Instrument Fit
Hi, I am refitting a shipman 28. The boat doesn't currently have any instruments at all. Having done all my cruising to date on Jeanneau's I want to fit instruments. I am torn between the Na...

Round the Island race - start times
A lot of people are saying that the start times for the smaller / slower sections in this Saturday's Round the Island Race are too late this year. I agree. Mine, for example is 08:00,...

New idea - trimaran Exploder 23
Dear Friends We would like to present a project idea of EXPLODER 23 - a new 23feet race trimaran. The project of EXPLODER 23 assumes a creation of a new class of 23feet cat...

Three Rivers Race 3-4/6/2006
Anyone else here taking part in the 46th Three Rivers Race? (For those who need to know - the Bure, Ant and Thurne, on the Norfolk Broads. The quickest craft manage the course in aroun...

FA: Helly Hansen Offshore Sailing trousers good as new
Hello all Appologies for my only post here being a 'for auction'. A pair of ladies Helly Hansen F1 Offs...

The best way to sell a boat
After co-owning a boat for a couple of years, I've decided to go back to single ownership. We have therefore decided to try and sell our boat, so I could do with some advice on selling.. <...

Garmin service ?
Hello out there, Just wanted to know how the service is from you national Garmin distrubutors in your countries? In Denmark it's really bad and i'd like to know if it's worthwhi...

Dinghy to learn/brush up helming skills
Hi there, I'm thinking of buying a dinghy and was wondering if I could get some advice from you dinghy sailers out there. While I have a few years of off-and-on crewing experience of N...

Advice on visiting Thames Estuary
The admiral and I want to visit the east coast of the UK, say the River Stour or the river Orwell or perhaps a bit more north, with our 23 tonnes motorsailer with a 6' draft twin keel, capab...

Rail from Milford ahven to Hereford or Worcs
Anyone watching tall ships at Seahaven need a ticket by rail from Milford to Worcseter or Hereford Check out Sorry s...

Learning to Sail - Forth area
I'm keen to learn sailing and I've just got a nice 22 foot cruiser based on the Forth and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who could spend some time showing me the rudiments?

HW Sun 2nd July - St Helier
Hello, Anyone with an almanac able to give me HW details for St Helier on Sunday 2nd July (this year). Thanks very much!

Estonia/Finland charts
Does anyone have any charts of Estonia or the Gulf of Finland they'd like to sell/lend/rent for the summer? David

Kestrel Mainsail Wanted
Some chaps at my club are looking to buy a used Kestrel dinghy mainsail. (Or main/jib) They don't race, so a sail in sound condition is what they're looking for - is anyone sellin...

Any advice available re antique rig's?
I am currently, though very slowly and dimly, thinking about modifying my Bosun dinghy as a project over the next year or two. The object of the exercise and desired end point is to h...

Aren't you glad you are not a climber?

For Pikey Sailors. Actually, might be worth a look.

Round -the- Island Race 3/6/06
Anyone else doing the Round The Island Race this year? I'll be in 'Fellowship' , sail / dodger no 893; Group 6. Purple flag, 08:00 start (Give me a wide berth!) Any suggestions...

Recalcitrant outboard motor
I have this old (well, not that old, 1999 vintage) wee (2hp) Yamaha 2-stroke for my tender, which has on the whole been pretty reliable for the 5 years I've had it. It has now dev...

Re: Cell Phone Coverage in Balearics
<[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected] > Thank you....I know the States are behind in cell tech. I don't > believ...

Learning to Sail
Learning to Sail Many people learn to sail by going sailing with their friends or parents. But how do you get started if you do not know anybody with a boat? Read ...

HRH Opens the new RYS 'Pontoon' today
HRH Phrince Philip will today (24/5) be opening the new mini-marina (which they modestly call the pontoon) at the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes, mid morning today. Rumour has it he'll be v...

London Boat Show changes...
Seems the organisers have realised that something needs to be done, not sure that they're on the right track though... "Upon entry to the Excel Exhibition Centre in London's Docklands,...

Gay Forks
Just in case anyone missed it, here is a picture of JOHN STUART BUNT in his best frock! It *IS* genuine! Remember this picture next time Bunty starts having a pop at ho...

I was last there (Sidmouth) ten years ago and istr there were large stone blocks being put in the water to form a barrier to protect the beach from erosion. It looked like they were going to...

Sailing Madmen
"It may be well to note a French view. The April Voiles et Voilier described The Jester Challengers as: These sailing madmen, most of them British, will have no ambition but the beauty of t...

shallow places
On another topic Tony regrets his deep draft. You betcha! The best places are the shallow places. They are often free of charge too, even in the Solent. There is a website, ...

Leisure 17 for sale
Ready to sail if anybody is interested.... I'll get back into boating again, but I can't keep this one...

Question for the PortaBoat owners in here
Hi, I am looking for a dingy that allows me to get to the village to get some food, perhaps a few miles from my anchorage. - Would a 12' PortaBoat with a 8hp outboard plane ...

the menace of floating rope
I ran into floating rope on Saturday when I was at least 40m away from its buoy. As the tidal range at Low Newton (Northumberland) is about 4m I wonder why such excess of rope?

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