Christ, that was some party!

GRIB viewer for PDA
Hello, I am looking for a GRIB viewer for an PDA (PPC) with Windows Mobile. I found in te internet Fugawi Software, but there is only the full software pack available which is too...

Up North,,2233241,00.html -- Martin

Mirror offshore and spray hood
I would love to pick the brains of any owners of Mirror Offshore boats - and I could also do with a spray hood - has anyone got the remains of a spray hood I could canibalise to fit my Mirro...

GPS 152 Power on
I have recently purchased a boat that came with a Garmin GPS 152 fitted. This is connected to the VHF Radio via NMEA and provides both myself and the people I would call in an emergency with...

Volvo Penta 2002
I am in the process of lifting out my Sigma 33 and winterising its Volvo Penta 2002 engine. I have had no problems with engine so far although it has always been a little smokey, however rec...

HW Dover, April
Guys, not yet got the new almanac (but I'm sure somebody has). Need to know date in April when HW Dover is about 12:00 GMT Thanks

Sailing Milford haven to Pembroke castle
Any one sailed up Cleddau at Milford Haven then on to Castle Pool at Pembroke? Is it possible to get there easily and are there any good anchorages on the river Thanks Rich

AIS website
Does anybody know of a website with AIS information that can be accessed for free. I am simply trying to set up a computer screen at the club to show ship movements of any ships passing th...

christmas soon...
Take a look at this sites related to christmas celebrations sexy naughty halloween costumes http://odellcanuck.0catc...

All's Well.
"I suppose there is a signal for which says: 'All's well on board, leave us in peace' but unfortunately I did not know it.". So say's Moitessier after he and his missus were bothered ...

Sailing Milford haven to Pembroke castle
Any one sailed up Cleddau at Milford Haven then on to Castle Pool at Pembroke? Is it possible to get there easily and are there any good anchorages on the river Thanks Rich

Prim Vent 23
Hi all, I am interested in Prim vent 23 sailing boat from 1971. Anyone had experience with this boat? Thanks, Stibra

Dockrell 22
Hi I am considering buying a Dockrell 22 with lifting keel for use in the Solent. Anyone have any experience of them - good or bad? Regards Thanks

I saw a Pilot Boat/Launch/Cutter called (I think) Valkyrie on a foreign low loader heading out of Portsmouth this week. Anyone able to tell me anything about it?

Secret Army.
So I'm watching 'Secret Army' on UK History when into the Cafe walks Ken Master's off Howards Way...

New Zealand sailing holiday
I'm contemplating a holiday in New Zealand early in the new year - sailing being first option, but nothing too extreme. Can anyone suggest areas/operators/web sites worth looking at? <...

London Boat Show
Hi I went to the boat show in 2005 is it worth a visit again this year or will it be pretty much the same? Has anyone got any tips or tricks to share (best day / time to vis...

Trailer sailers big directory
A big directory of trailer sailers with performance comparision, slip-way and bays in Italy, and other: Francesco

Seaman cleared of yacht killings Crescent Baune prosecution next? -- Martin

Norfolk Broads
My wife and I have been invited to a wedding in Norfolk next year on 26th July, and we were considering having a week's holiday in a hired motor boat on the Norfolk Broads the week before....

Paint removal - an easy way?
So I sanded down the decks of my dinghy, re-epoxied the gunwhales, the rolled it over to rub down the bottom and give it a coat... and imagine my horror when I saw little blisters in patch...

Without a paddle -- Martin

"Stolen" from elsewhere -worth posting here
ElfinSafety Two H&S chappies down at Ramsgate harbour spot a man up a mast in a bosun's chair. "You can't do that without scaffolding around the mast" they cry and rush off to ens...

Bladerider Moth

Darwin folding canoe holidays fold.
D Crowhurst next? -- Martin

Something for Wilbur?
York Theatre Royal is gathering together the largest number of panto dames ever seen in one place, at the West End of York Minster, on Saturday 15 December at 12pm. So come along, dressed as...

Ever hear of a spell or grammar checker?
Some subject lines in uk.rec.sailing indicate a chronic, mass illiteracy in the UK. For example, there is "West coast of Scotland Conoe Trip" and "Trough the Caledonian channel mid marts" ...

So I'm wandering round the boats show absolutely not ogling the sequined girls on stilts wandering round in their pants. Enthusiastic bloke rushes up points at a rather underpowered an...

The definition of handicapped.
I can't resist. Saw Geoff Holt's (paralysed from the chest down, first disabled sailor to sail single-handed around Great Britain.) tri at the Earl Court boat show and was pretty ...

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