Singapore Delivery Cost?
Probably just a pipe dream but.............. Anyone out there care to speculate on the delivery cost of a 36-foot sailboat from Singapore to East Coast US? Various methods:...

I hope you're jammin' too.....
The MoD has informed Ofcom of the following GPS jamming exercises: Dates: 31 March to 4 April 2008 Times: between 08:00 and 18:00 hrs Location: To sea from Bridlington - N54 06.8...

Negative Tidal Surge
Yesterday while out sailing on the East Coast - and what a lovely day for it - Thames Coastguard made a securite broadcast warning of a negative tidal surge in the southern North Sea. The on...

Easter trip on famous STS "Pogoria"
Dear Sailors, Our company Polconn CSS together with Sail Training Association Poland organize some offshore trip on the famous Polish training ship "Pogoria": http://www.pogoria.p...

OnDeck sailing?
Anyone know anything of this organisation. I want to complet an Atlantic crossing in 2009 - and this organisation seems to offer the type of thing - at a price. Anyone know of any other orga...

Yacht charter management - question
Is there anyone who has negotiated, as owner, a deal with a charter management company? Anywhere in the world, it doesn't matter. I am trying to compare the 'going rate' for the job a...

Safe anchoring
As one who spends a considerable amount of time at anchor when waterborne I have developed a very simple visual aid to helping both deck crew and skipper in anchoring safely - putting out ...

Beneteau Oceanis table modification
Hi everyone Bit of a specialist question, but one that I hope someone will be able to answer. A friend is looking to by an Oceanis soon. I beleive the standard saloo...

Haslar Sea School
Hi All, Just signed up for a Yachtmaster prep & exam with Haslar Sea School as they are offering 10% discount until the end of Jan. Has anyone trained with this school?

RYA Day Skipper, navigation Q
I'm doing the RYA Day Skipper theory course at the moment, and am demonstrating a bit of density. My course tutor has tried explaining this but I can't get my head around it... and the...

VAT on self build boats
Hi, this topic last came up in January 2004 but did not appear to be fully bottomed out. Can anyone give a brief summary on how VAT is applied to a self built boat. If, as one post...

Container ships with sails
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Starboard / Port
What are the origin of English words starboard / port ? JaC

Sunset Sailors Model Yachts
A yacht is a recreational boat. It came from Dutch word Jacht that means hunt. There are some types of sailing yachts, the day sailing yachts, weekender yachts, cruising yachts, racing yacht...

Raw cooling seack strainer
Looking for a spare part for a Volvo MD2B diesel raw water cooling seacock basket strainer. It is a brass perforated metal hollow rolled cylinder 10 cm long and 3 cm wide that fits into...

Monsieur Joyon blows it. So Dame Ellen's record goes for six. Pity Joyon didn't have a quiet nap before sailing through the Raz...

I wondered if there'd be any wood in the Solent this weekend, there wasn't. Then I saw in the news where it all ended up! Dunn...

Monaco Radio Meteo for Mediterranean and Atlantic
The Monaco Authorities has ageed with the New Monaco Radio - Naya to keep running all the Meteo Voice Broadcasting for coastal and Large Sea, on VHF and HF SSB. Schedule and frequencies not ...

MSC Napoli
The stern section of the Napoli was supposed to have been moved by November, but was still there when I was last on south coast late November. Google goves no further news. Is it still there...

Rowers "blown" across the Atlantic?
Another team of rowers has just broken an atlantic rowing record. How much of this is "rowing" and how much of this is "blowing". Anyone who has sailed has seen the effect of the wind on a...

Corsica and Sardinia Information
For anyone planning to cruise in the Med this year, I've added a section on Corsica and Sardinia to my website. If you know the place - I'd welcome any criticism or coment . . . email link...

Charter specification
Need to pick some brains.. I am trying to put together a comprehensive list of items required to bring a (new) 37 6-berth up to charter specification. In this instance the saili...

The London Boat Show -- Martin

Well thank you, good people
You may remember, a while back, I asked this group for advice on the subject of sailing in bigger winds, for my sons I thought I would give you a progress report on your pupils, who we...

Yet another ship aground Another with no proper look out! The Haisborough sands are well marked - Like the Varne incident there seems to be absolutely no...

Yachtsman of the Year
Yachtsman of the Year tomorrow. Some of those in the frame: Geoff Holt, Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb, Pippa Wilson, Mike Golding & Sir Robin Knox Johnston. Personally, given that...


Sail driven container ship
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Scottish eBooks.
I'd decided to get hold of a copy of Samuel Johnson's account of his cruise in the Western Isles. A quick web search has revealed that his account plus Boswell's account and Marti...

Rescued Briton abandons new yacht
Brit bought a boat in the US, was sailing it back and, apparently, broke his pelvis, OUCH! Justin. -- Justin...

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