Help please....colour video sounder repairs
Hi....Anyone suggest where/who might be able to repair malfunctioning video sounders? I have 2 that have now failed on me for no apparent reason - a Koden 101 and a Furuno 266. Both relative...

Mediterranean marinas
Hi all, I'm trying for some time now to find a good website for Mediterranean marinas. If I google med. marinas etc. I just get a load of holiday property for sale. ...

are their any visitors moorings on Coniston 26ft boat with 2 ton displacement

Non-club dinghy sailing
Hi there I am newly returned to dinghy sailing after a break of about 12 years (at 5 and 3 the family are just old enough to enjoy it) However, I don't really want to go down th...

Laser dinghy sail
I am in the UK. I want to buy a new sail for my Laser. If I buy a brand new sail (standard rig), I will have to pay something over GBP 400 here in the UK. I am idly wondering whether it woul...

A colregs question
Some weeks ago I was sailing off Falmouth during Falmouth week, crossing from Helford going E.. There were three obvious races going on about two miles away. I'm staying out of their way....

Crew wanted: SW Scotland
Hi Folks, Anyone fancy a wee trip from Kirkcudbright to somewhere interesting (Isle of Man? Bangor?) sometime in September. I want to go sailing but my usual crew ain't available...

Anchor chain galvinising
My anchor chain is getting pretty rusty in places but has not as yet wasted appreciably. Any suggestions on how and where to get it regalvanised in the UK? I am near Bristol and the boat l...

Anchor locker drains
Having just fitted an anchor windlass to my old Sabre 27, I am thinking I need to do something about the water that lies in the chain locker. I measured the depth below the deck of the loc...

Example Marina Charges
Just a note of the level of quotes I was given recently following a request in a different thread. These are well known marinas in the Solent - I won't detail exactly which as I didn't tel...

What lighthouse ?
A work colleague of mine stayed at Portpatrick recently and he observed a flashing light (1 flash every ten seconds) in the distance. He was unsure of the light but thought it in the gener...

Crewing Opportunity
We have a Westerly Renown and would like to hear from people who would like to crew for weekday or week end sailing in the Solent area and possible longer to France

All week round inland sailing
Hi all, Does anyone know of an inland water within 25 miles of West London which has all week round i.e. Monday to Sunday and all year round sailing? Safety boat cover would be good b...

Round Bom Reefing
Hi I have been considering the purchase of a nice Hurley 22. My one concern is that she has the old 'round the boom' roller reefing for the main. My experience is solely with ...

Laser Trailing X 2
Does anyone know whether it is possible (and legal) to tow 2 lasers on one trailer? My plan is to but the first boat in its normal position on the trailer and then place the second boat upsi...

North atlantic crossing guides
Thinking of bringing my Nic 35 from the US to Ireland. Are there any useful guides pertaining to a crossing from Northern UN (New England) to Ireland? -- Dennis Gibbons dk...

Busy day for RNLI in Hartlepool and

Alderney race
I came through the Alderney race last week on the flood at springs - an interesting experience! We were coming from Dielette heading for the UK, motoring at around 5 kts against a modest 1...

Copyright on marine charts?

VirtualTransat : Free Regatta
******************************************** CONCARNEAU / ST BARTHELEMY 29 Aug 2005 19h00 GMT ******************************************** Free regatta on the brand new versi...

Ground tackle requirements?
How much chain should I be carrying on my 34' boat for general coastal cruising round UK and Northern France? I've got 20 metres at the moment. Thanks for any help, JHP

Berths for SeaGuernsey 2005
I have two berths for SeaGuernsey 2005 at St Peter Port, Guernsey from 2nd to 11th September this year. The boat, a well-found Rival 34, will then be taken to Southampton via Cherbourg.

Bavaria - foot of the sail connection to boom?
Can someone help settle an argument? I've recently bought a share in a Bavaria 47. When we first rigged the main sail, I was surprised that the foot of the sail was not engaged i...

Sails required for Bosun Dinghy
Has anyone got some old sails that might do for a Bosun? The mainsail luff is 19'-00" maximum while the boom will take a foot of between 9'-00" and 9'-6". Jib 13'-00" luff 12'-0...

Scale in Jabsco discharge pipes?
I've recently replaced the rubber parts in the Jabsco toilets on my yacht. I was surprised to find large quantities of scale in the discharge pipe, like limescale, but I assume it is from sa...

HELP Please.... Bubble in Compass
My Heath Marine bulkead/binacle compass (6" diam) has developed a large bubble in the fluid. Although it still appears to give reasonably accurate bearing, it's clearly no longer reliable in...

Dipping the gaff boom to the royal yacht
From pub chat last night on toadying to the royals. I've just googled for salute/dip/dipping/gaff/boom/"royal yacht" etc and nothing found. Many years ago I owned a small gaff rigged b...

Radar, tune, gain, sea, rain
Can any one give guidance or know of a possible internet download that might help in the initial manual settings of tune, pulse width, gain, sea and rain clutter. The control...

sailing holidays
Hello Anyone on this NG going on the sailing holidays South Ionian flotilla 25th September ? we are ... ttfn paul

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