E-Boat Sailors - Your Attention Please!
My lords, ladies and gentlemen.... Anyone that currently sails or owns an E-Boat could well be interested in the forum thread currently on the E-Boat Yahoo! group regarding sail m...

Hi guys, Furrther to my post the other day, the posting seem to have developed into a thead on social values etc. That wasn't the intention for the posting. If possible, I wou...

diesel tank inspection hatch sealant
I have inspection hatches on the sides of my diesel tanks. Currently they have a rubber (might not actually be rubber) gasket sealing them, but one is seeping slightly. I'm pretty sure if ...

registering a foreign boat on SSR
Hello, I just registered my boat on the SSR. Previously it was under French flag. I amazed at the ease of the registration process - I filled out an online form, paid with credi...

Sailing in Cuba
Hi, I suppose I should have posted this much earlier, hopefully better late than never. I have decided to do a bareboat charter in Cuba, and having done a lot of surfin...

sailing videos
http://www.orange-sailing-team.com/?page=base&f=multimedia/videos -- Martin

WindSurf spots and reports on www.etantonio.it/en
Hello all, I want to signal to you the section of my site dedicated to the windsurf, http://www.etantonio.it/EN/Sport/Windsurf/index.aspx you can found the ...

surplus engine mounts etc
surplus marine items eg mounts, clips etc for disposal email for more details. Thanks David

Winter sail
After a 12 year absence from keelboat sailing I got a reintroduction last night. A delivery trip from Gosport to Newhaven in a Moody 33 just purchased by a friend. Something of a ...

Global Challenge Video
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9006488602942030654&q=sailing -- Martin

Sailing in TV
I have one question. Do you know TV programs and channels about sailing except Italian/French Sailing Chanels? I'm looking for programs and channels from alll the world. thanks fo...

The Arc
The ARC started last Sunday (20th) from Las Palmas, and after a week of slow, frustrating sailing one or two of the bigger yachts have reached the Cape Verde Islands (750 NM) and have put in...

Civil Service Auction Site
Just a Short Note as don't want to spam this group. http://www.civilserviceauctionsite.co.uk- has opened its doors for business and is looking to the wider civil service communit...

can a cruiser be made from a racer?
is it feasable to convert a raceboat like a C&C45 to a cruiser? i don't know abpout the handling carachteristics but a freind said they are "touchy" and someone else said they are ideal be...

Electrical deck / mast connectors
Hello New boat soon and looking at connectors for cabling on the deck stepped mast. Dri-plugs seems to be good we will have: vhf wind TV antenna <...

The Christmas Office Party Guide - The "what not to do" video!
Remember the "mom'isms" that shaped your childhood? (Yes, I realize some of you adults are still being shaped by mom.) Confused about what I am referring to? Take a peek at my list: {{t...

I wonder if Thread Drift is influenced more by wind or tide?

Spring Tides
In a discussion of tides recently it was asserted that the spring tides occurring at the full moon always had a bigger range than those at the new moon. I don't know the answer, but I...

Anti-fouling brands - worth paying extra?
Planning to clean and anti-foul the hull in the next few weeks (Jeanneau Sun Oddysey in moored in Brittany, sailed about 5-6 weeks a year). Noted big difference in price of antifouling brand...

antifouling preperation
After cleaning the keels I noticed a few blisters, these I broke open but found them dry. I cleaned them out & filled them with a thickened epoxy paste, when this dried I sanded the suroundi...

Running Aground
I sail in a lake that is used for flood control so it goes up and down a lot in any given year. I know the area I sail in well so I don't run aground. Here is how I failed and what I learned...

Threat to my local waters can you help
Maybe list members may like to support a local campaign to keep our area fishable.... Subject: Oil threat to Fal estuary > > Dear F...

Sail protection?
My 4 year old conventional Dacron mainsail has been marked where it presses on the spreaders on a run or broad reach. I have had it suggested that I 'reinforce' it there with some repair t...

Friendship 22
I'm trying to find out more information on a Friendship 22 yacht built by Jachtbouw Meijer boatbuilders, in the Netherlands. Any info on performance or sailing capabilities would be app...

AP9000 autopilot
Dear All, Anyone out there got one of these beasties? I've been trying to get hold of C-Tronix to answer some questions about GPS interfacing (or lack of it) with no luck. <...

deck hatches
I need to buy a new deck hatch. The choice seems to be either a Lewmar 60 or a Houdini super 50 foredeck hatch. They are both the same size (they're both the same size) The Lewmar has Per...

Scottish Ferry in Storm
This is an interesting snippet about the weather conditions off the Scottish coast. Passengers seemed unhappy! http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/scotland.cfm?id=2243032005 ChrisR

Albin Vega For Sale
I have an albin vega that I have decided that I'm going to sell. I have spent the last two years rebuilding it and have replaced more or less everything except the hull and the basic ...

Get in quick!
Wanna get a free ipod, then check out this link. http://ipods.freepay.com/?r=3D24933466 Choice of Back/White 30GB or Black/white 4GB nano Unbeliveably it actually works, you have to buy...

Scottish Dinghy Cruising Club
http://groups.msn.com/ScottishDinghyCruisingClub/_ A new gropu started on the web have a wee look then join its free.

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