Contact with Brian Cowell - Starlight 35 owner
Does anyone out there happen to know a person called Bryan Cowell (spelling?), who owns a Starlight 35 based south coast of england. He very kindly sent me some sails for my use, but I have...

Spot the nutter? particularly the film clips "Ook in het water is de boot uit te vouwen." and "Lekker beschut varen (vissen?) kan ook." ...

Fleets lit up - Fleet Review 1937 -- Martin

RE:Advice needed for trailable yachts
Thanks for the quick reply Ian, I will look into those designs, the one thing putting me off the e-boat is the fact that the e-boat owners assoc web page shows them doing capsize tests , it seems a fe...

Advice needed for trailable yachts
Hi, I am looking to buy a small cruiser with the following criteria. Capable of being towed behind a Mercedes Vito Van Can be launched by two adults on most slipways Will lie flat ...

Jib Hank Spacing
Can someone please tell me the distance between jib hanks on a small cruiser? I'm converting from a roller-reefing jib to seperate jibs and will be fitting the hanks myself - is t...

Categorie Numbers
Does anyone know the meaning of "categorie 2" on the builders plate of a 1972 French Wauquiez 32 yacht? Googling didn't produce a result for me. TIA

Colvic Sailer 29' 9" Project how much to do it??? (long)
I have the opportunity to make an offer on a colvic sailer 29' 9" moulded in 1980 but never completed. The details are below as to whats included in the sale and what state the bo...

Aluminiumsailingyacht Norman 40 for sale
Hello, we are selling our 40ft. Aluminiumsailingyacht (Van de Stadt, 12x4x1,6m). Further information can be found at Bernhard

Furling Jib for Graduate Dinghy
Does anyone have a cheap set of furling gear for the above project or can anyone recommend a make and model that's not going to break the bank. I don't want to have half the value of the boa...

New URL for Reading College site XP
For anyone who uses the technical info on the Reading College site This site is in the process of being transferred (with the takeover by TVU it would have become more and more diffic...

Volvo 2020 engine
Hi Folks. A friend of mine has a Volvo 2020 diesel engine in his Sadler 29 and is suffering severe vibration on revs up to 1500, but at 2000 rpm the vibration reduces considerably. H...

Hello I'm not that experienced as a sailor, in the marina out of the marina is all I have done. Can anyone give me any tips on mooring and anchoring? I can't afford to...

Info needed: Walker Bay 8 dinghy with sail kit
Hello, Does anyone have experience with the all-round dinghies from Walker Bay? I am particularly interested in the performance of the Walker Bay 8 with the performance plus sail...

fuel tank / carrier FS
Looks like a 5 gallon one. Two stroke petrol tank, the sort you fill with fuel then plop in the bottom of the boiat and connect a spring loaded fuel line to. It's red and in goo...

Virtues of a 12v generator?
I know that a small suitcase generator may give you 5 to 8 amps charge and also run power tools, but for boats with an inverter or without the need for mains power, carrying a 50 amp 12v b...

GPS and DSC connecting
I have a Garmin 128 fixed on board and have just bought a Cobra DSC radio. How do I get them to work togeather. Looking ay leads from DSC there appears to be a 3.5 jack plug with ...

Mainsail wanted
9.9 metre max luff 2.9 metre max foot Anything considered as our main has just split and we go on hols soon. Thanks Ian

Hallberg Rassy 36
Hallberg Rassy 36 in superb condition for sale. Check homepage at Guided delivry is optional. But you can also consider to take home berth in the Netherlands...


Deck Shoes in the West Midlands
I've been lucky enough to get some short-notice crewing in, starting at the end of this week (leaving Sunday). Trouble is, I've just discovered that my old deck shoes have pretty much come...

S/H Jib/Genoa wanted
Does anyone have a s/h jib for sale in the Norfolk area? Dimensions as follows:- luff - 24ft min, foot, at least 11ft, leach 20ft. All measurements are approx.

Reefing systems
Anyone know of any web based location that has information about reefing particularly illustrated and simple. Main reefing - eg slab reefing systems with stack packs and lazy jacks

The Boat I've Always Wanted!!! (A Repost For Someone Else's Ad......)
Risking jokes about my spheroids, the 18' skiff is still for sale!!! Now if ...

OT Seeking Trevor Harvey
Please can anyone give me an up to date address or contact number for Trevor Harvey. After working in the Solent area he moved to Jersey and this is the last address I had for h...

Rooster layered system
I need to buy some new kit. I like the concept of the Rooster system but when I saw it at the Boat Show a while back I didn't particularly like the finish. Anyone here actually used t...

Cruising to Holland
Can anyone advise where to obtain a copy of Binnenvaart Politiereglement (BRP) which is part of the Almanak voor Watertoerisme Vol 1. I'm intending to cruise to Holland during early A...

Antifoul Prices
Whats the best bargain in antifoul in the south east area....common cruising type.Is there better bargains than XM ? Cheers

8.30 m GRP Sailing Boat for Sale
8.30m (27' 3") GRP sailing boat, 4 berths, 6 HP ourboard engine, set of seven sails (2 mainsails, 3 genoas, and 2 spinnakers). Locally registered and VAT paid. Very good performer. Ready for...

Marine Charts
Hello group, I just downloaded Sail Manager software from It allows a use of scanned charts and has target speed, polars etc.. Quite nice ssoftware especially...

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