003 "Persier" 5m 18/10/2003 "Loch Fyne. Furnace poi...

Gaiters / gaters
It seems like my options are what's listed below : Comments / suggestions on where to get the OMS or Dive Rite ones in the UK ? OMS

diving around Torquay-any operators?
I am hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone and visit freinds in Torquay and also get some dives in in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know of any outfits who operate at thos time of year and ...

B&B in Coldingham
Folks, I'm in the unusual position (for me anyway) of needing a B&B sat night in Coldingham - a load of friends are staying in the caravans and I've only just decided to join th...

ATTN Everyone
If you don't already know about Derek Hornby you can read about some of his activities from the links below. Derek Hornby currently uses the email address ...

Re: Question: Split-fin in strong current
In <[email protected]> "Kimber" wrote: > > "Nomen Nescio" <[email protected]> wrote in message > > > > Kimber - wife to AirHog &...

Re: Question: Split-fin in strong current
In <[email protected]> "Kimber" wrote: > > "Tricky" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected]

Dive Insurance
Hi Group, Finally, I have a question! Off to Sharm in December for a realxing week-long break after slogging it in British waters all summer ;-) Need insurance for myse...

Question: Split-fin in strong current
Hi everybody, I am going to buy a pair of "apollo bio pro" split fins but this morning one of my friend told me that split fins could not be used in current be...

Weight of BCD
Anyone know of a list of the weight of BCDs (useful consideration when traveling) I.e a mares vector is light, compared to a Oceanic Chute - but what is the difference? ...

Padi Training
Dear all Can someone tell me why padi keep getting there trainees to dangle there octopus on clips of the jackets, when we all know that, a diver out of air is going to grab the o...

Deco-Stop Diving - Lanzarote
Anyone used them? Reports good or bad appreciated as I'm thinking of doing entry level trimix with them in January TIA -- Nige remove SUNGLASSES to reply

anyone got anything good bad about C-bear undersuit Vs weezel Regards David

UKRS Plymouth mini trip report
I can't be bothered to do a full one, especially as I've already got most of the sites described on a previous report. So, it was a bit on the blowy side this weekend. Fortunately it w...

OT(ish): Hosting for the Stoney Temperature Finder
All, The Stoney Temperature Finder is offline on account of portland switching off PHP for its FreeWeb service. I now need to find a host offering PHP and MySQL, preferably ...

Have I missed much?
Hello all, Just back from the states, seven nice dives fitted in (including the Spiegel Grove and EPCOT's big fish tank) will type up some stuff about it shortly... Have I m...

What BC?
I have narrowed my choice to a SeaQuest QD+ SL, Scubapro Glide 2000 or Transpac II with rec wings. I trained to PADI advanced on dive school jackets but don't have the chance to try before ...

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