OT - next time
Next time, if your fearless leaders are going to knight a Salman Rushdie type, do it secretly so as not to stir up the terrorists bombers. You're welcome. Wilbur Hubbard

FS: British Folkboat on Ebay

Omnia or double skillet stove top cooking
Looking for a Stove top "oven" for my Origo spirit stove. Anyone have any thoughts on Swedish Omnia or The double skillet . Which is the best basically Thanks Rich Westerly 22...

Gutenberg Top 100 - This week at 69 is
http://www.gutenberg.org/files/13510/13510-h/13510-h.htm -- Martin

Looking for some advice from the Med fans re the Southern Ionian. Firstly, if you pick the boat up in the Southern Ionian is it worth staying in the Southern Ionian or is the slog nort...

OT(ish): Aviation Mayday.
Not really that far OT - a calm Mayday following a birdstrike. http://www.flightlevel350.com/Aircraft_Boeing_757-200-Airline_Thomsonfly_Aviation_Video-8457.html I suspect my Mayd...

Ronnie Metcalfe
"Ronnie Metcalfe, spokeswoman for the rescue centre at RAF Kinloss, said she did not how many people had been airlifted from the Brightside complex but emergency services had rescued hundred...

Three Peaks Race
Hi folks For those who do not know of this race, you sail from Barmouth to Fort William with runs up Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis on the way. The race started Saturday wi...

WTF is the European Inland Waterways System?
Is there a definition of the "European Inland Waterways System" somewhere? My parents are doing a Hoseason's Holiday through France. No CEVNI is required so I assume there are Fre...

Round the Island race
A great day and full marks to Island Sailing Club this time for immaculate organisation. What amazes me was that with almost 1,800 assorted boats, a f4-5 all day and a relatively narr...

OT totally but still....
How about a look at my art gallery to cheer up your weekend? -- yours Quilly http://quilljar.users.btopenworld.com/gall.html

Replacing compass fluid
Can I replace some lost fluid in my Ritche Helmsman Compass myself? I stupidly opened up the wrong screws and let some leak out. Sherwin D. ...

Sextant by air
I'd like to learn the skippers' experience with airlines: is that possible to take that wooden mahagony box with strange metal & glass item on-board as hand luggage, or there is the risk to fail...

www.SKIPPER4U.com - Your Friend in Croatia
Would you like to spend 7 unforgettable days in the Croatia, country of 1001 islands, uncover its extraordinary beauty sailing on the most beautiful crystal-clear sea in the world, wake up...

offshore in a 26' Westerly Centaur ?
I've been asked to help move a 1972 26' Westerly Centaur to Bermuda from the US East coast- about 600 miles offshore. I see this boat is well respected ; but I'm ...

Just recieved a quote for insurance from a German broker, and insurer which is very competative. It isn't in a different ball park, so it seems reasonable, just that 10% or so cheaper. Quote...

Do you mark your PFDs ?
Do you mark your Personal Floating Devices / Life-Jackets with boat name or other marking? Is that marking required by law in UK, or is optional? AFAIK might be required when racing (i.e. IS...

heating water
I've just installed a 65lt hot water tank, it has 2 heating coils and an immersion. I haven't got around to connecting the 2 heating coils so for now it runs on just a 1 kw immersion heate...

I have just used the Sealift in the river Medina (opposite East Cowes Marina) for a lift and pressure wash. It cost 90 for an hour, not all of which I used. It has the advantage of no sli...

sailing in Greece
Hi everyone! If anyone needs any info or advice on sailing In Greece dont hesitate to ask me. My site is http://www.sig.gr and my email is:[email protected] I have been a skipper for 18 years m...

Trawlermen2 Yes!

Hey all new subscriber to this group just wanting to say hi

spraying gelcoat
I'd like to be able to spray"paint" using gelcoat. I've been told that it has to be done airless and not using the ordinary airdriven sprayers that you use for automobile painting. <...

Brittany cruising.
Plan to do a little cruise along the N Brittany coast in a couple of weeks time. Any 'should/should-not' tips on where to visit? Thanks, Pete.

Boatie Books.
Currently reading "To the Baltic with Bob". Quite good but it's Friday and it got me wondering what kind of boating books UKRSers like. Random stuff I've enjoyed to some deg...

Can I shanghai a crew???
I want to sail the 7 seas, but nobody wants to be in my crew. Do you think it's a good idea to shanghai a few sailors??? Where do you shanghai your crewmembers???

Seized sheaves
The three sheaves on the forward end of the boom of my new boat, which are used for single line reefing, are seized. There is no obvious way to remove the sheaves because their axle appear...

Asymetric spinnaker
Hi, Don't all laugh. I tried my newly acquired asymmetric at the weekend. With so little wind it was dangerous!!! Why? I was presented with a white wall of spinnaker from sea level t...

Naturist sailors
The following article by Miles Kendall appears in July's Yachting Monthly's 'Sailing Stereotypes' column, alongside a cartoon which looks a little bit too like me! -------------------...

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