Visitors Buoys
Sailing round Ireland this summer I found a lot more visitors buoys that were in the pilot book, mostly fairly new 25 tonne yellow jobbies. I was told that the Irish Government had had a g...

do you have charts and parts for the great loop you want to sell?
The charts and parts mailing list is a group of 50 (so far) people who are interested in buying and selling charts as well as parts (boat) for folks on or planning on or have done the great ...

Replacement interior cushion W Scotlnd
Sadler 34 aft cabin interior cushion lost overboard!! ( no funny comments). LOL. Can anyone advise where to buy or have a replacement made in Ardrossan/ Glasgow area?? Many than...

Retractible Bow thrusters
Can anyone let me have any details of a retractable bow thrusters for a 39' sailing yacht. UK suppliers would be great. Many thanks Phil

That will teach her Oh dear! Anyone fancy a salvage job? Floatything

Cautionary tale
So this is why fishing boats don't seem to keep a look-out.

Black sail trimming lines
No being in the racing circuit at all, here's a question for those that regularly gothrashing about in boats. The black horizontal lines that give the mainsail profile for trimmin...

The Boat with No Name........
I've been looking at a very nice little yacht recently with a view to purchasing her. She's a tidy little 24ft trailer-sailer built about twenty years ago. The very odd thing th...

cockpit sole: varnish or no,..?
Never had one before, I believe it's mahogany. Is varnish slippery when it's wet? Very slippery? That mighty be disastrous for a cockpit area when the sea is in it's grandest mood, as they s...

recommendations on Arran moorings
I sailed earlier this year from the Netherlands to the west coast of Scotland. I am planning to spend some time on Arran later this week and would like to get some advice on Arran moorings w...

sailing mags for sale

Online chandlers & spares?
I'd be grateful if anyone who has a good experience of an online chandlers & yachting spares supplier could post a URL, especially a large outlet so I can do my shopping in one place. ...

420 dinghies - any experience?
Could anyone please give me an insight into the characteristics of the 420 dinghy? Thanks Floatything

FAO Tony Of Judicious.
Dropped into Island Sailing Club for a pre-dinner [1] Beer Saturday night. A load of rather competent looking elderly gentlemen wearing 'Nich 32' polo shirts were filling the plac...

PIPACARLA holes bay Poole
Does anybody know who owns this boat? She is a 35/40ft wooden (I think) motor cruiser moored on trot adjacent to me between 2 buoys that are at least 100ft apart. At some states of wi...

Beneteau vs. Gibsea - comments sought
I would appreciate on behalf of friends) any thoughts on suitability of Beneteau Oceanis 311 vs Gibsea 33 for family (parents + 12y/o daughter); new to sailing - would be first boat. Any com...

How high should a gaff rigged schooner be able to point ?
1) How high should a gaff rigged schooner be able to point ? First time I measured it looked as if we did no better than 60 degrees either side - 2) Should tacking her ...

sailing in the Med with young family
Hi We would be interested to here from anyone who has experiences of life in the Med sailing with a family (ours are 11 9 and 5). We are planning the trip from April of next year....

what is the best phone to use when out a sea ?
what is the best phone to use when out a sea ?

what is the best phone to use when out a sea
what is the best phone to use when out a sea ?

catalina sailing yachts
members, Whay is your meaning about the catalina sailing yachts, 34 and 36?? I want to buy one; so what are the criticul aspects of this yacht?? Thanks for answering. HSw.

Furlex, Profurl or Plastimo?
Plastimo headsail roller reefing looks easier to fit and cheaper.. Is it up to it? Bob Shamaal Dehler 34

American News Sucks
I live in Central Texas. I am having a difficult time figuring out the true danger of this hurricane that we are about to get pounded with because the alarmist news is all over the story d...

Dinghy Instructors - Please Assist
Afternoon, I have only recently become a DI. This saturday i am teaching kids in oppys. Does anyone have any tips as to the best way to get the kids (7 years old) to launch ...

Compass Marine Insurance (Greece)
I'm looking around for a better quote for my boat insurance for next year and through an ad on ebay (of all places) I've seen 'Compass Marine Insurance Greece' providing reasonable quotes. <...

thank you
am moving my boat from alnmouth too blyth thank you for all the help from here

Extenders for backstay and replacing the rig
Tried to straighten out the rake of my mast but found the backstay was too short to allow the mast to go forward. I would like to keep the original turnbuckle, which is a Gibb Norseman mode...

Sailing around Ireland
This summer I spent 2 months circumnavigating Ireland. I have just typed up the diary I kept for my own purposes, and if anyone wants a copy in a WORD file they are welcome to contact me b...

Holding Tank Question
I have had to completely rebuild the whole head on my Spirit 28 with a new holding tank and all. The tank had to be special ordered and when they sent it to me they put the cleanout on the...

Amazingly Ugly and Effective Sail Repair
I need a main sail but I am waiting until some of the other boat repairs are done before I purchase one. A 2 foot seam at the top of the sail completely blew out. After sewing Dacron patch...

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