eBay - The Ebbco Sextant - Finding your location before GPS...
The Ebbco Sextant - Finding your location before GPS... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7394565964 More at: www.simaenterprise.com

More Scotland Q's.
What are the lochs to the East of the North end of Kyle Rhea like? Worth a visit? Anywhere safe to anchor for a night or a lunch stop? IIRC Loch Duich & Loch Long. (I assume it's not ...

PC Chartplotting - again!
Hi, I've gone and done it! Bought a Moody 44 to travel the Atlantic Coasts and the Med. For a couple of years! Quite exciting, but a bit daunting too. Anyway - a...

Well Done Floatything & anchors
Out of interest, what are your 3 anchors? I've recently got a 60 spade to replace a 7.5 kg Bruce-copy as bower on a Solent-based Hunter 27. I'm going to get some new warp (10m chain &...

Curious enough to know?
Are you curious to know who is the man who led millions to boycott Danish products for his sake? You can know by reading here .. http://www.islamway.com/mo...

Definition of Sausage
Race Briefing today was "sausage-triangle-triangle-sausage" X2 Now although it was a cruiser race, I regularly partake in dinghy races and therefore thought I understand what this mean...

Anchor chain, Plymouth
A few months back I found a website for a chandlery distributor selling anchor chain at about half the retail chandlers' rate. It appeared that they would sell at a counter to the public t...

Suggestions for second hand boat type pls
Am asked by a mate to help him find a boat for 4000 - 6000. There are sooo many makes and types I thought I might gather some suggestions from you guys. This is the spec:- To be...

Guide to fitting Depth Speed Log equipment
I am considering buying a Hurley 20, the boat does not have a Depth, Speed, Log fitted and wondered how difficult these are to fit. The wireless ones are very nice but out of my price range ...

Navico wd 200 wind help
I would thank a copy of (lost) manual in case you scanned it. I would thank also guidelines to adjust wind angle in this instrument dpf

Latest voip phone/usb phone/gateway
Our online store provide VoIP terminal from China USB Phone:AU-100 AU-200 USB Gateway:AU-600 IP Phone:AT-320PD/AT-320EE/AT-320ED VoIP Gateway:AG-168V/AG-268/AG-468 the prices ...

I'm buying new sails for my boat and looking for recommdations. I have spoken to kemp, jeckles and crusader I didnt think much to crusader over the phone but they are by far the ...

purchasing clothing for a new season
I'm off to the dinghy show at ally pally in march with some cash - what clothing should I invest in? I've muddled on with a dodgy set of clothing for 3 years while I decided if th...

What's your secret?
I'm really impressed by the fact that your news group is not plagued with O.T. (off topic) messages that have ruined some of the other boating groups in usenet. You people are eit...

Alternator manager for old yanmar?
The engine yanmar YSE12 1977 built, the alternator 25A, the drawings show a regulator in the system, on the boat i dont have one ,it seems they replaced it with a "battery separator" (which ...

Solent "Round the Cans"
I'm lined up to be skipper of a Sunsail Solent "Round the cans" race. - But where can I get a chart of the cans positions? Any tips for using a Sunsail Sunfast? Cheers ...

Nice brass Greaser
Anyone know of a good source for a nice brass greaser? One that might hold around 16 OZ+ of grease. Hard to find a source here in the USA. Thanks Joe

Chavs (slightly off topic)
Just before Christmas I managed to upset a number of URS readers with my insensitive comments about some Chav who had put Christmas lights all over his boat. Admittedly a little off t...

Winch gear changing question.....
Hi all, I am relatively new to the sailing world, but I have a question regarding 2 and 3 speed winches. I was speaking to a guy over the weekend who was describing roughly how y...

Do you want the ais-support in Oziexplorer to include collision-course-alarm?
The ais-support in Oziexplorers New Development Version 3.96.2a is a terrific improvement. My user-wish would be to add: calculation of CPA (Closest Point of Approach) calcul...

Floatything on the Rocks???
I got a phone call yesterday morning - Floatything had broken her mooring in strong winds and is currently 3 metres from a very hard stone wall. Hell's teeth! The call was from the mooring ...

West Coast Experts
I'm hoping the Scottish experts might offer a few comments on the following places on the West coast. Primarily I'm interested in quality of shelter, challenge of entry & attracti...

Jobs on a racing yacht
Hi folks, I'm only a dinghy sailor so bear with me. Can anyone help me out with a list of jobs and job descriptions on a racing yacht. For example, what does the 'mast man' do? C...

Alternative to M31
Was considering getting an Icom M31 until the recent discussion on battery life. What would the group recommend as a resonable alternative? Don't want to spend more than the M31 would ...

Opinions sought on Newbridge Coromandel
Dear All I'm thinking about buying a small yacht (I'm 50 and tho' I've sailed on and off all my life (my mum was a dingy sailor and I suspect that when I was born HER fi...

Bonehead moves on the water and more...
Check out this sailing site that features vids and pics of anything related to the water/ http://h2uh0.blogspirit.com/

Suunto compass repair
I have a Suunto compass which has developed a bubble. Does anyone know where I could find a Suunto agent in the UK for repairs? (Suunto's website is useless, and the telephone & fax number i...

Home made Danbouy- plans required
With all winter jobs nearly done I fancy a go at making my own Danbouy. Anyone possess any instructions or plans that I could work from? Thought about basing it on an old carbon fibre fishin...

Can anyone recommend a sailing school around the Humberside region.
Hi, I am new to this newsgroup so be gentle with me. Can anyone recommend a sailing school around the Humberside region. As someone who has never placed a foot onboard...

What is a cheap online place to buy saling equipment?
What is a cheap online place to buy saling equipment? I am looking for someone, with a lot of product, like above 10.000. The amazone.com of sailing equimpment. Thanks for any he...

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