Flying Fifteen No. 262 ?
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Flying Fifteen No. 262 ? It was last heard of in the London area a couple of years back, but the then owners mail is bouncing. Thanks

Steam cleaning
Has anyone used a steam cleaner to either clean off mildew or hopefully retard its reappearance? Anything to worry about on wooden boats with a steam cleaner?

Fife yachts
For those who are bored and want to do something worthwhile go to and dream! -- A T (Sandy) Morton on the Bicycle Island ...

FA: RYA Chart 5011 Edition 2
Plug for an eBay item:

Busted Mast
Oh ***** it, my old wooden mast on my ballerina has bust at the cross trees. I have a spare alloy mast which I am fitting as a temporary replacement but I have severe doubts whe...

Cruising Japan?
Has anyone any experience of cruising to and around the Japanese Islands? What passage did you make to get there? What were harbours and anchorages like? Costs? A...

Replace all rigging after 10 years??
Hi, I've heard a few times that insurance companies require rigging over 10 years old to be renewed. Is this the case, or a rumour? I'm talking specifically abou...

A reminder....
To anyone going out tomorrow - the clocks go back tonight but the tides don't. TonyB

Repairing cracked Topper hull
Complete newbie to this forum so hoping this isn't an FAQ... We're thinking of buying a (second) Topper for our 3 kids, and have first refusal on a cheap one locally - in pretty good ...

Baby stays?
I'm looking at a 42 foot yacht that has a 'removable baby stay' that meets the deck about 1/3 of the way forward from the mast to the bow. This doesn't seem to provide an area big enou...

Canna in the news.
Anyone else see Canna on the news? Following hard on the heels of a couple of shows on Mull it's a pretty good time for those of us slumming it on the South Coast and day dreaming about the ...

5ft6in or 6ft6in draught in the Med?
Hi, I'm currently considering a couple of Moody 44's, but one has a shoal keel of 5ft6in draught, and the other has a fin keel of 6ft6in draught. How restricted would I be in va...

Dubarry sailing boots
Are they worth the money?

6 meter pond boat
Here is the link <>

Cruising Cuba
Hi guys and gals, For the last 3 or 4 yerars I have been fortunate enough to be able to go sailing in the Caribbean (Grenadines and BVI) for 2 weeks during January. This year I ...

Light fittings on Bavaria 47?
Some of my light fittings need repair or replacement. Can anyone identify the make / model from this photo? <> -- ...

Bavaria 30 Cruiser ?
Anyone experience yet ? Especially at sea (6-8 bft). Robert

Buying a boat ..........
I want to buy a yacht. Ok this already has all the makings of a post probably made 1( add appropriate number of 0's here ) times a season. I am aware that all advice here is worth about what...

See <a href=""></a> for more info.

How many people have actually suffered a knockdown? Was it really scary? Why do you think it happened? TonyB

Insurance - who do you use & why?
About to join the boat owning fraternity and thinking about insurance. I'm told that it's best to go with a company who responds quickly and fairly to claims, not just find the cheapest quo...

parker 21 spray hood
Does any one know where I might get the metal frame for a parker 21 spray hood. alan.

Laptop, GPS and power connection in a charter boat?
Hi I want to connect my laptop PC to my Garmin Map 76 GPS and power them both from a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket and/or other power source in a typical charter boat (i.e. a r...

Repainting boats
Somebody recommended the article in October PBO. The article is based on using International Perfection. The International Paint brochure says that Perfection can last up to 5 years. M...

Chart of Ireland
I am looking for a modern chart of the whole of Ireland's coast (i.e. single chart, not sections). Can anyone give me a lead?

Packamain System
Does anybody have contact details for the UK agent for Packamain Systems?

GPS availability in question?
The following short article about failing satellites and replacements may induce some to brush up on their traditional navigation skills, or not? ...

Personal Accident Insurance
I don't have my own boat, but take sailing school courses and events I'm planning a cross channel in the near future and a channel isles in the new year. I've just renewed my annu...

Seem to get a slagging off from many. However apart from the Match 42 which does seem to have a serious design problem has anyone got a real definitive 'Bavarias are crap' story. ...

Where to buy luff spar for GP14?
Hi My recently bought GP14 has roller furling gear, and from chatting to one or two people, they suggest adding a "luff spar" and spider to enable me to have a roller reefing setu...

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