Hand helds
I am going on charter holiday with friends and last time we went we took a pair of pmr446 radios to keep it touch. The range wasn't great but they were useful. One of this pair has now died ...

anyone interested in a week on a tall ship
Sailing on Royalist 2007 The berths are available to anyone genuinely interested There may be someone who would like the experience. The Royalist: a Square Rigge...

Pick your own boat?
"14-year-old Michael Perham, who became the youngest person ever to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean earlier this month, may have to sell the yacht he used. Tide 28 Cheeky Monkey sailed i...

Yacht share.
I am considering selling a share in our Oceanis 390 currently based in Corfu. I have done this sort of thing before with aircraft and it has worked very well, increasing the useage and sprea...

Sail TV
My 'hotlink' to Sail TV seems to have a glitch - I now download a homepage for Narrowstep and cannot get a feed. Has anyone else got the same problem? Has Sail TV packed up tran...

re fitting new heads outlet pipe-result
Thanks to everyone. Job done. Used heatgun and wooden seacock plug to expand pipe slightly, went on a treat.

Halcyon 27: Lower rudder bearing
Hello, Our Halcyon 27 has significant (more than 5mm) movement in the bearing at the bottom of the rudder (between heel of rudder and a small step in the aft end of the keel). Loo...

Insurance slightly OT
Sailing related but slightly off topic. Keith gave a good contact for sailing Holiday insurance so now, any ideas for houses while away sailing? Every insurer I've contacted so far has a ...

Holiday Insurance
I am looking for holiday insurance that will cover at least inshore sailing for Flot holiday and preferable offshore for cross-channels. I am amazed how many companies consider sailing as a ...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp45fL0u0QU&mode=related&search= Always good fun when you can't dump main because the end of the boom's in the water.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxvP3DWi7_k Quite interesting. It's not made clear if the shore was rock or sand.

Ice covered boats slide show....
A girlfriend of mine who lives in Paris sent me a Power Point slide show that's sort of a French joke about a sudden unexpected ice storm they had in Europe. It has some awesome picture...

sailmakers needles
hi all, how are the sizes of sailmaking needles set? is a size 14 bigger or smaller than and 18? thanks, Robert

Cheap electronic Charts
In case anyone is interested there is a website selling yachting and GPS charts. The basic Windows versions are very cheap and contain a simple route planning program for the cost. ...

Supporter TEAM ABN AMRO website | 1.000 HiRes images added
For the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006 fans: 1,000 HiRes Images are added at the website of Supporter TEAM ABN AMRO. Just visit www.supporterteamabnamro.com

So I says to him...
Shove it up yer arse! http://members.aol.com/smellyfartybum/ouch.jpg

nice day at sea
http://www.glumbert.com/media/ferry DP

12 or 24 volt
Is there any benifit to having 24volt systems on a boat? Quite a lot of equipment is only available in 12volt and 24voly boats have to fit dropper's If i bought a boat which was 24volt ...

Crime & Punishment
Have a look at this http://www.marineenforcement.co.uk/docs/prosecutions/recent_prosecutions.pdf Graham.

Reefing lines
Anyone know of a link where I can get help on rigging reefing lines - I am changing from roller reefing to slab and need help/guidance on rigging the new reefing lines please!

3rd Party Insurance
I came across this when doing a search for some other stuff. I know that several people have asked about insurance for cheaper bats without the need for a survey. This may be a suitable alte...

The Master of a Vessel
Excuse me for starting a new thread on the subject but someone made an excellent point in the "RYA sailing school to avoid thread" and I am afraid it got lost in the clutter. In...

Website TEAM ABN AMRO out of the air, but supporter website still on the air
www.supporterteamabnamro.com With reports, images and movies of TEAM ABN AMRO during the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006.

Small old Avon inflatables
I want to get an older style Avon without a transom, and without any bottom boards. (so I can roll it up, maybe it waill actually get in a bag, and suitable for my new 22' boat). Looking ...

Stare at this picture and see the Frog.... http://members.aol.com/smellyfartybum/frog.jpg

Jeanneau Sun 2000 Question re drying mooring.
I am considering buying a Jeanneau Sun 2000 having just seen one at the boat show. However, I don't need a trailer as the boat will be left on a drying mooring (Fairly hard mud but with some...

LIBS today...
... had a wander round the Oyster 655. Anyone here have switches on the breaker panel for "CCTV" and "WIFI"? rgds, Alan -- 99 Ducati 748BP, 95 Ducati 600SS, 81 Guzzi M...

Boating newbie .... advice ??
Hi, Only ever been cruising on the Norfolk Broads (Hoseasons holidays) and in various small ribs and Jetskis, we now have a hankering to sail and to own and run a towable yacht....

London boat show - lost the plot?
I visited the boat show yesterday and was struck by the total lack of buzz. Many regulars seemed to be missing and people that I talked to on the stands suggested that business was dire. T...

For those interested in odd tidal effects
Sheerness online tidegauge is currently 1.5 metres below predicted http://www.pol.ac.uk/ntslf/pltdata_tgi_ntslf_v2.php?code=Sheerness&span=1 with all that SW wind in the English Channel ...

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