Offering boat for charter in Bodrum, Turkey - from the boat owner
I own and charter a Beneteau Oceanis 461 boat located in Bodrum-Turkey. Price is only EURO300 per day, bareboat or captained. If you think about chartering a boat out of Bodrum DIRECT FROM T...

Importing TO the US and VAT
I am a US citizen with hopes of buying a new or used Jeanneau Sun 2000 and importing to the US via container ship. I realize if I buy a used boat, I will end up indirectly paying VAT becau...

Sails & Sailmaking manual vintage 1904 FA
Sails & Sailmaking,with Draughting,and the Centre of Effort of the Sails,Also Weights & Sizes of Ropes,Masting ,Rigging and Sail for Steam vessells etc.Illustrated with numerous woodcuts. by...

any ideas abiut hogmaney?

Boero antifouling
Does anybody have any experience of Boero antifouling for the Mediterranean. It is being recommended to me by a French boatyard for a new boat. It is made by an Italian paint company calle...

Robust laptop?
Hi Can anyone recommend a laptop robust enough for long-term ocean cruising? What I'm looking for is a laptop with a metal instead of plastic case which will hopefully ...

Scotland East coat -Fin keel
Hello group Planning on visiting Scotlands east coast 2006 and need some pointers on safe moorings/ anchorages and or marinas for a fin keel (1.85m draught) yacht. Have...

Re- Galileo
"The first Galileo demonstrator is in orbit, marking the very first step to full operability of Europe’s new global navigation satellite system, under a partnership between ESA and the Eur...

Anti-foul advice
Current anti-foul[0] is basically sound except for : (a) discolouration around waterline (b) barnacles/rust spots on keels I suspect that it's worth doing the keels, so may ...

Sikkens Cetol for use on National 12 Dinghy
I have a part wood, part GRP "Baggy Trousers" N12 to sand and varnish. It's not too long in the tooth to race - so I want a practical coating for a season of capsizing in lake water, not a s...

I have just read this BBC article on the new European positioning system - so it seems it should be ready by 2010, and 'free to air' for public use with greater accuracy than GPS. What it ...

Roller furling/reefing or piston hanks
I have a cutter rigged Bruce Roberts 53, who's working sails comprise a main sail, stay sail and yankee both on piston hanks. Once the wind reaches f3/4 she sails well, but struggles in li...

Mirror Dinghy Wanted
I am looking for Miiror Dinghy in the Solent area.

Cruising Guide to Thailand
Whilst rummaging through paperwork I have come across a copy of the Sunsail 'Cruising Guide to Thailand' - covers Phuket to Ko Phetra (Andaman Sea). Very comprehensive - fr...

Sailing Channel
Got home yesterday to find that SWMBO had mad a unilateral decision to have a Sky Scab affixed to the back wall with all the trimmings. Wrath much abated by a troll through the sports chann...

Winter sailing
Finally tide and weather (and SWMBO) were in my favour and I managed to get floatything off her mooring and into the sound for a bit of Winter sailing. It does you good I can tell you. It ju...

Tender with sail?
Hi I'm looking to source a tender for a 42' yacht that is capable of being sailed to/from the boat and stored lashed across the transom or foredeck when cruising. It wo...

London Boat Show and RNLI
Hi According to an email from the LBS organisers Thursday 12 Jan is a special (ie cheap) day for RNLI members at the show, with details on the website and magazine. I have recy...

Exhuast waterlock
Is it possible to get but an exhaust waterlock that has a 40mm inlet and a 45mm outlet? if so where would I get one from? I have asked my local chandler and he's never heard of them but som...

Big pond, small boat Thoughts? Unfortunately I can't do it myself as I need to stay in and wash my hair that evening.

Free Raster charts (US)
I note that the NOAA have now made their raster charts in BSB format freely available. The vector charts have been "free" to anyone who cared to download them for some time. ...

A question of concern
Hello all. I have a question, something that puts me in a quandary and would like some opinions from experienced yachtsmen. My father is in his mid eighties and has spent a...

Bringing Boats back From The US
I have just seen a boat on which is well priced but it's in the US Has anyone on here and expericence of bringing boats back from the US Does anyone have any idea of a price for gett...

Do you reckon you would get sick of sailing?
A friend of mine has a 20m sailing yacht with which he earns a charter revenue of at least ?150,000 per year (I've seen the charter contracts) against outgoings of ?60-70,000 per year, all...

Italian Marinas
Does anybody know of a website(s) where I can get current marina berthage rates for Italy. There seem to be lots of sites showing location and layout etc. but finding ones whic...

Here be dragons...
Article here Wave power generators off Pembrokeshire. Good idea or bad idea - discuss :) Richard <...

Deben Entrance
I see that there is a new chartlet for Orford entrance. Nice calandar as well. Ian

Anti-slip paint
I'm thinking of buying a boat but someone has painted the whole of the boats in anti slip paint. is there anyway of getting it up off fiberglass decks cheers for any help Rob

Fuel tank
I need a fuel tank for my boat. I bought one of the plastimo ones but it's not really suitable. I'm thinking of having one made but I remember reading on here that stainless in not a ...

Need Uniden Batteries in the UK
A guy in South Africa contacted me through my Spirit28 web site and asked if I could help him with finding replacement batteries for his Uniden HH940p radio. Evidently, there is no supplie...

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