Ping Sandy Morton
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Beastie reminder
A reminder that the 2008 'EXMOOR BEASTIE' is to be held at Wimbleball Sailing Club on Sunday 9th March. For more information see web site '' --

New Broads Boating Newsgroup
Hi Folks, The old "NSBroadsboating" YahooGroup has been dying for a while. The group owner no longer responds to mail and hasn't posted to the group in almost two years. ...

Whoops! -- Martin

Yacht totally destroyed
Hello readers please take a moment to view the following: A 17 m yacht "Melanie" was recently destroyed in a sudden and violent storm, please go to for picture...

FA; Sir W. Churchill Crew Member Knife
Hi there, An ebay item; ATB

OT Why do so many seagulls only have one leg?
My wife and I have noticed this strange phenomenon overt he last couple of years and have pondered on the possible causes. We've come up with: 1. Congenital. Born like it. Unlikely. <...

Riverdance ferry
Hi, Has anyone heard anything more about the ferry stranded on Cleveleys beach. There was supposed to be an attempt to refloat on this weeks high tides but I've heard nothing!!!!!!!!!...

CL16 and RS Feva
Morning from Ottawa (Canada), For the past 10 years I enjoyed sailing/racing Albacore and Laser. However, as of next season I will be with a club that own CL16 and RS Feva. Having <...

Nanni diesiel spares
i have a nanni 2.45 He Eco engine approx 2001. i have the Nanni part nos but was wondering if any body knew if ther were any vehicle equivilent parts that i can get from my local car facto...

What Safety Gear to carry?
Hi I have recently purchased a small (26') yacht to sail mainly in the Solent, possibly along to Poole or Brighton, with the thought that I might venture across the channel next y...

Logging my positions on Google Maps?
I once saw a blog from a yacht that plotted it's route on Google maps on a daily basis. I assume he either emailed his position to someone or updated it via the web and a Sat phone. ...

Can't decide what dinghy to get
I sail at a small club on the south coast, launching from a mixed shingle/sand beach. The haul back up to the club isn't too far, but it's steep enough. I'm not all that strong so don't want...

AIS - River Orwell and Beyond
If anyone is interested in AIS on the Ipswich area then it's worth looking at Martin

lining water tanks
I have steel water tanks on my boat ( that are still solid but the insides are a bit mucky and rusty. My plan is to line the inside with glass fiber. . I have woven cloth, ...

Locker under Bavaria 47 chart table?
Has anyone got easy access to a Bavaria 47? I want to know the width of the port-side opening of the locker under the chart table, so I can buy a toolbox!

Worldwide current wind info for sailors
This is a great site! Dennis.

anuver bloody website

Is it a bird......
is it a plane? No it's a dinghy. Sort of. TonyB

Every sailor should have one. -- Martin

electronic charts of Bermuda and its approaches ?
Are electronic charts of Bermuda and its approaches available for download on the web ? I know NOAA does this for much of the coast of the States now for free ( or at least i...

See you in March
I am off to round Cape Horn in a dinner jacket, so I'll 'see' you all in March. I hope you can all bear a month without my pearls of wisdom. -- Duncan Heenan (Speaking perso...

Great Virtual Ocean Race site
Hello, If you dream to sail across all the oceans of the planet in real time and real winds, stop to dream have a free run on Fair Winds ! ...

Michael Perham Again
Good luck to him: His father had loads of time to chat at the Earls Court Boat Show, I really liked him. ...

Getting into professional yachting industry
Does anybody know of any resources that I can find out more about getting started in careers in the professional yachting industry? I know I will have to move to Antibes or Palma to get st...

Flotsam and jetsam
The planks of wood from the Ice Prince have reached the beaches of Katwijk, Zuid Holland. -- Martin

Otherworld navigation
I'm off again to Thailand in 13 days time for a fortnight's bareboating. Asked the charter firm to supply charts for Koh Samet, as Bill and I plan a decent distance sail instead of ou...

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Freebies for everyone!
No catches!, just lots of great free-stuff. This site has 1000's of FREE books, FREE audio books, FREE games, and so much more! You can even get tobacco and cigarette...

Nasa Wind Indicator
I have a NASA wind indicator that lost cups at head of mast showed direction but not strength. Cups replaced but sill no speed anyone had similar problems. Thanks group and thanks for help w...

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