My swinging mooring
Hi, Just after comments really; I have moved my boat (32ft 3.5 ton motor boat) down to Poole Harbour where I have a swinging mooring. Went to it first time on Saturday. ...

Mooring layin
I want a boat yard to lay a mooring for me. What are peoples experience of this . What extras are there. Do they put on the mooring warps and pickup buoy? Thanks Rich Westerly...

Scum on the sea
The Solent at the moment is filthy with brown scum, which people tell me is algae due to the warm weather (the sea is 2 - 3 oC warmer than usual at this time of year). Is this happeni...

raymarine chart plotter C70 - track data out of archive
Hi, I just come from a sailing trip in Croatia. The boat was equipped with an Raymrine chart plotter C70. For the documentation of our trip I need access to the track data, whic...

RYA Chart plotter software using?
Can one plan routes putting in tidal rates etc without having GPS plugged in. I know on the training software ther is a simulator which allows you to. I am sat a 100 miles away from boat and...

Towing a sailing dinghy behind a Discovery?
Hi All, My first post here so be gentle ... ;-) I am selling my Leader sailing dinghy to my sister and they have a Land Rover Discovery and only tow a caravan or general pur...

Rewind stater spring
Hi There. Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement rewind starter spring for a 20HP Mariner outboard. I've seen similar items on Ebay for about 20, but other labelled for other ...

Sweline 36 footer
Can anyone help with some information on the Sweline 36? Apart from Norwegian gobbledegook I can't find any informative data on the net. Allegedly a cruiser/racer, designed...

Anyone got one of these? Good/Bad? Quality of manufacture, long-term viability, real output, usability issues one way or t'other? Thanks.

Spinny pole end fittings
Anyone got a good source for a 45mm ID spinny pole end fitting? I can't identify the bust one, so I guess any piston one will do - googling only seems to find smaller dinghy ones. ...

Are American small boat papers of any use in Europe ?
Are American small boat papers of any use in Europe ? Have an American (US Coast Guard) 100 ton Masters license , and have used it in the States to deliver sailboats; ( I'm a sma...

Deep Water
I've just watched the DVD of Deep Water - the story of Donald Crowhurst's sad trip & death. It is done as a documentary, and covers the subject well, though with an inevitable melancholy a...

Happy anniversary Ric
On this day in history John Paul Jones on the Continental Sloop Ranger captured the HMS Drake. The Drake struck her surrendered after taking a beating for an hou...

A Quick one or two word response to Sadler 34
Okaydokey If a person was going to spend fifty thousand Euros on a Sadler 34 for the purpose of travelling around the world for five years. Is there anybody in this group who woul...

FS: SG-2000 HF SSB/CW/AM 150 Watt Transceiver
We are down-sizing the house so I am selling some of my HF rigs. I have two of these and I am keep one as my primary HF rig, and am selling the other. It is an SGC model SG-...

Exmoor Beastie
Just a reminder that 'The Exmoor Beastie' 3 hour pursuit race, that should have been held in March, is now to be held on Sunday 6th May. See '' for details. ...

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Biscay Crossing Site.
Can anyone recommend a good Web resource discussing/advising on crossing Biscay and associated preperations. A quick google seems to reveal little beyond this: http://www.franksin...

VHF reception recently
I've just sailed (or rather motor-sailed, due to very light winds) Solent to Guernsey & back, during which time I was getting VHF 'all ships' transmissions all the way there and back from ...

"Two female teenagers."
Anyone else hear the call on 16 for assistance for two female teenagers stranded near Cobbs Quay this weekend? I bet it started a bloody stampede! I hope in the event of a S...

Seagull con rod
Can anyone help. My trusty Silver Century Seagull broke it's con rod last weekend. Big end burst into bits. Anyone got any suggestions as to where I can get another? Thanks ...

ICC expiry
I noticed that there is an expiry date on my International Cert of Competence. Does that mean that I have to go through a course again or can it merely be renewed? Thanks Rich ...

Sadler 34
If you read my last post you may very well assume that i am mad to asking this next question. Does anybody know where i can get advice on what to look out for when purchasing a Sa...

Modern Day Marie Celeste?
Herad it when I woke up, then read it. Very odd. Can't have been gone all that long, from what the reports say.

Millport Bay
Sorry for the delay in posting but Homecall/Pipex/Tiscali has been playing silly ******* again! The public moorings in Millport Bay adjacent to the Old Pier have been relaid for t...

Chartering in Thailand
Just got back from our (third) Thai charter and second time off the Koh Chang archipelago. It really is a great area to sail - almost everything is line of sight with very few hazards to w...

Irene McLachlin
The name of the Ardinamir character crops up a fair bit but I'd always assumed she was a figure of the distant past maybe the 60's era. In fact, according to Libby Purves' "One Summer's Grac...

Avoid these compasses . . .
Back in the early 1960s' the Tates Watch Company of Massachusetts decided to diversify so they started producing other products. Among them were a line of expensive compasses for yachts. I... - Your Friend in Croatia - Your Friend in Croatia

Islam Is The True Religion
Islam Is The True Religion THE RELIGION OF ISLAM The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam is what the word "Islam" itself means. The rel...

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