Percy Blanford
I was talking to a friend, well more of a vague acquaintance really, about Percy Blandford boat. I can remember seeing boats like the Wensum, Tarpon and the various canoes at the ...

Passage Ireland to Firth of Clyde - a thank you
Just a thanks to the many helpful replies to my query. To those who said 'skip the Clyde and go the Western Isles' (to paraphrase) I would just say that I have sailed the Firth of Clyde/Kyl...

"Steam gives way to sail." Discuss. TonyB

Sailing Vs AnglingDinghy Vs Fishing Rod
This is a legal/col regs question regarding fishing and sailing. The sailing club I am in is situated on a beach which is often used for angling. Sea anglers lines are often cast well over ...

Greece / Turkey Comparison?
I've been on two sailing holidays to the Ionian, Greece. This year, I'm looking at the option of Turkey (Marmaris / Fethiye) and would like people's opinions on what the differences could be...

Petter 6
still on small engines petter 6 - any experiences - tips - hints - things to look out for Dylan

Old petrol
Dear All Visited my boat this afternoon, all well - no water in bilge, but battery flat. It's been suggested that I replace the petrol in the tank for the outboard,...

Dolphin Engine
any comments re dolphin engines what to look for - when are they irreparable Dylan

Croatian pilot ?
I need a Pilot book for Istria and the Northern Croatian islands. There seem to be two avialable: 777 Harbours and Anchorages - Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro 2nd English Edit...

A sailor from la Plata
There was a sailor from la Plata Who was widely renowned as a farter. His deafening reports At the Argentine sports Caused many false starts at the regatta. todd

(no subject)
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linguistic advice needed on "passage crew"
Hi there's an ongoing discussion on the meaning of the term "passage crew" on a Polish translators discussion group. The person that initiated the thread doesn't know the exact meanin...

Invader 22
I am considering buying an Invader 22 Does anyone have any advice/experience/things to look out for Dylan

Passage planning around the Mull of Galloway
Im delivering my new boat (Sigma 33) from Largs in the Clyde to Whitehaven on the Cumbrian coast in early March. Im allowing 4 days for the trip and was planning to take the route between th...

Question for the navigators (semi OT)
Semi off topic question for anyone on here who has navigation skills. At 2.30 this afternoon, the sun was shining directly in line with the path down the middle of my allotment. ...

Ashanti Princess - Feeling 416
Does anyone know anything about yacht "Ashanti Princess", a Feeling 416 registered Portsmouth, seemingly abandoned in Cherbourg marina. It was removed from the water by the marina and has ...

RYA Coastal Skipper / Advices
Hello Guys! I'm a foreigner (non EU passport) living in UK due business. I was told there shouldn't be any problem obtaining the Certificates as long as i approve them. ...

Motor yacht gutted by fire I was watching this from my living room window. I was astonished by the s...

Gear oil Tohatsu 3.5
Simple question guys. Is it ok to use Castrol EP 90 oil in gearbox on Tohatsu 3.5 hp Seems to almost fir the bill Says use API GL 5 90 This is API 4 90 Any prob with this?

Faded gel coat restoration
Anyone know the best way to bring back colour to a faded yellow gelcoat without professional intervention? Thanks Eddy

Useful? Tide predictions -- Martin

Just finished reading the book Flotilla! by Quillijar, a regular contributor to UKRS. Must say I thoroughly enjoyed the read, easy style and tricky plot kept me rivetted. A must fo...

I'm looking for PBO 471 and 472, also for Yachting Monthly feb 2007
There are some articles there about Coppercoat and Cuprotect I would like to read before laying my money down. I would be very much obliged if someone would scan and mail them to me.

Hydrographic Office may be privatised,,2012719,00.html -- (Remove any numerics from my email address.)

Cuillin mountains.
If he put them on Ebay I hope it was buyer collect!

Ofcom's licencing web site
Has anyone used ofcom's licensing web site at or, more to the point, #successfully# used it It's awful I just gave up but felt c...

mirror offshore
A little site dedicated to my mirror offshore

New Seamaster 925 Yahoo group
Any owners (or other admirers) of Seamaster 925 Sailers (and variants) are invited to join a new Yahoo group. Set up only this week but growing rapidly. A good place to share information, ...

Very OT so sorry in advance
Having been a usenet use since MS DOS I wouldn't normally post OT or risk being flamed. but a freind told me about this video which I watched for the first time last night.. This ...

Folding or feathering propeller, practical experience?
Dear all We are changing our propeller to our 32 ft sailing boat and wondering weather to choose folding or feathering propeller? What kind of practical experience do you have fro...

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