Mike Ball denies negligence in death of novice diver
Mike Ball manager denies negligence in death of novice diver in strong currents Go to http://www.cdnn.info/safety/s031031/s031031.html

OT: Hard Disk Bargain.
Totally off topic but may interest the techies amongst us.... PCWorld: Samsung 120gb 7200rpm Hard Drive 50.53 Ultra ATA 133 Low noise technology 2mb buffer cache ...

Tiger lily Southern route
As a club we can found at www.divingdragons.co.uk we are arranging a southern red sea trip next Easter and we have spaces free the cost is sound the 980 mark full board for a week any one f...

Gozo was fun...
Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas as I struggled to find a holiday suitable for a 10th wedding anniversary (without missing out on diving). We went to Gozo. Collected a hireca...

Submarine Escape Tank - 17th Jan
We have a trip to the Submarine Escape Training Tank in Gosport during the afternoon slot for 17th January and have some places left. Optional - We also intend visiting the submarine m...

Looking for Suunto Dive Manager
Hi, does anyone have the a Suuto Dive Manager adapter for sale (Vyper)? Cheers, Marcus

Sharm Alternatives?
Hi all, The wife and I fancy some winter sun and diving in the Red Sea early in the New year but Sharm just seems to get busier and busier, especially the dive sites and that marina rem...

Some pictures
In case someone might be interested, I have put a couple of new pictures of some Baltic Sea wrecks to www.ahomaki.net. Share and enjoy, timo

RIP Baby...
http://www.legacy.com/atlanta/LegacySubPage2.asp?Page=LifeStory&PersonId=1554792 Kimber

Best dive spots in St Lucia?
Hi, I will be going to St Lucia in December. Can anybody recommed the best dive spots? Thx, Matt

Hi all, I'm off to the Maldives in a weeks time (Villi Varu) and have just received my tickets and other bits and pieces. In one of the bits of bumpf they recommend AGAINST divi...

FS: Olympus housing
If anyone is looking for one of these... Olympus PT-016 housing suitable for mju-300 and mju-400 digital cameras. porky(at)thepound.freeserve dot co dot uk

Fa&Mi Torches, and Umbilicals
I've got to the point where I think I need a torch now - I keep finding myself on dives thinking "i wonder what's in / under / behind there". I've been thinking and looking for the last few...

Repairing tear in Classic Wing...
Managed to snag my DiveRite Classic wing causing a small 1" semi-circular tear in the outer cordura material. Anyone have any recommendations on the best way of repairing this? Should I just...

Off to Tunisia for a cheapy holiday, staying near Hammamet. Has anyone dived around this area? Worth taking the kit, or just stick to the pub? Done the usual Google etc sear...

Weezle Extreme +, cheapest price?
Hi Folks, I'm looking for a weezle extreme plus (2 piece). Was wondering if anybody knew of the cheapest place to get one? Has anybody got some idea of who may be doing them...

Hi. I want to buy a camera for underwater photography when I dive. Any suggestions? Is 35mm OK for this? Would I need special housing for the camera? -Zeke

Hi, After a new torch. Needs to be easily transportable for holidays, so an umbilical isn't really an option Will be used for UK diving as well, so sensible burn time needed...

Memorial Service info for AirHog
For those of you who are not on rec.scuba: There will be a service of remembrance for Mickey Smith, better known as AirHog around these parts... The service will be at 11:00...

Farne islands in November - a good idea?
Hi, I've been wanting to go to the Farne Islands for some time now (for the viz and the seals). Some folks from my Club are up for a short trip (we're central london-based). Just wond...

Cost of converting reg from a-clamp to DIN
Hi Does anyone know the rough cost of getting a reg changed from a-clamp to DIN? It'd be an Oceanic reg, can't find any prices for these sorts of conversions anywhere - I assume it can...

Barbara Holgate
Barb Due to major system crash I've lost yours and Paul's email addys, could you send me a mail so I can pick it up. Thanks Digs

Question For Bardo
Where (if anywhere) were you diving on Sunday? I'm sure I saw your doppleganger at a certain quarry in the South West? ;-)

"Charme" .. at Sharm El Sheikh
Two new galeries on Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt: http://www.underwaterphotographie.com/galery/sharm_2/galerie2_index.htm http://www.underwaterphotographie.com/galery/sharm_3/galerie3_index....

Scotland tips
Hi there, we're thinking of going diving in Scotland around Xmas. any tips on where is the best diving up there and whether it would be open in the winter or not? regarding S...

Best reg?
Apeks ATX 100? Poseidon Xstream? Scubapro MK25/S600? Aqualung Legend LX Supreme? Other reg's? Thank you.

Apology if Mad Bill Pal m er has been annoying members of uk.general?
Sent to uk.general on 26 Oct 2003 19:18:44 GMT Please excuse this intrusion on your newsgroup, but I would like to take the time to apologize for any annoying messages you may h...

What's the general rule on posting kit for sale ? Wez.

FS: Custom Divers 'slob knob'
Having difficulty reaching the isolation valve on your twinset? Having gone all DIR (don't take the p*ss!), I have a Custom Divers 'slob knob' for sale which makes shutting down your twinset...

Join us for the Brecon Festival of Adventure and Exploration 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2003
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