Palma in September
We are planning a cruise out of Palma, Majorca in mid-to-late September. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like? Does the risk of bad weather increase dramatically as it gets later in...

Death of Asst HM at Kyle of Lochalsh
Heard that Johnny Ach, an Asst HM at Kyle died suddenly last wednesday at the age of 51. I have always found him very helpful to yotties whenever I visited Kyle and he was also an enthusias...

Galvanic Isolator?
Once again I'm picking the groups' brains - thank you in advance for your knowledge and opinions. I've read an advert that says a yacht MUST have a galvanic isolator. True or fals...

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Engine problems
An acquaintance has a Bukh 24 in a saddler 32. It has just been serviced. On starting it ran fine but then started to increase in revs. On shutting down, the engine ran on for some time befo...

Whoops! -- Martin

SW Peloponese Information
Anyone sailing around the SW Peloponese, or thinking of wintering in Kalamata or Pylos, should find this useful: -- JimB ...

Wildflower sailing dinghy
Anyone know anything about Wildflower Dinghy class. I have recently aquired one and would like to know something about them. Thanks Rich Westerly 2219 DAVICO

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Svalbard - Magellan MapSend BlueNav Europe ?
Could any of you having this kit tell me, if there there are maps of Svalbard / Spitzbergen included? As looking on index map it seems nope, but Garmin BlueChart includes Svalbard, so I hope migh...

GMDSS Simulator
Hello, if you are interested in GMDSS simulator check Regards!

Manual or paperwork on SX-25 VHF TX/RX
I wonder if anybody has any paperwork on the SX-25 VHF Marine Radio Or where I could get any downloadable information? Many thanks in advance -- Robert Maskill - G4PYR...

kitesurfing and snow/ice sailing
For those interested in kitesurfing and snow/ice sailing, the Snowfer FunFest is being held this weekend Jan 27, 28 & 29, 2006. Location is Keswick, Lake Simcoe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Save the 0530 Radio 4 UK Theme! 3/radio4.shtml Mark Damazer, Controller of BBC Radio 4, has announced plans for the network which will cha...

CE Certification.. What does it mean?
Can someone shed some light on the CE Certification. I'm looking at purchasing a Beneteau 21.7 or a second hand Beneteau 210. The EC Certification for the 21.7 is B4 /C6 / ...

Lifeboats: A bit more
Some fairly strong criticisms of RNLI procurement policy have been made, mainly on the grounds that their boats are un-necessarily expensive, and also old-fashioned in that more up to date...

New water sport forum web site.
Hi We've just started a new web site at The idea is to generate a community of people who are interested in all forms of water recreation, i.e. sailing, boating, ...

Best yacht/sailing club in the Solent?
Hi everyone. I am looking for some advise about sailing/yacht clubs in the Solent. My sailing experience has mostly been in Australia, and now that I live in London, I want to start yacht ...

Stern gland
What is the concensus of opinion as to the number of turns of the greaser per hour of engine use?

yamaha 2 stroke 6
I have been trying to aquire a 2P conector for the 12v output on a yamaha 6hp 2 stroke (1999) outboard. And getting conflicting information from different merchantsas to wether or no...

C. Warden Ketch from Lowenstoft
Greetings UK Sailors , I figure it's time to try again here to track down some information. I'm hoping someone in the Lowestoft area might be able to ID the builder or fir...

cabin heater?
To read the arguments and opinions of the group is a quick way for me to get up to speed. I wonder if the crew would like to assist with this one - Q. If you were equipping a 29 -...

Adhesive for fixing a rubber strip
I have a rubbing strip on the stern of my beneteau (rubber) can anyone suggest an adhesive for fixing this to the boat.

I run a small charter fleet/sailing school on the West Coast of Scotland - - and I am now just beginning to realise that global warming may be a serious issue. ...

Mobile phone use
Hi all, I am a final year undergraduate student, studying Marine Navigation (BSc) at the University of Plymouth, conducting a study of the use of mobile (cell) phones by recreatio...

MacGregor 26
What's the groups' opinion of this boat? I saw one at the boat show and it looked impressive for the price...... TonyB

We need to replace Sea Holly's main and need to decide soon to get boat show discounts. The (not so) short list is, in not particular order, Kemp Crusader Jeckells ...

Ifin trouble, dial 999
Richard Woods rescued off Mexico. Call via Falmouth coastguards. Wonder how his family here heard of it?

Lewmar 34's self tailing winches
I have just bought a new (to me) boat with lewmar 34 selftailing winches. someone has broken the top of one of them. the bit where the rope runs for the selftailing bit(if that makes sence...

GRP lifespan
How long should a modern GRP hull lasts as compared to one made 10 years ago? And how old is considered too old when taking a boat offshore into potential rough conditions? ...

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