My new HF marine antenna
I have been in the market for a new HF for some time now. I have been using a $400 Force 12 vertical mounted on the stern for a few years now. It is OK, but not great. I he...

Swapping Helms on Dinghies
I recently partook in a dinghy race, I overheard the safety boat radio in to race control that I as crew had swapped position with the helm during the course of the race. As I normally sail ...

Stripped splines at top of drive shaft. (1988 Evinrude Junior 2hp outboard)
I bought a 2nd-hand Evinrude Junior (2 hp) outboardb motor, circa 1988. The motor is generally in good order except that the top 1/2" of the splines at the top end of the driveshaft ar...

Which cheap used lightweight 2hp (approx) outboard?
Can anyone advise what would be a good choice in 2nd-hand (2 hp, approx) outboard motors? I want something that is lightweight, and easy to obtain spares for. 2-strokes seem...

Cruising information for Greece and Spain
For those who cruise (or plan to cruise) in N Spain or Greece, note that I've just updated my website at with a lot more detail on eccentric bars, unusual res...

Three weeks to Svalbard - last berth
I'm skippering 45' steel yawl from Tromsoe (starting 10 August) in northern Norway through Bjornoya to Svalbard (Spitsbergen), then back through Lofoten to Narvik (ending 31 August). We stee...

looking for dinghy- Comet??
Hi. Am looking for a cheapish boat, like the look of the comet as seems to have aft mainsheet. Budget up to =A31000, needs to be lightish, easily handled, used to toppers and never quite got...

Real racing -- Martin

Cashing in on Cowes Week
I was out sailing yesterday - the first day of Cowes Week ( I was not competing), when my mobile phone rang. It was East Cowes Marina to say they'd noticed my boat was out of its berth, an...

laser hull/deck separation
Hi all, To my horror I found today that my hull is beginning to separate from my deck under the gunwhale about half way along. At the moment the separation is only a couple of mms wid...

chichester harbour moorings
I am contemplating buying a bilge keeler and using it for a few years in Chichester Harbour. Does anyone have experience of the area.? Are there any downsides? It looks a great environ...

Why does Alan Holmes always remove uk.rec.gardening from his xposts?

The Fisher Of Men
Anyone mind if I dump this here?

How to sue for libel without making a complete cunt of yourself
Paul McKenna wins libel action.,,200-2289822,00.html

Buntys bollocks struck out!
JOHN STUART BUNT, The WOMAN ABUSER, BATTERY BODGER and CLASS A DRUG DEALER had his attempt to DEFRAUD various people of a large sum of money STRUCK OUT today at Exeter court by Ju...

What is this !
Can any one tell me what this is please. Found two on my boat. Made from Aluminium with a nice pink tape to stop them being dropped over the side. Cheers Craig ...

First Boat Advice.
Hi all , I have recently moved to Scotland and live in Arbroath within 50 meters of the harbour. It can accomodate sailing boats and has a poontooned area with water and electric in the gate...

Question from a non-sailor
On one of our regular walks, there is a large (100ft long or so) "old" sailing ship. It has several masts and is the sort of thing, as a layman, I'd expect to see in the tall ships race. I...

Re: Hardest Pilotage.
"Alisdair" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > > <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected]

Help to identify this sailing dinghy
Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me please? I am looking for some more info or a spec of the following racing dinghy. Here are the pictures. Side View h...

Dinghy hire, Plymouth
A friend is on holiday in the area soon and would like to rent a sailing dinghy locally (he is an experienced lake sailor at home). Any suggestions? Regards, Jerry

Picture of Paul
Painted by Bruegel a long time ago...

Help sought with instruments
Dear All My GRP boat (21" Newbridge Coromandel) has a Clipper Duet of instruments - one a log, passed through the hull; and a depth sounder glassed in, inside the hull. ...

Photography of u and ur vessel
Hello, I was wondering if any of your members would be intrested in having their vessel photographed as they move out of the Hamble onto the Solent? I have been doing photography f...

1963 Philip Rhodes Chesapeake 32
Anyone with knowledge of a 1963 era Philip Rhodes Chesapeake 32 ? Built in Denmark, now in the states; a friend is looking to buy her.

Dinghy rubbing strip
Hi Folks, I have a GRP tender - a Jack Holt "Dittyboat". The plastic is fine, but the wood edging is badly rotted and the rubber bumper (the latter fitted by my father) has larg...

Der der de der
Der de der de der de der.....

Info on Outboard required
I have a Whitehead 6 outboard that has been sitting in my shed for a number of years during which time the spark plug has been broken so I have lost the plug ID and Maker. Does anyone have...

Direct Injection 2 strokes
I'm interested to know how these differ in emissions to regular 2 strokes, (if anybody actually made them (talking low HP here)) and whether they are as good "work horses" as a regul...

WTB mainsail for Skipper 14
Hello - I've asked this on here before, but the need has come up again. I'm looking for a gunter mainsail for a Skipper 14, or I would consider an entire bermudan rig (mast & sail). <...

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