Is this the ugliest dinghy?
So do you know of anything with less appeal than this....?

Nice one for easy guitar
Memories are made of this - Dean Martin MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS D A (sweet, sweet memories you gave-a me, D A ...

Anyone used for successfully selling their craft ? Any comments ? Stefan (The other one !)

Hardest Pilotage.
What's the hardest anchorage in the Uk to get into?

Any recent reports of submarines in the Thames? CWM

Any recent reports of submarines in the Thames? CWM

Amiot T-track genoa car spares?
Does anyone know of a UK (or European) distributor for Amiot spares? The plastic runners between my genoa cars and the track have worn out after 17 years on the job. I can find 1 pair in A...

Here, Bunty, Bunty, Bunty
Bite you fucker, Bite....

Contract re a boatsale/buy ....
I've just agreed with a german private boat owner to buy his boat. He don't speak danish and i'm not very good at german. The danish sailing association has got an outline/template for a b...

NASA marine - bad customer service
Are you thinking of buying NASA marine equipment? Read this, its just staggering. I apologise if I have transgressed any forum rules in posting this, but it is here for tw...

Day Skipper Question
- I am looking at some old day skipper exams and one asks "when using parachute rocket flares, why should a second flare be let off 1 minute after the first?" Anyone help me with ...

The Lifeboat & its Work vintage book RNLI 1910 FA
The Life Boat & It's Work by Sir John Cameron Lamb Deputy Chairman RNLI 1910, VGC Superb and rare old book on the lifeboats on the British Isles,absolutely packed with pictures,plans et...

Frosty The Snowman....
Frosty the Snowman Was a jolly happy soul With a corncob pipe and a button nose And two eyes made out of coal Frosty the Snowman Is a...

Frosty The Snowman....
Frosty the Snowman Was a jolly happy soul With a corncob pipe and a button nose And two eyes made out of coal Frosty the Snowman Is a...

Help - Newsgroup Retention policies
Hi, I wondered if anyone out there can assist me with: I can only see postings in this newsgroup going back to the 22 June (today is the 26th June!) Which means it looks li...

Launching Wheels for Inflatable
Sorry if this is the wrong group I have just bought a small inflatable dingy 2.65m and I am looking for some launching wheels to allow me to launch it with outboard attached across a ...

Yamaha 2hp o/b
Can anyone tell me the correct fuel/oil mixture for a Yamaha 2hp outboard please?

Sailing Holiday & Chart Datum
Hi All, Just got back from my first bareboat sailing holiday, I chartered an old 35' Beny for 2 weeks from Corfu. (got a fantastic deal off ebay but thats another story). ...

Made me chuckle..
You've heard of the tweaker, the topper and the traveller but have you heard of the 'shusher'? This remarkable addition to the running rigging could improve the quality of life ...

Braided Rope with an eye splice
I want to buy some 10mm braided rope in 4 metre lengths with an eye splice in 1 end (control ropes for a mainsheet traveller). Any ideas where I might get it?

Disposal of Old Flares
The Coastguard are getting reluctant to take old flares, chandlers on the whole don't want to know, and sailing clubs who used to use them for demos are now all Health & Safety conscious a...

One of Roberts

Sail Boat Insurance Basics
Sail Boat Insurance Basics When it comes to insuring things those we own against loss or damage we tend to want the very best. After all, we worked hard to get what we have and we...

Dinghy insurance
This is an apologetic plea to anyone who's ever been unfortunate to have had their dinghy stolen or vandalised... I'm dangerously close to buying a dinghy (Laser 2000, discussed at le...

Yanmar exhaust elbows
I have a 1GM10 in Sea Spear. There has been some leakage of the heat-t-elbow joint and it's evident that the mounting plate of the elbow has distorted by about 5 thou between the two widel...

Outboard engine for tender - which ?
The cruiser is steel 45 ft yawl. Tender to her is Zodiac 310 cm, outboard power allowed up to 10 hp. The question is: up to how big outboard engine is feasible to be hadled by hand, on seas ...

Solo in my Coromandel
Dear All A number of you may recall I asked about the junk-rigged Newbridge Coromandel here a little while back. After looking at a couple, I did go ahead and buy one, a...

Just before I go to bed....
Night all.....

Evinrude Junior outboard motor...
I stumbled accross an old Evinrude Junior outboard motor today in a local chandlers: asking price 60. They assure me it's in good working order. It looks like it's well over 10 years ...

Silly questions?
I want to learn to sail but have no idea about sailing; it all seems a bit scary and ettiquette-based and expensive so wondered if you guys could help out... Apologies if these questions hav...

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