four stroke honda drowning - four stroke more vulnerable than 2 stroke?
I am in discussion with Honda over the demise of my 4 stroke. This is my story: This summer I spent a week sailing the Thames Estuary in my 15 foot trailer sailer. The outbo...

anchor buoys - are they useless?
I am sure you have all seen the pretty little drawings in the yottie mags - yacht at anchor, the cable a nice catenary, just tugging at the tide, with an anchor buoy fixed to the head of the...

any sailing photographers out there??
This little competition might be up your street.... Regards Zed

Wallas cooker
We've finally got our nice diesel cooker working. It's a Wallas and is great, as long as you've got a long term view to quick cups of tea. This is a stove that requires planning................

Modern History Test
How Soon We Forget . Please pause a moment, reflect back, and take the following multiple choice test. (The events are actual cuts from past history. They actually happened! Do you rememb...

Any experience of Activity Yachting in Croatia?
Hi, Has anyone been on a holiday with Activity Yachting in Croatia? I'm considering going with them as they're one of the only companies with availability on a 1-week flotil...

Enterprise - need replacement spreader
I broke a spreader on the Proctor aluminium mast of my GRP Enterprise K21092. Can anyone suggest where I might source a replacement / -- Ian Uxbridge, UK. ...

Build your Florida waterfront home with DOCK at a developer's price, $10,000 down
Florida is a baby boomer's heaven with warm climates, no state income tax, and a relaxed coastal life style. You can play golf, go fishing, relax at the beach, or go boating all year round. ...

1999 Sydney Hobart Race film
The Italian TV Channel Sailing showed a very good film about the disastrous 1999 Sydney Hobart Race yesterday. Since they repeat a lot of stuff, it will probably on again and again and again...

Dag Pike Autobiography - Challenges
Please accept my apologises if this group does not like advertising and delete this message. I just thought you might be interested to know about a new book published from Dag Pike. Its his ...

Any radio amateurs here?
As per title. I'm looking for people who know amateur radio and, ideally, use / enjoy it when sailing. Please contact me via Email on my website. -- 73 ...

Southampton boat show.... can I sail there ?
I will be out sailing the week of the boat show and was wondering if I can sail right in, raft up alongside a Sun Seeker perhaps :-) failing that what is the closest marina to the show.

Enterprise - Year of build
Can anyony advise me of the approximate age of Enterprises with sail numbers in the 176xx series ? I've tried various Ent oriented websites without success. Many thanks Neil

Can I ask you to say a prayer?
My brand new hi-fi is in hospital. I know that she loves me as she said lovely things to me before she was taken ill. Can I ask you all to remember to ask in tonig...

Replacing plexi/perspex/lexan boat windows. Caulking?
Am replacing the four crazed and scratched etc. main saloon windows of our 30 year old Westerly Tiger. We have the four windows in their Al. 'frames' removed and once the actual p...

BBC news story...
Search for yacht after body found

WTB trailer for 6 Oppies
We're looking for a cheap trailer to carry a fleet of 6 Oppies. It doesn't have to be legally roadworthy, but does need to be good enough to move the fleet around the site. Any r...

Tidal Stream atlas - public domain
Dear All I'm looking for a (eastern - round Lowestoft say) North Sea Tidal Stream Atlas - Is there anything in the public domain? TIA --...

Check out this book about a 1905 voyage to the Arctic This is a historic novel about a ship that voyages to above the Arctic circle in 1905-1906. It is based on an unpublished memo...

Sail chartering in the Adriatic
We want to charter a sailboat and cruise the Croatian coast for a week next June. If you've done this, we'd love to hear about the experience. Who did you charter with? What did it cost? <...

Motor cruiser near Beachy Head on Saturday 19 August
Is this your boat or do you know who the owner is? It is a 30 foot, or maybe a bit larger, motor cruiser. ...

Sailing Info Guide
Hi... Get more info about Sailing from

Insurer recommendations?
I intend to buy a yacht (my first) in Turkey or Greece. Any recommendations for an insurer - particularly if you've had claims handled well? Any policy terms to beware of? Dave ...

Horse-Shoe Lifebouys? Can anyone help?
Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of a horse-shoe lifebuoy over a ring shaped one? Why have they become so popular and at the same time why are they not approved for commer...

disposal - engine mount
I have a number of surplus engine mounts (new, unused) for disposal. - please contact via email only. [email protected]

Baldricks alament
Ho to be a Busker Ho to be busker and play music to the many. I'll do all with pleasure and just for you to give a penny. I'll play you all my favourite tunes while you just...

New plotter
Just bought a new used boat and will equip it with a plotter. I used to be a garmin mapsource user, but now I have the opportunity to select whatever I wopuld like. Instruments/autopilot a...

non sailing postings
Guys, please do not reply to the non sailing postings, it'll encourage them all the more.

Last Minute
Hi, My partner and I planned a sailing holiday for the last week of August, but some of our friends cancelled at the last minute... So we are looking for some relaxed people to ma...

Sailing Europe 2007 1st time
Dear fellow sailiors: My friend and I want to sail Europe in the summer of 2007 (for 5 weeks). We just spent 5 weeks as regular tourists and were amazed at the expense. The exc...

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