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Dinghy hire in Lanzarote
Does anybody know if it's possible to hire a dinghy in Lanzarote or if there's a sailing school? Particularly in the general vacinity of Costa Teguise? I'm off there for my summe...

Amnesty for illegal immigrants will not happen this time.....................
Our politicians lead the league in all talk, no action. Is blowing us some sunshine good enough? Read what The Expert thinks: http://www.ExpertHumor.com/ <...

Will illegal immigrants get deported?.........Of course not.....................
Our politicians just wanted to blow us some sunshine. Get the details from The Expert: http://www.ExpertHumor.com/ *** Free account spons...

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
The way our politicians rushed to talk about illegal immigration this week, maybe they thought it came with a free lunch. They won't do anything about it, but it will get them some mon...

Fitting out, kind of.
Hi all, I'm slowly trying to turn my boat into a budget cruiser. I've bought a new battery and charge controller (for next months solar cells), and I've got an inverter, stereo an...

Charlie Tango Teakettle Barbeque... Kssccshh
Hi, In a hypothetical situation, if a person was booked in for a VHF course at the end of April (because he couldn't get on one any sooner), but needed to use the radio to get out...

No Canoe Can Hold Me
No Canoe Can Hold Me by Dennis Puttkamer Care to take a relaxing, uneventful canoe trip down the lazy river, the sights and sounds of nature soothing you? Want the warm midd...

dinghy hire in nidri
Going to Nidri on Lefkas in June, ordinary package holiday. Hope to be able to hire a Laser or similar to do a bit of sailing. Does anyone know how feasible this will be, costs, ...

cooling water question,..
Trying to solve my water pump problem next. Q: If I disconnect the output side of my water pump, should I be able to blow air through it with my mouth and hear it come out the exhaust? ...

Pump Out?
Have decided to fit a holding tank but wonder at what level to mount it. Fairly low in the cockpit locker is preferable space-wise but how long are the pump-out probes? Also, does anyone ...

Sailor/Pilot Licence - Advice Please.
Folks, I wish to obtain the relevant licences in order to hire/drive/sail a boat on the Med. I have absolutely no previous experience other than renting small (40hp) motor boats w...

Sponsorship for Sailing Events - Tips Please!
I'm looking to 'encourage' sponsorship out of some large national companies to use to subsidise my 2007 national championships. Has anyone any hints or tips on how they have elicited m...

Raymarine ST40 Wind
I was about to mount my new toy on the top of the mast at the weekend when I noticed no-one had a mount the same as mine - its an ST40 Wind with Rotavecta transducer. This thing sticks strai...

What on earth is it?
In rooting through the inventory of the newly purchased s/h boat I find a curious rope, the purpose of which baffles me. I cannot ask the previous owner, I wonder if you can figure it out? <...

Flying Fifteen for sale
Ready to race - sail number GBR 2749 - 1600 - for more info please email me - lots of pics available by email!

Westerly for sale
Westerly Nomad for sale 2995 contact me for more details.

Where to go windsurfing in the West Midlands
Hi all, does anyone have any idea where I can just turn up at a lake, pay a fee and how much, and just try my windsurf out. I am reluctant to join a club yet. TIA Joh...

Buying first tender - Bic Sportyak?
I,m looking to buy a tender which is both stable and easy to handle by one person. My boat will be on a swinging mooring inside a breakwater but even so it can get pretty choppy d...

Ko Chang/ Ko Kut Archipelago
Notwithstanding a fortnight in the Ionian in May my chum and I are looking at a new venue for first week in September and I wondered if anyone had sailed the area. There's a sma...

OT Wave & Tidal Power
Interesting program - Working Lunch BBC2 TV 12.30pm all next week will be looking at various schemes for generating electricity from tide & wave power. Graham. ...

Mercury outboard 2.2,impeller position
Hi all I got a mercury bargain I(i thought at the time) for 75 Euro and i tested it but there seems to be blockage at the water cooing system. Any ideas as to where to find the impeller...

Sail wanted
Sail wanted. the size required is 27-30 feet luff and a 10 feet at the foot. It must have reefing points..... email me if you have one

Yacht Sail for sale
Yacht sail for sale. Its in a fair condition, no tears or repairs. Plenty of life left in it. The size is as follows: Luff 33 feet, Foot 13 feet, there are 3 reefing points. The sail can be ...

Fasttrack RYA Levels 1 & 2
Hi Over the years I've done lots of yacht and dinghy sailing. However, I have not a shred of documentation to that effect. I would like to be able to hire dinghies whilst on hol...

mmsi number - how do I get one
I've just got a new dsc vhf and have the short range course certificate, but I dont know how to get an mmsi out of ofcom (this is for UK narrowboat- so its not registered). Any suggestions! ...

How far
Can anyone enlighten me as to the distance offshore that the BBC Coastal forecast is valid. I would assume that it would bee different for headlands and bays!

The 'Exmoor Beastie' is this next Sunday, 26th March. 'www.wimbleballsc.org.uk'

Visiting Venice by yacht
Does anyone have recent experience of sailing into Venice? I would be grateful of advice on where to anchor if the marina's are full. Bill.

Camping and sailing
I'm looking for a place to go camping/sailing. Ideally a campsite either with a sailing lake, or on the banks of a larger lake. It doesn't have to be all that big as we're only talking abo...

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