Reverse osmosis water makers.
Should I purchase and install a reverse osmosis watermaker in my Swan 68, "Chippewa?" I'm thinking about it because recently I met this blonde model and we've been dating but sh...
Anyone use when looking at boats? I have great problems with it loading pages. Anyone have similar probs Cheers Rich

RYA Basic Navigation and Safety course
Attended my first session last night in Saint Helier. Youngest members (of eight) a pair of thirteen-year-old twins me the eldest at 53. Looks like it's going to be excellent. Recommended....

Recommendations for charter companies in Turkey?
We had a fantastic charter last year with Nisos in Greece, chosen partly as a result of positive recommendations in this newsgroup. Can anyone recommend a similar charter company in T...

Mirror launching trolley
I am in need of a *lightweight* launching trolley for a mirror. I'm in the NW of England. Anybody have one for sale? Keith

OT - Positive news for British Wankers;f= 3;t=000018 Masturbation prevents prostate cancer . . . -- W. Mouch, State Science Instit...

uk.rec.sailing now carried by . . .
Since about a week ago when uk.rec.sailing was delisted because it has so few posts that it officially meets the definition of a dead group, it is now only being carried by a handful of ba...

uk.rec.sailing has been de-listed
There's nothing wrong with your newsreader or your news server. There have been no new messages on this group because it has been de-listed due to prolonged periods of inactivity. <...

Cruise the Caribbean on a budget
One third share in a Southern Cross 31 for sale. 8,500 ono. Currently based in Tortola, BVI. See for details. [It _is_ OK to put...

toilet and sewage system
I have a 34 yacht and I need to update the toilet and sewage system on the yacht (manual pump out at the moment) to meet the Maine regs and before the crew mutinies. Does anyone h...

Zeilersmes tegen visnet
Ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar een bepaald mes dat extra handig is om een visnet van je schroefas te snijden. Ik zag een jaar terug of zo een mes besproken in de Zeilen of de WK. Een geka...

Tuning VHF Antenna
I have purchased a new VHF Antenna and then decided to also get a Glomex Wind Indicator that fits on the antenna in an effort to slightly tidy up all the garbage at the top of the mast. ...

OT - Miserable sods
Is it just me, or is Usenet now full of uptight, miserable bastards who you can't share a joke with?

Antigua Sailing Week - BEWARE the Casinos!
Anyone planning a visit to Antigua for Sailing Week should be aware that some casinos there operate a highly dubious game known as Rainbow Jackpot. At the Grand Princess in Jolly Harbour the...

Coast Guard staff strike.
What kind of rubbish is this? You blokes over across the pond allow essential public service employees to strike? I'd fire the lot...

Lidl lifejacket instructions
... Important Instructions A lifejacket is an aid to prevent drowning, it provides no guarantee of being rescued. ... -- Martin

Good evening Does any of you know where to buy these rollers named "Luffshuttle" to full batten sails? I would be very happy if it even was a onlineshop on the Internet :) ...

Funny old day (OT)
How to start a fight.. You know how it is... you drive the same route every day to work, it becomes so routine you almost 'switch off'.. So today I set off, not a care in t...

Selling dinghies
How is it done these days? Years ago an advert in Y&Y seemed to be the way to do it, how has the Internet altered this?

Sailing games?
Hi, Hopefully this is a problem that someone has already encountered and solved. At our sailing club we have a problem with getting children to engage long term and one way to get bo...

High Pressure over Iceland
Present high pressure system over Iceland/West Greenland is showing 1043mb. Whilst nowhere near the record, this is certainly high for the time of year. Could we be ski-ing in June? If ...

New self-portrait Dennis.

Bluetooth GPS
I recently bought a brand-new Bluetooth-only GPS for a pittance on E-bay and can report that it is simply superb in use. Connects with my laptop in around 3 seconds from switch on, 54 chan...

FA Sailmaking Sail makers manual
Make Your Own Sails, A Handbook for the Amateur & Professional Sailmaker by R M Bowker & S A Budd,original owners inscription,otherwise VGC. Great old sailmakers manual, the style being...

whatever happened to
The Danish/German guy who was going to take a boat through the Crinan and Caledonian Canal in two days at Easter and then across the North Sea. I hope he enjoyed the gales and the 6-8 metre ...

Navigation lights question
Got the first part of my Day Skipper theory tomorrow. Have found a question in an old paper and can't find an answer. I hope someone here can help. Lights: Oc. WRG. 10s 8m ...

Sexist? Me? (OT)
Following an interminable delay northbound this afternoon prior to the Dartford Toll Tunnel/Bridge, I was preceded by a pair of middle aged ladies in an 04 reg Ford Focus. Notwi...

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