sailed to Spitsbergen - fresh images - and advice welcome!
Just returned from a spectacular sailing trip to Spitsbergen. Great photo-conditions, with both snowfall, midnight's sun and high pressure! A small selection of the results is on my we...

Day Skipper Theoretical Exam - Where?
Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to do just the exam instead of a complete 5 day theory course. The RYA website seems to show only courses, no exams. Does anybody here kno...

WARNING! A. Maggs from Dunstable, Bedfordshire - thief!!!
WARNING! A Maggs (Alex Maggs) Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 2LG United Kingdom I sent him money and never receive a package with 90 Sinclair Spectrum cassettes. It was a year ...

Exclusion zone around QM2
2 or 3 weeks ago I motored up the Itchen from Hythe to buy some diesel. On returning down river and wishing to go up to Marchwood I turned right at Southampton dock head. There was a ferry l...

OT - You Brits are not too bright They have a picture of President Bush in this article and they call him Michael...

Back from the Ionian
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Sula Sgeir and North Rona
Anybody visited these islands north of the Hebrides? I have sailed past them, wondered if there was a reasonable anchorage for an overnight visit?

Colour Coding Lines Standard
Is there some sort of defacto standard when it comes to colour coding lines on a Yacht? I have to replace all running rigging and thought I might as well get the correct colours...

DSC all ships alerts
I have just spent a week sailing the South Coast of England and got very pissed off with having a deafening All Ships Alerts coming on the DSC VHF every 15 minutes or so from Joburg traffi...


preveza airport - Greece
does anyone know if there is a cash machine at Preveza airport? thanks, Robert

Tall Ships Youth Trust is to sell one of its brigs
Tall Ships Youth Trust is to sell one of its brigs The Tall Ships Youth Trust is to sell one of its brigs and buy four of the Challenge yachts. They cite lack of funds and a...

ChinesePingyao518 http://www.py518.com World culture inheritance history famous city --- PingyaoWorldcultureinheritancehistoryfamouscity---Pingyao oldcity,histo...

A history of maritime John Jefferies.
A Maritime history of world famouse yachts and their crew, by John Jefferies. One of many testimonials: Keith Beken, FRPS. Renowned maritime and marine photographer: "T...

Tyler Twister
A little help? I'm in the US and am intrigued by this little known boat (here anyway) that is for sale. Looking at what specs I can find, it would seem this boat would be ...

Hand held GPS
I need to buy a new Handheld GPS for my sailing boat, does anyone have one to recommend. I have a Garmin 126/128 Marine Navigator fitted to the yacht. Mick K

nominal engine temp for Yanmar YSB12?
I have one of these in an English built IP23 and I'm trying to fit a temperature gauge. Can anyone please tell me what the normal operating range would be? Thank you.

Polconn - Complete Sailing Service (advert)
Hello there! After many years of sailing activity we decided to establish our own sailing company: Polconn CSS. We operate on the Polish and foreign markets and cooperate with sea...

Portsmouth harbour - postal address ?
I am to sail on-board of Sail Training Ship "Pogoria" to Portsmouth. I'd like to receive some mail (real Royal Mail, not an e-mail ;)) there, i.e. books bought in UK through internet. Which ...

I see the meja pundits are starting to ask whether the Fastnet Race should have been held back until after the gale. Personally I feel the organisers did the right thing, so it seems do mo...

North Sea crossing,,30200-1279003,00.html -- Martin

Cruise Enthusiasts
I had been surfing youtube and found a video of a site you should all check out. I mean it is incredible. A youtube for cruise enthusiasts with what seams like 1000's of videos, photos and u...

Chris Law RIP
No-one else seems to have posted this, so I will: Chris Law died on the 24th July, aged 55. Andy...

Abersoch tragedy
Chaps/chapesses I've been away on hols in Pwllheli just up the road from Abersoch, where a Laser 4000 sailor died under an upturned hull. When I got back I tried trawling fo...

I've finally sat down with Heikell (and Jim Baerselman) and had a look at Ionian-esque places that might be worth a visit. I've listed them below, and would really welcome some comments on e...

Marine friendly spray paint
Hi All Been repairing my foils and I want to give them a coat of paint just to smarten them up a bit. Anyone recommend an appropriate uk available spray paint? cheers John ...

catering for yachts in calpe,altea, muscrat,timon ect
Hi all just started a new web site Vistahermosa Property Management Services for management of villas and property rentals plus information on Calpe. <...

Take your pick -- Martin

Help, information needed.
We're having an argument over on alt.sailing.asa about what kind of catamaran that was that broke in the middle, folded up and capsized over there on your side of the Pond. http://ne...

Free online ship's logging system
I started making an online ship's log just for myself but soon realized how it could be usefull for all boaters. The site is called MyShipLog and is at So go ahead and ...

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