"Race goes on after dinghy death"

Day Skipper course near Bristol?
Hi, Can anyone reccomend somewhere I can do the day skipper course as close to Bristol as possible? I've not had much look with the RYA's website. Thanks, Dave.

Plastimo oven
Anyone had any bother with the thermostat on the above style gas oven. If so how was it sorted.

Circumnavigation with a 'Fisher 37'
To my knowledge, there are only two 'Fisher 37' in Denmark where I live, and this type of boat are seldom seen in Scandinavian waters. Written information, including tests are rare too - b...

Whoops moments
http://www.egberdina.nl/zeepost/ -- Martin

Exclusive photo of Wilma's residence

Warning. Ionian.
I have just received a mail from a chap who was on the same flotilla as me in May. He and his wife stayed on for the second week while I and my crew had to come home. The important bit ...

Does anyone own an inflatable Kayak ? Need opinions. Thanks.
Looking at the Coleman and the Sea Eagle open type inflatable Kayaks. What brand is yours and how much ? THanks.

AC question
I took a some photos last week in San Diego, but it was only when I returned to the UK that I noticed there was something odd about them. "Abracadabra" and "Stars and Stripes" both had the...

Witnesses please?
Last week, July 18th, at around 2pm my nephew and a girlfriend lost their lives in the sea off Isle of Wight. Their boat was a Humber rib. They wore no life jackets but the boat, once th...

Important Update
Hello, We have an important update at Todayshotnews ! ( www.TodaysHotNews.com/featured.html ) It is the PC controling video, and there have been a few reported ones with many compatibility issues, but...


sailing in Greece
Hi everyone! If anyone needs any info or advice on sailing In Greece dont hesitate to ask me. My site is : www.sig.gr and my email is:[email protected] I have been a skipper for 18 years mostly wo...

How did it do that?!
Ok so I go to <http://one.revver.com/watch/194543> , and nothing happens when i click the video, of course, however....at the very end when a flash kind of ad comes up, and I clicked, my CD driv...

Hot Vacancy: Chief Engineer on Ro-Ro
Chief Engineer on Ro-Ro Join date: 03.08.2007 Salary: 7500-8500 USD per month Probation: 2 months USA visa: required English: Upper intermediate ...

FA Haven Finding the History of navigation
The Haven Finding Art ,A History of Navigation from Odysseus to Captain Cook by EGR Taylor, slight bash to top and bottom of spine ,ex lib.with a number of stamps on introductory leaves.othe...

Hot Vacancy Second Engineer on Ro-Ro
Hot Vacancy: Second Engineer on Ro-Ro Join date: July 31st, 2007 Salary: 4606 USD Tenure: 3 months over 3 GRT: 17016 m.tonns Engine: Sulzer 8800 HP Build: 1994...

Hot Vacancy: Second Engineer on Ro-Ro
Hot Vacancy: Second Engineer on Ro-Ro Join date: July 31st, 2007 Salary: 4606 USD Tenure: 3 months over 3 GRT: 17016 m.tonns Engine: Sulzer 8800 HP Build: 1994...

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Private beaches
I read recently that the owner of a private beach cant legally stop you landing by sea. Does anyone know if this it so? Ian

Wind generatot Forgen 500
I understood that the Forgen 500 could be connected directly to the batteries. When I do this however it has an effect on other electrical apparatus. eg it switches the GPS off. Should it no...

Split charging from solar cell
My engine is a Yanmar GM10 with an alternator fitted with a sterling regulator and diode splitter for 50 ah engine and 85 ah service batteries. I have a 20 watt solar panel which is co...

Tankard Sailing Yacht.
Hi all. Hope you can help. I've just bought myself a 24' fin-keel Tankard for renovation. However, I don't really know much about these boats. Does anyone have one? Is there a res...

Tiscali newsgroup problems - again!
Tiscali users will have found that once again newsgroups are virtually unobtainable on Tiscali. If you are lucky enough to see this, here is a way round I have been given which worked -...

FA Designing Sailing Catamarans
Modern Sailing Catamarans by Robert B Harris Naval Architect, dustwrapper worn,book itself VGC.143 pages. Excellent old book on the design and build of the Sailing Catamaran. http...

Log books
On my reader, this group has almost disappeared! My log is a day of month calander diary with no year impressed. When I get a minute to write in it, I write on the date page, add...

50% Share in Hurley 20 based in N Wales
I am selling a 50% share in my Hurley 20 based in N Wales, for further details see advert on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290140897892

Grab bag
Here's what I keep in mine - I'd welcome any tips on what others keep in addition or alternatively: Waterproof VHF GPS Personal Locator Beacon Torch/beacon Spare batteri...

Teak Deck Repair Yards
I'm looking into the replacement of the teaks decks on my HR 38. Anybody have any recommendations for good repair yards in Northern Europe? TIA

Fixing items on deck
I want to fix chocks for my liferaft on deck of my 26 foot boat. I am worried about drilling through the deck. I don't want drips coming through behind the headlining and slowly causing un s...

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