Thought for 2007
There's two sorts of people in the whole wide world, There's me and The man in The Moon. - Helen Kane

Wallas cabin heater
looking for info about burner for wallas kerosene cabin heater (typ 1300, 1600, ...). Which material is used for binding the kerosene in the burner? Thanks Dieter

Hi, I came across this site sending weather data from the Bramble bank and Chichester Bar. Regards Graham

removing engine and other bits
Hi, After selling my Leisure 17 in the summer, and regretting it, I've been dying to get another boat, something slightly larger, but funds had prevented me until now. I've just p...

Sarum 28
I quite like the idea of buying an aluminium boat, and am contemplating a Sarum 28, a Robert Tucker design, of which quite a few were built in the 70's and 80's. Has anyone any experience ...

GibSea 33
I am looking at Gibsea 33, built 2000-2002, as a "retirement boat". Is there anyone with the experience of living onboard for 4-6 months periodes who can share their experience? And ca...

Knox-Johnstone lands in OZ
Hats of to Robin Knox Johnston for arriving in Freemantle today! He'll have a busy 3 weeks before setting off again with various repairs including most of his instrumentation which seems to...

The Riddle of the Sands
The Riddle of the Sands 3 stars! 7:20pm - 9:00pm BBC4 VIDEO Plus+: 51782886 Subtitles Despite the riotous action contained in the original Erskine Childers adven...

River Exe mooring wanted
Hi - wondering if anyone knows of a River Exe mooring which is for sale or rent for the coming season. I have details of Powderham Estate and Lower Exe Morroing Auth. & Starcross FC & SC's -...

English to Spanish translation required.
My yacht is at present in Sada Marina, near La Coruna, North Spain. I want to get the headlining replaced in the quarter berth. Does anybody know what "headlining" is in Spanish or better st...

Shot from 1930's cartoon
Screen shot from an old black and white Betty Boop cartoon. I kid yee not. I have not messed about with it at all.

Why hasn't my post appeared?

FS two Helly-Hanson Bouyancy aids
20 for the pair, one for persons over 80kg, one for persons 60 - 80kg. -- Alan Reply to alan (dot) holmes27 (at) virgin (dot) net

Red Diesel
According to this morning's Daily Mail, thousands of impoverished boat owners will now have to sell their boats because of the new EC ruling on red diesel, which comes into force on Jan 1. <...

Fiona Campbell
Hello Anne, I remembered to look this up. Some GREY cells still working! Lovely to see you all tonight. Very much enjoyed , as usual. Best wishes Norman G....

BBC Drama Alert - Dec. 27 2006
ZEBU The Liverpool based sailing ship and Stanley Dock will appear in the BBC 2 Drama "Ruby in the Smoke" on December 27 between 20:30 to 22:05. [It is not known when / if it will...

Looking for a 24v Icom SSB
Hi. I'm looking for a 24 volt Icom Marine SSB (700 Pro, 710, 801, 802 or any others i may of missed) and tuner If anyone has one for sale could you let me know Rob skydiver "a...

Reeds almanac 2007
Tescos doing discounted deal at 24.95 including postage for this years 2007 Almanac Handy if you havent had one for a while Rich Westerly 2219 DAVICO

Boop boop a doop
Right if no one is going to get pissed for me I'll have to do it myself.

Deep Water
Is this film on general release yet? I've not seen it advertised here on the Isle of Wight at all yet.

Bavaria 32 v Sun Odyssey 32i
Hi I am considering buying a smallish yacht to sail and keep in Turkey. I would be grateful for your collective wisdom on the pros and cons of the Bav 32 against the SO32i. Is t...

The ships are all lit up -- Martin

Penlee Life Boat Disaster '81.
Anyone else see this on TV last night? Easy to spot mistakes with hindsight. On...

Racing Rules - Starboard Windward or Overtaking
When Racing according to the racing rules of sailing Is it correct to say that when a boat is behind you, and you are both running downwind, the boat behind flicks his mainsail across ...

Iris 50
Hya, Anyone had any practical experience with the Iris 50 (from Plastimo and where in North West UK I mig...

Winter maintenance - Sails
Advice needed. I've just taken the sails off my boat The boat is 18 months old and this is the first time the sails have been taken off. They are in good condition but are p...

Gretest British peacetime sailor?
In January's Yachting monthly, the article about the demise of Chay Blyth's Challenge Business, quotes the following about Blyth: "No other British seaman in history, except Nelson, has ...

Awesome Info..: www.Brandon-Lands. com
Posted Via Premium Usenet Newsgroup Services ---------------------------------------------------------- ** SPEED ** RETENTION ** COMPLETION ** ANONYMITY ** -...

Review Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006
Hello, If you are interested in a review of the Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006. Just visit Reports, movies and spectacular images. Best r...

Prosser Weathertrend Manual?
I am looking for a user manual for a Prosser Weathertrend digital barometer. I've had no luck googling for one. Has anyone got a link for it, got it and willing to copy or scan it or...

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