Lowrance GlobalMap 3500C/cobra MC-600C
I am considering buying my first plotter and would be grateful for any sensible comments or opinions. There appear to be good deals on the above but has anyone any direct experience of these...

This site has not been working for me for about ONE YEAR now!!! I have got others to try it out - and some folk report the site is working - some report it is not. This affects Xtra ...

Just a FYI The asshole Mys Terry is Robert E Brody
The pathetic coward who is posting as Mys Terry (my wife) is Robert E Brody of Kewl Gardens NY. He was outed on alt.sailing.asa. You can find lots of info about him on asa where he is postin...

Med Marinas with Wifi?
Hi All, Is there a list anywhere of Marinas in the med that have free or pay wifi access? Thanks, Fred.

Jouet 1280 Ketch
Hello, U.K. sailors. Does anyone know of this French design, built from the early '80s to 1990 or so when the company fell prey to a recession? I'm looking at visiting one with th...

The accepted wisdom is that to osmosis-proof a GRP boat, you should coat the hull in epoxy. But it occurs to me that the GRP hull is made up of epoxy resin with fibres in anyway; so w...

YM does it again
In the past I have criticised YM for being far too parochial, and for rehashing the same articles for Solent based sailors time after time after time. So I thought it was time t...

Who is Jesus
Without a doubt, you have often heard the claim that Jesus is God, the second person in the "Holy trinity." However, the very Bible which is used as a basis for knowledge about Jesus a...

FA: Even more stuff on the way out...
Aquapac VHF Case: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7237560403 Aquapac Phone/GPS case: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7237560332

Anchorplaces in English Channel
I had an article about anchorplaces in The English Channel, - but lost it. Anyone who can help? Places, Links, Articles . . . . Regards / Peter (Sailing a danish yacht throu...

Speed log electronics
Hi Folks, Its been a long while since I last wrote to the group. I'm having a problem with my Navico log instrument. It constantly reads zero kts. So far I have removed the transducer...

Micro Gem 18
Hi all Anyone any experience of racing with or against these? What are they like? -- Spike

UVPRO40+ headwear
Really pushing the boat out today, after contemplating some new charts I bought a new hat to go sailing in. I see there is a label attached to it which explains in fifteen languages that the...

FA: Having a bit of a clearout
Handheld VHF: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7237279725 Reeve-Fowkes Central Channel & The Solent Tidal Atlas http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...

Admiralty - Stanford - Imray - Which charts?
Is there any significant difference, other than wanting to stick with one type? Any particular pros or cons? Tim W

MP3 of my Yanmar YSB12 running,. does it sound alright?
http://www.rockisland.com/~zephyroatysb12.mp3 In Living Stereo! MP3 128 bit, 589kb file size. 37 glorious seconds comprising: Start/Full Throttle/Shutdown. You can't just click on it...

Time to slow down...
I've joined the "cruising" set... I bought a second-hand Sealord 15 last November (very small trailer sailor (purportedly 4 berths)) and finally got on the river last Sunday morning... ...

Aires Mountings
I'm looking for the mounting clamps for an Aries wind vane. The bits that hold the mounting bars to the deck. Would anyone have any they would sell? I only need two of them...

Race scoring software
We are looking for recommendations for race scoring software which is 1. reliable 2. easy to use 3. preferably freeware The club sails two one design classes. We run thr...

Gear problem
I have managed to mislay two of the block & hook bits from my Lightning. :( It's easy enough to get a small block suitable for control lines on the internet, but I've not ...

GRP repairs to crazing
I have some stress crazing around stanchions and also around various cleats. There is also a groove were the fore sheets have rubbed on the side decks. How easy is it to restore these items ...

Satellite phones, new models, providers...
Satellite telephone info, new models, informations, global satellite telephone providers, satellite telephone base stations, paging, astellite FAX systems, voice over internet protocol... re...

Mooring US East Coast
In another thread someone quoted mooring costs around New York as $100 a night. I'm looking at sailing across to Newport this year and the best price I can find is US$40 a night for a moorin...

Want a serious muslim match?Join our club and start searching now!!!
Want a serious muslim match?Join our club and start searching now!!! http://www.motorcycletime.com/mywebs/20.htm

I've bought a boat with a digital heater control but no instructions, can anyone lead me to online instructions or assist, as the unit starts up every morning whether I want it or not? ...

Garmin 172C external or internal aerial ?
Hello, I have just ordered a Garmin 172 C from www.compass24.com with an external aerial (the only one they sell according to their online catalog ) . It has been sent and I h...

Yotties Beaufort Scale
I'm thinking of the joke version - the one where yotties find any excuse to go to the pub. I had one years back and have sadly lost it. Can anyone help, please? Thanks <...

Any 'reversing' tips?
I'm going on a sailing holiday in a few weeks and was hoping to get some assistance with reversing. We went on a similar holiday last year and I found it difficult to control the boat when r...

Can I reallly go for it?
Hi I find myself ending a long military career, and in a loveless marriage - basically I want to get out and sail the world. I've got about 30k lump sum to call my own, plu...

For all your outdoor activities!! --Free navigation system!!!
Hi guys, Just found something great. A navigation system FREE OF CHARGE!!! It is a world wide system and in many spoken languages. I already downloaded it to my cellphone. Use it...

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