This seems to be a dead newsgroup.
kan i invite in all my troll friendz? we nede a place we kan kall our own. this froup seemz nice and M T. nobudy plonkz me or U got bIg trubble. todd

Test .News Problems
Hi Peter. How is the new info working out? Still nothing from Tiscali yet. Stabu

Bleeding an eberspacher
Friend advises that I need to bleed eberspacher system before it will run. Mentioned using a drill battery directly connected to fuel pump. 12 volt system Can anyone assist, advise or...

Apparent Gosport Suicide.
Apparently a guy has driven his car down a Gosport slipway into the sea and died. It seems a British Transport Police Officer asked him if he was ok shortly before. Any...

Reeds Almanac Corrections Errors
I was convinced the new coastal reports were Local Time - so was intrigued as to why my correction page for the Western Almanac 07, with the new times, said UT ? http://www.reedsa...

Dead Calm
Just watched this movie on the tube and wondered if anyone knew what boat was used. -- Dennis Gibbons dkgibbons at optonline dot net

Read's zig zag sailmaking sewing machine on ebay
Read's sailmaking machine with motor or hand crank on Ebay now - item number 230109924160 Hope I'm not infringing any rules but this is a rare item that many people on this foru...

Eberspacher D1LC Air Heater - Suggestions Required
My uncle has recently started to check his boat after it was laid up all winter. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the Eberspacher heater and I wonder if anybody on this group ...

A new hob is in order for this season. I really don't want to install a gas hob (with all the certification it involves) so am looking at either an Origo meths hob or a Coleman dual-f...

Reeds sailmaking sewing machine
I've just inherited A Reeds zig zag sailmaking sewing machine. The base is a bit tatty but the machine is nigh on pristine. It is hand operated but also has the power and pedal. ...

Anyone know this catamaran? (Jorum)
I found a camera case along with a couple of digital memory cards on the beach in Ayr this morning and I'm looking for the owner. The biggest clue that I can find for the ownership is...

Sails & Sailmaking Signed copy yacht FA
Sails by Jeremy Howard -Williams,signed copy,VGC ,415 pages. Hugely thorough (400 pages plus) manual on Sails,their making,maintenance, alteration,rigging ,designing etc etc.

Sail Paint!
I'm in need of painting out some advertising on my spinnaker - aside from jokes about dulux and sandtex, etc, what sort of paint should I use to blank the offending words out? M...

Folding prop
I have just noticed that the 2 blade folding prop on my boat opens out passed the perpendicular when openned out by hand. This appears to be a bit inefficient as I this reduces the force a...

Anti slip deck paint
Good afternoon gentlemen, A plea for guidance, No doubt this has been raised before, I can't be the first to be in this position, I need to remove all the old anti slip pain...

Yacht sees a new Island formed.
Yacht sees a new Island Formed & sails through floating stone!

Red Diesel - available until 1 Nov 08
The budget included a note that red diesel for pleasure craft would be phased out by 1 Nov 08. It promises formal consultations later in the year. Nick

Shipping Register.
Suppose you were walking along the beach and came across a hulk. You have a climb around and find the registered tonage & the number off num 146245. Prefixed with "Off Num" or similar. (QuIt...

Wiring consumer unit and shore power
My shore power is basically a line into cockpit and a domestic two pin socket. I would like to improve this. Not being an electrician I would like advice. I wanted a battery charger to conn...

Hi, Planning for a hot summer and would like to make a windscoop. Does anyone out there know where I can get plans or a pattern? Albo

Remember Sunday 18th is 'The Exmoor Beastie'. Local rule requires wet suit/dry suit. Be there. ''

Restoring an old outboard
Hello Chums, I've just had a week in Cornwall. While I was there I visited the truly wonderful "Cornwall Boat Parts" at Penrhyn, just outside Falmouth, and acquired a carburetto...

Timing of tidal streams in Corran Narrows?
Can anyone provide the timing of the streams in the Corran Narrows of Loch Linnhe? Many thanks!

fixed mount fire extinguishers
Hello. I am currently fitting out a trawler with the intention of retiring with my wife in about 4 years and doing extended cruising. One item I wish to carry is a fixed engine room fire ex...

Re: Anchor alarm Summary:
In article <[email protected]>, Keith <[email protected]> wrote: >In message <[email protected]>, Paul Cooper ><...

Free WAP Inshore Forecast?
Is it possible to get the Met office Inshore forecast free to a phone? (It seems not.) Failing that, what is the best free WAP weather forecast site?

Why hasn't John Bunt been charged with Dealing in Class A drugs?
That is what I want to know. Here we have John Stuart Bunt not only dealing in illegals drugs but buying and selling them from none less than the police themselves!!!! Why ha...

Battery Charger / Generator Amp Calculations
Hi All I am trying to find out how I would calculate the requirements for a Battery Charger and subsequent Generator for a boat. I have 6 x 100ah batteries connected in para...

Replacing standing rigging adjusters
Hi, I am replacing some of the standing rigging on our boat that was last changed in 1994. No obvious problems but I don't want to worry about it. I was wondering what peopl...

Cruising Iceland
Anyone been there/done that? I have met a couple of people who have (one last year, we celebrated her 75th birthday on board J, she had just done a circumnavigation with a side ja...

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