DIR Fundamentals in the UK
Well, I was back in Portland over the weekend for DIR-Fundamentals, taught by Andy Kerslake and assisted behind the video camera by John Grogan. And it was intense. Over 24 hours of instru...

Water resistant cable with cord
Hi everybody. I'd like to ask if You know where can I buy such (http://www.pbase.com/image/14302988, http://www.pbase.com/image/14303184) water resistant, rubber cable with cord (2 pin)...

help with seac sub pro 300 bcd
anyone know who's doing a good deal on these jackets? the best offer I've had upto now is 360. any help/info would be really appreciated. cheers

suunto vyper and nitrox problem
I used my vyperfor my very first nitrox dive on saturday but had some problems. Initially it was fine but the centre read out which gives the no deco time remaining just stopped working abou...

Nina needs an Holiday
Dear Friends, Since 2001 Nina Markx has had no vacation taking care of me after I broke my spine. Now is the moment to send her for a scuba diving holiday. She is a ** warm ...

Older Diver - air consumption
I've just completed my open water training and have done 18 dives. My consumption must have improved a bit since I started but I'm not noticing it particularly. At 61 is it likel...

UKRS Weymouth 22nd November
The boat's not confirmed yet, but I'm organising a trip to Weymouth on Saturday 22nd November. Diving just the one day. The plan is to try and do something in 35m, though at that time of the...

buddy in ireland - wanted
Polish (IANTD, AOWD) diver looking for buddy in Ireland - ROI Martin

Is your SUUNTO VYPER/COBRA faulty?
Read about it on http://users.pandora.be/safe-diving/news.htm Safe Diving Xavier Merlin

Looking for a midweek dive buddy
Anyone interested in midweek dives on the South coast, hants, dorset areas? Shore dives / Horsea? Lawrence

ive found the right 50mm thick stiff webbing at about 0.65 per meter but i have to buy 150 meters. if you need about 10 meters for a back plate would there be 14 people in need of...

Dive Show NEC
Hi everyone,Iam looking to buy some dive equipment for the first time and know what equipment iam looking for .My question to the group is -Are the prices of dive equipment heavily discounte...

Undersuit picked up by accident
Outside Mount Batten Centre Bank Holiday Monday. The guy who we thought it belonged to is back from holiday and has his hanging in his wardrobe Contact me off list if its yours

cameras...... recommendations needed please
Hi all, new to this I'm afraid (diving and newsgroups) so no idea if this is the right place to start/post etc... but anyway..... Having just got back from diving in the Key...

UKRS Course #1 - Rescue Diver
In my absence for the next wee while, Frank Bruce will be looking after this for me (thanks Frank). I'm sure he'll be along shortly to let you know the best email address to get h...

Holiday suggestions?
The missus and I want a 2-3 week holiday around the end of October. I'm strangely stuck for ideas! Due to a shoulder injury, we can't contemplate a rib-based operation, so we're...

Mares M.R.S.
Hi, I'm looking for some gear tips please. We just took our gear for the first dive after going "shopping". My buddy and me have both Mares Morphos Twins with the integrated...

low volume mask? easy to clear?
Does anyone have any idea which is the lowest volume mask avaliable? (on the basis that the lower the volume the easier it is to clear) I know that it also depend on fit, but if I can ...

300 bar fills in Weymouth
Hi, Is it possible to get 300 bar Nitrox fills in Weymouth? Regards, Thierry

Looking for a good tech bcd. I was looking at mares syncro tech or dacor rig 3 pro. Any suggestions

DSAT TecRec etc.
Greetings, Does anyone know firsthand of the DSAT TecDeep and Tec Trimix programs, both at diver and instructor level? Any comments, thoughts etc. on these courses?

Uwatec Memomouse and Infra Red transfer
I am thinking of buying a Memomouse, but all I can find out about them on the scarce info on the internet (even Uwatec site has virtually no info) is that are linked to computer with a seria...

stainless steel
just got in from scrap yard I got a 26 inch square by 1.6mm bit ot stainless what sort ?? but the question is how do i cut it angle grinder or jig saw any sugestions would help.

Bloody chuffed!
Just wanted to mention...had a bloody greAt dive on the Waldrens on Saturday, vis was excellent and fed tons and tons of fish with bread, dried cat food and shreddies. Managed to find a larg...

UK Visibility Reports
21/9/2003 "US Tank Landing Craft, Chesil" 10 meters Loads of fish on wreck including grey triggers. 19 degrees 21/9/2003 "Nunima - Dymchurch" 7-8m Good vis, Longggg slacks, cracki...

My little pony
Guys, I'm hoping one of you with a physics/maths bent, if you'll pardon the double entendre, can sort out my confusion. As I'm now diving regularly to 30+M I decided to inv...

Car Keys
OK, I've got my asbestos undies pulled tight just in case this question was already asked some time once before in the early nineteenth century. What do people do with car keys when sh...

Scapa - Must Do's
As per the title. Any one like to suggest dives we really should not miss when we are in Scapa next week?

Littlehampton trip - thoughts
Thinking about organising a Littlehampton trip over the weekend of 28/29 Feb. Early in season so probably going to be 25-30M, anyone interested or is it going to be too cold/deep/shallow/c...

Soft drysuit gell seals
A while back one of the diving magazines (I can't remember if it was Dive or Sport Diver) featured some gell drysuit seals in their equipment review section. The seals were meant to be put o...

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