Radar / GMDSS courses in London
Is the Cruising Association House the only place in London for radar / LRC (Long Range !) courses? JaC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

Norfolk Broads Protest
An offcial complaint has now been made to The Broads Authority and further information has been added to the website: http://www.broads-nav.com/contents.html Just to remind ...

Garmin GPS 60 question
To Garmin GPS users. I have one of these - and I want a display that gives me distance in NM and bearing to a waypoint. I can't seem to find that display - for example the c...

Boxing Day / New Year's Day
I am looking for Boxing Day / New Years day cruiser races in the Solent for a bit of semi-competitive fun. Any suggestions. -----------------------------------------------------...

Winter Racing at Sussex Yacht Club
If anyone is interested in crewing from Shoreham (Near Brighton), the racing season continues until Christmas and it is a good time to try out a bit of freindly "round the cans" races. If y...

Your suggestions please..
For a 2 up hiking dinghy (i.e. no trapeze) to suit older and heavier crews who still want a bit of fizz. Have so far looked at Kestrel and 59er. Anything else? Cheers ...

Bloke recovered off Vigo
I heard this report yesterday and understand that it was one Roger Cottle, whom I used to know as a fellow member of Starcross Fishing & Cruising Club. Is anyone able to point me to a more...

Greetings, everybody! Recently, I came back from a bareboat charter in Greece - and was immediately plunged into the daily chores. It is hard to stare 9+ hours a day into a comput...

Trapper 300
I've got a trapper 300 here in the USA, new yanmar 1gm10, anyone know the worth of it. I'm having a hell of a time selling it, no one here knows of brand, any info would be appreciated. ...

Mud battery stops marine rust
I found this interesting http://www.nature.com/news/2006/061023/full/061023-12.html The method must have some, er, potential for moored yachts - perhaps to extend the life of sac...

:-))))))) www.skipper4u.com

Can anyone recommend a supplier of a bare hull?
Hi All, First post here. I am new to sailing and will soon be in the market for my first boat. Ideally it will be a cruiser around the 30' mark. One of the avenues I am keen to ...

Gypsy Dancer Milford
Saw a small cryuiser Gypsy Dancer at tend of my pontoon during week Looked as though it had a bot of a bashing bent ruddr and a few bangs I heard it had been towed in but then it had gone. A...

Sprayhood dodgers etc
I have just come away from my boat intending to have taken off sails , dodgers, sprayhood and cockpit cover. A F8 stopped me doing that I was preparing for a lift out into the marina yard. L...

Room to keep clear
Hi We are having a debate over how long should you give a give-way boat to keep clear before protesting. The rules require the right-of-way boat to give the give-way <...

Tidal Surges - criteria ?
What are the criteria for large tidal excesses over astronomical predicted tides for the area around the UK ? Deep depression in the North Atlantic, yes. But for low barometric pressure...

Electrical training for boaters
Hope I do not upset anyone. The Royal Harwich Yacht has organised the above course for this weekend and, although it will run, still have some places on it so if anyone in that area ...

Seafarer motorsailer
Is there a group anywhere for the Seafarer motor sailer built in the 70's and 80's about 23ft long with centtre cockpit? friends are seeking help and shared knowledge about their boat.

Question re moorings
I'm not a sailor but often walk past some boats moored in the river, which is tidal here about (Medway). I noticed this morning that the "range" of depths between high and low tides ...

His nose is so big he has to tack when traveling to windward! Hes so fat he has buntlines on his belly and clews on his chest! Hes so dumb he has two red lights in a vertical line on his hea...

Management of the Norfolk Broads
In an earlier thread attention was drawn to a formal complaint wich has been placed against the Broads Authority. An on-line petiton has now been added to the site detailing this ...

Handheld GPS
Just completed my Day Skipper exams and am looking forward getting out using my skills. I am thinking that I'd like to buy a handheld GPS which I can use in the cockpit of boats I charter -...

Filthy Canvas awning
Can anybody advise on a method of cleaning a canvas cockpit awning wich has suffered bird soiling and "algal greening" which will not destroy the waterproofing, or at least make it unrecepti...

Torch dinghy
Hi all I'm looking for any information about the Torch dinghy. I've just bought a GRP one and wondered who builds them, if there's a class, etc. My club has put me into a handic...

Tide Prediction Machine broken?
http://bowie.gsfc.nasa.gov/ggfc/tides/ut1predict.html Submitting for dates 54008 to 54039 (October 2006) and harmonic constants Q1 N2 O1 M2 P1 S2

VHF Licence
There was story that the offcom where going to scrap the charge for the ships radio licence? Did this ever happen? Rob

Could have been nasty.
Sailing back from Newtown yesterday at around 1700, south of Calshot we spotted a guy in the water with a sailboard, waving both his arms in the air in the textbook fashion. It turns out t...

Save the Broads!
Those who may have sailed on the Norfolk Broads or just have an interest in them may find the following website informative and useful. The gist of it is that the Broads are silting up...

Painting a ferro hull
The bottom was painted in Bermuda with an american anti fouling which seems to have been effective but I have found the topsides paint had been flaking off, I suspect it's a household paint ...

RYA idiocy
I got an email - unsolicited - from the RYA yesterday composed in some Microsoft package designed to produce output intelligible only to other Microsoft packages. Even the text part was larg...

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