For Sale
Two 12l Steel Cylinders, ran out of test 08/02, still fully charged from last use. Kent Diving 232bar DIN convertable valve cylinders. Price for the pair 50 7l Steel O2 c...

Also A bit Chuffed ;-)
Hei, Well it's Thursday today, which means a nice dive after work. I'm quite happy with a close-up of a Star feeding, which came out quite well: http://www.diving...

BIt chuffed
I ve just got round to scanning some of the photo's I've had lying around in. I'm quite pleased with these 2.

harness rigging
I've just ordered the Combro backplate and was checking out a few ideas about how to rig it. I've noticed on a few sites it suggests rigging it without a shoulder buckle. Doesn't this make i...


06Aug03 - M2/Hood Portland.
I've booked TopGun, from Portland for Wednesday the 6th with some of the best tides of the year :-) Dive one 8:00am The M2 UKP 25.00 <...

Wind farms at sea
With reference to Portland dives in Jeopardy , . The Governments stance is that the need to find a new and reusable source of power is paramount to producing manageable resources of electric...

Dive spaces this weekend
Spaces on Autumn Dream out of Weymouth this weekend,anybody interested?

I'm off to Cyprus in the 2nd half of August and I am, of course, planning to do some diving (certainly the Zenobia). Any recommendations for dive centers in/around Paphos? ...

Get lost.......... (Was DSMB Colours)
There's been much written recently about getting lost but no real effort has been given to the actual mechanics of how you get lost! Obviously this is something you really should ...

El Gouna or Hurghada?
I need some advice: we are looking at diving the Carnatic, Chrisoula K, Giannis D etc and not sure whether to shore base ourselves at El Gouna or Hurghada. El Gouna seems to be more of a ho...

NigelH - your car gets about!!!
Hehe. Found this little website earlier today and was amusing to see that NigelH's car seems to feature rather prominently in several of the photos!!!! ;-) http://www.putneybsac.c...

Dorothea last weekend
So erm, who was that mysterious inspiration diver.....sat on the deco bar with a continuous high pitched bleeping noise going off. I hadnt realised that it was taught that you should g...

The Saga of Bergen was Wave Cheiftan
"Bardo" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > Go on, spill the beans... Firstly some definitions; A "gooner" - someone t...

Wave Chieftain Exmouth
I started to read the earlier posts entitled 'spam' and then got bored. I find it weird why people should get so annoyed when a boat skipper informs you of his services. If he didn't ...

UKRS Normandy
Well, since no one seems to be doing a report (Chris?)... We left on the Friday, down to 10 of us due to illness. The Maureen does indeed role a bit but nothing like I expected from r...

Scuba Websites - your favourites
Hi all, I'm looking into doing some work on our local BSAC website, and am wondering what peoples favourite sites are, and what sort of features they are looking for. So if you've...

FS: Greenforce 50W HID
Greenforce 50W HID Umbilical torch Almost new. Immaculate condition. Comes with fast charger. 4 hours burn time at 50 watt. F2 battery. Handle To see the greenforce range goto http://ww...

Canadian Extreme - disappeared?!
Anyone know what happened to - the company that used to make a cheap version of the Extreme Exposure Scout backup dive light? I did email them about a month ago to enq...

Getting Money in Marsa Alam
Anyone been to Marsa Alam?? Is there an ATM machine there or are the good ol' travellers cheques (or cash) better? Thanks in Advance, Michael.

Another Penzance report
Like buses aren't they, don't see one for ages then....... well my version of events can be found by going to and looking at the 2003 trip. Alternatively try ww...

Penzance Trip Report
OK, I originally advertised my trip as going from Porthleven, but in the end we went out of Penzance in sunny West Cornwall, UK. It was a good weekend and I've put my trip report onto ...

CDNN News: DAN's Dirty Peter Still Dripping with Money Lust
CDNN News: DAN's Dirty Peter Still Dripping with Money Lust

OT: Unbelievably so but it made me howl ;-)
Apologies if you have seen it before. Laz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A foolproof method for...

Being treated like a tourist...
So my local dive buddy has fled to Oz abandoning me at short notice to the mercies of the commerical diver shops out here in the Sandwich Islands (look it up!), so instead of chucking my gea...

Jason's Porthleven trip
My take on things with a few tatty pictures nigelH

British Wildlife ID's
Can anybody point me in the direction of a good website for British Marine Wildlife photo's. I looking generally for an idea of 'good' photo's, as opposed to'ok' photo's.

How to find somewhere to dive - help! :o(
Hi I'm having a few problems finding places to dive / people to dive with. I thought I had it about sorted now, but its all gone horribly wrong (my local club seems to be impossi...

Recommendation - Oxygen-compatible reg...
Just about to kit myself out with a 7l aluminium stage cylinder. Looking for a good quality oxygen-compatible (ie. upto 100% O2) regulator - any recommendations?

UKRS Farnes trip update
Owing to the imminent increase of the Neil Weller family head count, he has asked me to take over the running of the UKRS Farnes trip scheduled for 8th to 10th August. The w...

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